1. M

    Toronto Mayor - Reginald Tull

    Went with a friend to take his dog to the park in North York, long story short, we met Reginald Tull. The guy seems like a genuine good dude. We talked for a bit, in fact, I approached him since he was putting signs up. He came over to us to talk, liked his vibe and attitude. He'll be getting...
  2. S

    Amy at 80 Glochester Toronto

    Has anyone tried Amy at Toronto that provides Thai massage . If so what is her contact?
  3. lucyy

    Lucy - Toronto 💜 2023-05-23

    Lucy At A&R Studios - 3631 Dundas St West, Toronto - Lucy_Massages on snap to book appointment or walk in & ask for Lucy :) Let me make your day, don't be shy! I am super down to earth and have sweet energy and loveto connect with people and give an amazing eroticmassage experience. Life is...
  4. Pink Flower Spa

    **SCHEDULE**🇻🇳🇻🇳 Pink Flower Spa 🇻🇳🇻🇳 3300 McNicoll Ave #A8, Scarborough ON ★ 416 299 5515 ★

    🇻🇳Vietnamese🇵🇰Pakistan🇵🇭Filipino🇮🇳Indian🇹🇭Thailand🇰🇷Korean🇹🇼Taiwanese🇩🇴Latino🇮🇷Iranish ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ATTENDANTS | Elly | Tracy | Cici | Rya |...
  5. Golden Flower Spa

    ** NEW ** 🇻🇳 MISA 🇻🇳 19 YRS 🇻🇳 VIETNAMESE @ Golden Flower Spa ★ 905 258 0777 ★

    🇻🇳 Vietnamese 🇵🇰 Pakistan 🇵🇭 Filipino 🇮🇳 Indian 🇹🇭 Thailand 🇰🇷 Korean 🇹🇼 Taiwanese 🇩🇴 Latino 🇮🇷 Iranish ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ATTENDANTS | Elly | Tracy |...
  6. Golden Flower Spa

    ** NEW ** 🇹🇷 Alizabeth 🇹🇷 21Yrs 🇹🇷 Turkish @ Golden Flower Spa ★ 905 258 0777 ★

    🇻🇳 Vietnamese 🇵🇰 Pakistan 🇵🇭 Filipino 🇮🇳 Indian 🇹🇭 Thailand 🇰🇷 Korean 🇹🇼 Taiwanese 🇩🇴 Latino 🇮🇷 Iranish ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ATTENDANTS | Elly | Tracy |...
  7. M

    Chat Toronto Mayoral Race

    I have been away for a while and haven't been following what has been going on with the mayoral race in Toronto. I did see that Olivia Chow is running. Anyone have any thoughts what the impact of any of the current ones running will have on the scene in Toronto? After all, Olivia's husband...
  8. H

    Toronto Mayoral candidate operated Holistic centres

    gotta consider a vote for this candidate. MP's might get better treatment... and funding ,
  9. M

    Good GFE spas

    Any ideas of any spas that have good GFE that are down town? Midtown or around Sheppard and Yonge? Also what’s your take on Kawaii Spa. Been tempted to try.
  10. K

    Lingam massage in Toronto?

    Where can we get massage like this in Toronto?
  11. Ghostwheel69

    Question Tired of older attendants. Searching for a younger-staffed spa in Toronto

    It's probably just my luck more than anything, or maybe it's my unrealistic expectations. It seems whenever I visit a spa since the lockdown ended, I'm offered a selection of older ladies from which to partake, and much more often than not end up gracefully departing. I'm hoping for some...
  12. T

    male massage therapist taking bookings! toronto, ontario, canada!

    hi! my name is kirby! i’m a male massage therapist accepting new clients. give me a call or text at 647-524-4131 to book your appointment! located in toronto, ontario, canada
  13. sasha- Erotic massages Dominant Queen


    +1 604-260-4648 Text me the type of domination you like.
  14. sasha- Erotic massages Dominant Queen


    I am at Hush Spa @ 4801 Keele St unit #40 - discreet beautiful location. I’m available now !!! Come see me ❤️❤️ ! +1 604-260-4648 Spa name (Jayden) 💞🤪 ~ Snapchat ninabelllxo Erotic massages & Domination Play 😛
  15. D

    Tracy at Elite European Spa Toronto

    I visited the Elite European Spa located at Keele and Steeles. I stayed with Tracy. Her look is average with clothes on. Once she got naked, I figured out that I should not stay. Her belly is loose. Her massage is neither trapeutic nor erotic. She just rubs your back. No kissing. The CBJ is not...
  16. R

    Question ISO Mimi/Tina From Kawaii/Espa

    Right before the pandemic there was a beauty from Malaysia that worked at a couple of spots. She went by Tina at Espa and Mimi at Kawaii. She also mentioned she worked in Hamilton but I have no idea what she goes by there. Anybody see her recently?
  17. R

    The GOAT for Tantric Massages in Toronto?

    Spa or private let’s hear it!! Grandma sent me some birthday money and I want to have a time🙏 Thanks!
  18. krayjee

    Spa AD Amaze Wellness Centre & Spa, 525 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, Tel ..(647) 978 9949

    Grand Opening Amaze Wellness Centre & Spa.... 525 Eglinton Ave west is a newly opened semi holistic spa on 2nd floor above the popular Blooming Orchid restaurant. It used to be Angel's Touch spa. Now it's fully renovated, well maintained 4 rooms spa with, one common large shower at the end of...
  19. B

    Looking for lactating tits

    I haven’t seen any recent reviews or postings about any MPAs that are currently lactating. I’m hoping that a few of you have at least encountered one lady who can lactate in the past few months. Big tits would be very nice. I don’t mind if they’re pregnant. Any MPAs from Toronto to Oshawa that...
  20. M

    Semi Legit Recommendations for Yonge St (north of Toronto)

    Looks like a bunch of options have popped up since the pandemic along / near Yonge St, north of Toronto (North York). Any recommendations for a good Semi Legit?