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Love you!!
I went there once, a korean unhappy girl in her 30's opened the door, staring at me and without saying hi or smiling asked me to take off my shoes and sent me to a small dirty room, waited there for 15 minutes but no girl showed up, no receptionist or manager to manage and introduce the girls to customers and girls do what the fuck they want. it was unlike all other SPAs I've been in Markham which they are very happy when a customer comes and welcome him with smile and warmly invite him to come in, but it seems this place don't know how the SPA business works, guys go there have executive jobs and spend hundreds of dollars and don't tolerate this type of behavior of some bitches. I left the fucking place and will never go back, I was in my car I saw a few other customers left the QQ place after 5 minutes, ... I heard they have no repeat customers.