1. W

    How pimps (promoters) ingratiate themselves with spas.

    I've often wondered how these pimps ingratiate themselves with the various spas in the city. How is it that about a dozen or so "promoters" have aligned themselves with so many spas almost all of which are Asian spas. Recently I came across a thread for a somewhat new spa or possibly a...
  2. Naches

    Pricing at semi-legit spas

    What's the going rates these days for a 45m session with a $50 room fee? MPs say room fee + tips but they are reluctant to tell what tips for what service, language barrier also doesn't help, it's like we are expected to know this stuff. From occasional replies in review threads I gathered...
  3. J

    Looking for Acupuncture and Massage spas

    I have Acupuncture insurance benefits that I never use. Would be great if I can use for Rmt massage. Looking for legit services. I found a place that does this already but the massage was weak.
  4. C

    Question Your Top 3 Spas

    I’m coming to Toronto soon for work and want to hit up a few places during the 3 days I’m there (Tuesday night-Thursday morning). Preferably, I’d like to get to one each day. So my question is, what are your top 3 spas in the GTA area? And who would you recommend at each place? Im looking for...
  5. luvdafurburger

    REVIEW THREAD of Krayjee's spas and services

    Here is my REVIEW: I went to Zen and I have met Ella. She's great and a real sweetheart. But Krayjee/Kreepjee says she has natural breasts. This is a lie! I've pointed that out a number of times but he just seems to ignore making his REVIEWS truthful. Have you ever been disappointed by his...
  6. C

    Chat Anyone Spas take Crypto in Toronto?

    looking to spend some of my ETH at the spas. Anyone accept it?
  7. S

    Goa Spas : Lot of New Places to Explore Now !

    Hi Friends, There are multiple Spas open now in Goa. Have you guys explored it? I visited the place recently.. and there seems to be quite a quality up. Lets share.
  8. T

    Question Sorting the types of spas

    This may be a bit difficult to do, but I would like to be able to see the spas sorted ( colour coded or in sections or a symbol ) by classification such as semi, holistic, full service. This would make it easier to select a spa by the level of service that they provide. Right now it takes a lot...
  9. pickyreviewerr

    Spa AD THE PICKYREVIEWER RECOMMENDATION OF THE DAY [To Haters: Stop being jealous. Jealousy won't get you anywhere.]

    I&U (Markham) Phone: (905)-470-6699 yumi - petite for 5'1 tall, spinner body, fun, and great massage angela - petite spinner body, 5'2, great massage Lucy - knows how to get a man going once you enter the door Golden 101 (Markham) Phone: (437)-255-0885 Emma - great massage, slim, great...
  10. Sundance69

    Chat Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener Spas

    I'll be travelling through is area for a few months and wanted feedback and opinions on the best local spas. Came up with 3 spas and would appreciate any insight. Ambition in Cambridge Aurora H2O Spa 960 King Street East Cambridge 519 219 0399 Vogue Plus Massage 660...
  11. S

    Chat West end or midtown FS spas with decent looking providers

    Lets make a little list of FS providers with decent massage in west end or midtwon. I will start Espa kelly, milf with boltons extreme massage and CFS Michelle, older milf skinny softer massage and average FS bit lazy or just tired that day. CiCi OMG fucking firecracker, tiny little thing...
  12. A

    Extras at beauty salons or nail spas?

    hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been to any beauty salons or nail spas that offer any extras? The thought of getting a hand job here is a huge turn on anyone experience anything from these places?
  13. R

    9am Spas

    Are there any spas open at 9 am in GTA?
  14. Mav

    Chat Known DYSE aliases for spas to ignore (will be updated as they are discovered)

    Ok, so most of us have had enough of this guy. He is nothing but a pest to the site and the scene in general. He has the same pattern of badgering certain spa's in their scheduling threads, 4-5 pages in a day of his own entitled scheduling nonsense, then when he doesn't get what he wants he...
  15. J

    Question Best Holistic Spas

    What are your favourite holistic spas? Preferably ones where you pay a single fee that includes FS + room (I don’t like the whole thing of having to negotiate a fee with the girl directly).
  16. D

    Question GTA Spas with a bit more.

    As a new hobbyist I've only been to ShangriLa twice now and had the pleasure of seeing Coco and Suki. Both of them are incredible with the limited service they offer being body slide. Seems like this spa has a rule of no extras such as fs or even bj. Would love to get recommendation of spas...
  17. S

    BBFS at Spas. Worth it? (Why I AVOID BBFS at Spas)

    Serious implications: BBFS at spas is MUCH more dangerous than BBFS with your civvie girlfriend: Some Spa girls actually have BBFS with guys like Krayjee who like to brag about paying for sex every day, and says he has some bbfs regulars. He STILL brags about STEALTHING when he can get away...
  18. S

    Spas in North York/Vaughan

    Hey all, I have done a lot of research on here but want some directed advice. Im looking for a spot say between highway 7 and 400 and yonge and sheppard. can be a licensed place or semi legit. I just dont want those spas where you gt older ladies that just dont look so good. Id rather a...
  19. T

    Question Seduction Spas - seems to be down

    Hey: Not sure if the community knows if this is a simple case of the business not renewing their web domain OR If the Seduction/Elevate chain is going through some changes. In any case....just a FYI. Home - seductionspa Getting some CloudFlare error Web server is returning an unknown...