Massage Spa at DVP and Lawrence open 7 days a week

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Cee Cee Spa  Best Oriental Massage 437-331-8997
As I was walking along the Bayview/16th Avenue area, I noticed a newly open spa. I ventured in and the beautiful receptionist was very welcoming. The massage was excellent and place was clean and newly renovated. Will go again for sure.
Excellent massage. Classy and clean environment. Receptionist is polite and charming. The goodbye was impressive saying "forget me not"
Great massage and the receptionist is charming and attractive. The environment was classy and clean. The goodbye was impressive saying "forget me not"
great massage, unbelievable good experience. Newly renovated environment. Excellent receptionist, charming and polite. You make your money really worth it.
I was walking along Bayview and came across Kaylee Spa. Attendant Janice was very charming and skilful. The spa was newly renovated and the environment is very clean. Love every minutes I was there.
lots of parking, environment is newly renovated, clean and tidy. Attendants are charming with excellent massage skills. Background music is soft and relaxing.
I've not been to this spa, but recognize the MPA in the ad from another location. She gave a good massage but not HJ or any other services. I don't recall what name she used then.
I think this is just a name change because the previous spa dried up due to lousy service.

I went to the spa twice. The first time my MPA (Cece) was constantly on the telephone or leaving the room to tell a John at the door to come back when I was done and then only have me about 45 minutes instead of the 60 fur which I prepaid!

The second time I walked in, I asked if they had a receptionist to answer the telephone/greet customers and when she said it was just her an another MPA who was already with someone, I left.

I have a feeling this place will be renamed yet again next year.
Very clean MediSpa and professional
I went to this dump once and had an old, heavy chinese woman give me a very crappy massage. About 25 minutes into my hour, she DEMANDED a "tip"! When I told her the tip was at the end for good service, she refused to continue even though I paid for an hour up front! I got dressed and left because I refused to give that con cow any more money.

DON'T go to this crap trap!
Extremely clean place. Very friendly staffs. Lots of beautiful masseuses. Deep tissue massage or light are all done by exceptional and professional masseuses. Visited many times even though I’m from Oakville. Give them a try. Guarantee to satisfy.
The owner is a pushy middle aged woman who just tries to get you to stay, when you can she doesn't say who's on shift just tells you to come, waste of time this place, spend your money elsewhere!
Make her crave your touch