1. R

    Mira@Cara Studio Review

    Was in the mood for some extra service and ended up at Cara. Forget what day it was but 4 girls were there. Got confirmation by text before arrival and choose to go with Mira. Looks: Average in my eyes ( subjective) Age: Late 20's Communication: No language barrier, does small talk. Massage...
  2. M

    Review on some girls nobody talks about

    Has anyone seen Nikki, Amira, Mira, Leilani, Ella, Elise, Marissa, Anita, Katrina, Khloe or Nisha from Premier. They all work either in Perla, Pure or Sensa. If anyone has any details or reviews about any of these girls pls add on to the thread which would be helpful for me and everyone else.
  3. D

    Dolce Relax Spa- REVIEW

    Stopped by there last week looking to check out this new spot- Ambience 1/10 Attractiveness of attendants - 1/10 Area- 1/10 Accessiblity-2/10 it has stairs, and then you gotta knock on a door inside a shitty office building, so if you go during the daytime you'll stand out alot. Anyways I...
  4. P

    Review Camile @ Elevate Spa

    I did it guys… I freaking did it. That is what went on in my mind when I found this amazing attendant. For those who don’t know me, I was a well known reviewer and have deactivated my last account but decided now to make a comeback and write a review because this attendant is totally worth it...
  5. Ambler

    Massage Planet moderator review.

    Literally, what the fuck. Seems you cannot review promoters in the review section. After the kreepjee thread was banished from the main review page after a week, my new thread on Reviewing promoters was sent to a different forum within a few hours. The moderator allows all sorts of racist and...
  6. S

    Leolist Massage Review: Don’t Do It

    I’ve been a long time lurker and never posted or contributed. I’ve used the forum many times for reviews and haven’t posted any myself even when I TOFTT and it payed off. Well, it all changes now because I just had the worst experience ever and I need to warn you all so you don’t suffer the same...
  7. Ambler

    Promoters review: trustworthiness veracity and background of promotion on Massage Planet

    For newcomers, and veterans, of this site I would like to provide a space for reviewing the various promoters present here. There are a good number of promoters on site, some paid or compensated, and some not; the aim here is to review these contributors' particulars and the promotions they...
  8. luvdafurburger

    REVIEW THREAD of Krayjee's spas and services

    Here is my REVIEW: I went to Zen and I have met Ella. She's great and a real sweetheart. But Krayjee/Kreepjee says she has natural breasts. This is a lie! I've pointed that out a number of times but he just seems to ignore making his REVIEWS truthful. Have you ever been disappointed by his...
  9. M

    Allegra’s Talia flake -indy review

    This is a review for Talia, she works out of Allegra but I booked her as a Indy. She confirmed the date and on the day I went to the agreed upon location. I messaged her as she never showed. On the Sunday when we confirmed she was sick but didn’t hear back. A hour in she messaged saying she...
  10. B

    Review of 30 Carabob crt

    So after a night of st paddy drinking I decided to hit up Leo list for a late night cim, decided to hit up carabob crt hoping to run into a fun Korean I saw there years ago, I didn’t but fortunately I saw Mimi here’s a link to her add...
  11. T

    Review Review for Vanessa @ Club Dynasty

    Wonder if anyone had a chance to visit Vanessa @ CD, any good with her services/extras?
  12. B

    Review Reynaella wellness Review

    So two of my boys flew into town a while back. So for old times sake we decided to hit up a spot. Back in the day we use to hit Maple spa. The original location which was on Steeles not keele. Keele was the second spot they moved to. This is where it started for us. Anyway, I have never been to...
  13. L

    Review Chinatown + my review

    Hey! Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking for recommendations in & around Chinatown for a semi-legit massage. Nothing crazy in extras wanted, just HE. Is there anywhere that generally has ladies younger than 40? My Review - Bamboo Garden I realized walking into Chinatown there were...
  14. C


    As anyone on this site reviews all of the various posts about people and various establishments, a person runs the risk of facing criticism for posting a comment. I would say that this is human nature. You have the right to either agree (or disagree) with what is posted. In the business world...
  15. B

    Review of 30 carabob crt

    So after a night of st paddy drinking I decided to hit up Leo list for a late night cim, decided to hit up carabob crt hoping to run into a fun Korean I saw there years ago, I didn’t but fortunately I saw Mimi here’s a link to her add...
  16. W

    REVIEW Yui@Shangri-La

    During my trip to Toronto, I also had the pleasure of seeing Yui for a 45 minute session. She is very attractive, great smile, slim body, and a sweet personality. She told me she has been in Canada about four weeks. Yui offered some green tea, while was nice. Staying hydrated during a massage...
  17. L

    Is it harder to find BBFS in Montreal than Toronto?

    While there are threads about the fun in Toronto, I don't really see any for Montreal. Yet, some lovely girls travel between the 2 cities. Trying to explore a little what Montreal has to offer. Marie-Sophie @ Sensation is said to offer it in Toronto for an upcharge, has anyone experienced in...
  18. J

    Review Golden Hands Review

    So over the weekend I'd thought id try out this place. I have to give them alot of credit that the spa is very well kept, it's clean and smells really good in there. I phoned and asked to see kelly. Now I've never been to this place yet so chime in and feel free to throw names in on these...
  19. pickyreviewerr

    Spa AD THE PICKYREVIEWER RECOMMENDATION OF THE DAY [To Haters: Stop being jealous. Jealousy won't get you anywhere.]

    I&U (Markham) Phone: (905)-470-6699 yumi - petite for 5'1 tall, spinner body, fun, and great massage angela - petite spinner body, 5'2, great massage Lucy - knows how to get a man going once you enter the door Golden 101 (Markham) Phone: (437)-255-0885 Emma - great massage, slim, great...
  20. K

    Review : Lucky at Golden Wellness, Dundas/Winston Churchill

    Recently saw Lucky at Golden Wellness, only my 2nd time visiting this place. I booked Lucky based on a post I saw about her being horny and giving a great body slide / ps. For me, definitely a case of expectations being too high. Too much overacting from her. The good: The place is clean...