1. M

    Review Jessica @ Bohemian Spa

    Building The outside of the building makes it look a bit rough. Inside is pretty par for a D tier spa. Its Nothing crazy. Everything was clean but there was nothing that makes you go and say its a nice place. Girl Jessica - 5/10 - Body & 7/10 Service. She was a bit older but her body was nice...
  2. M

    Review BELLA @ 4Play Spa

    Building - The building was nice and hidden. Well maintained, However, the size of the room was average for a C-tier spa which means small. What was shocking was the shower. It was on par with Hands from Heaven. They also offered shampoo & conditioner which is a nice touch. Girls - Bella - 7/10...
  3. J

    Review Sasha - Z-One Wellness Review (Ford Drive)

    DId a one hour session with "Sasha". Here's my take: She has massage skills. She has formal massage training of some kind. Massage itself was probably 6/10, plenty of joints were popped, cracked, she knows her anatomy. She could probably give you a 8/10 massage if she wanted to. Guessing she is...
  4. A

    Review Montreal review part 4

    Sienna @ XO She’s quite active on Twitter. friendly and warm. Dfk, Bbbj/dt, cfs, msog. I told her I’m about to bust and she kept going until I finished in her month and all the cum run down to her tits. Play with her ass...
  5. B

    Question Sunshine Spa - Aaliyah Review?

    Hey everyone! Kinda new to the whole spa scene, but one spot near me at keele and finch called Sunshine Spa has this girl on their website called Aaliyah. Looks amazing from the photos but I know those can be deceiving, has anyone seen her and if so what was your experience like? Thanks! Here’s...
  6. M

    Review Violet @ Pure review

    Saw this whore for the first time this week. I dunno why but the name Violet intrigued me and she had nice stats on the site. Some reviews here and there so decided to see for myself. She is HOT AF. All natural babe with amazing titties. Not the best ass in the world but good thing that's...
  7. N

    Review: Mei’s Spa Unexpected Trio

    A bit late (7:00ish) this past Monday, I was travelling back to Niagara from Toronto and stopped in at Mei’s for some me-time. Maggie greeted me and since I’d never had a session with the boss lady, I booked her for 90 minutes. Methinks it was a slow Monday night. We began chatting in the room...
  8. J

    Review Fantasy Spa (437 Dundas St W) review

    Decided to take a trip to Fantasy Spa this afternoon @ 3 pm. Had to wait about 10 minutes which wasn't a big deal, but it's clear this spa is relatively active. While I was there at least 2 other people arrived, and I believe there was another person in one of the rooms. One of the guys who was...
  9. L

    ISO Sofia Somer Review

    Hey everyone just seeing if anyone has seen Sofia Somer . She specializes in tantra/sensual massage in Toronto - thanks!
  10. O

    Review Pure Spa - SALMA review

    Long time listener, first review here. Sorry if its long but thought I'd put in my 2 cents. Salma has been on my TDL for a while now. I don't live locally so coordinating her schedule and mine can be tricky, but today was the day. Now, full disclosure, I assumed based on reviews and...
  11. G

    Review Espa Review

    Went to espa for the first time recently, and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed with the experience. I was brought straight to the room with the first girl that popped up at the door. It seemed like there weren't that many attendants at the time so I'm not going to complain about...
  12. M

    A few reviews

    Super long time lurker but been doing the hobby for a few years now. I wanted to share some experiences so I can contribute. Some of these I know are heavily reviewed on here and I found about these providers through here. Taz - if VFM is what youre looking for, this probably isn’t the place...
  13. H

    Review 2023 Review

    Below are some of my adventures so far: Anita @ Pure (Massage, DFK, BLS, DATY, BBBJ, CFS, and CIM) This woman is a gem - love the tease she does before the action beginnings. Welcoming and sexual experience. Will definitely repeat. (Damage: 150 + 120) Allie @ Perla (Massage and HJ) Was near...
  14. C

    Review Serena @ Seduction Keele Review

    I’ve now seen Serena 3 or 4 times. Pictures are accurate. She also has Twitter. Typical laid back east coast girl. Shaved. No tattoos or piercings to speak of Bbbj, bls, cim, daty, Cfs. Massage is optional. It’s not the most passionate session. It’s girl next door. $140/30 + $50/$100
  15. A

    My Reviews of Vaughan Spa/Golden Sunshine/Seduction/Muse

    Coming to the end of my hobbying, these are the girls I've seen with brief review. YMMV, I usually let the girl drive the session. Sometimes they take advantage, sometimes they treat me real good. My preferences are sensual handjob/blowjob and light kissing. Katerina - Vaughan Spa She retired...
  16. C

    Review Review - VIP Wellness - Newmarket

    Recently stopped by this place for a quick 30 min session. Was met by an older (probably in her mid 40s) Asian woman who's no looker, but not unnattractive with a slim body. Sorry, I'm totally blanking on her name, but she only works there on Tuesdays. Massage was pretty good, hitting some...
  17. JerryWangWw

    Suko 5 girls review update

    Suko spa every day have 5 lovely girls working. Great line up: popular fit Amy, cute Emily best in teasing, cheerful slim Angela, great massage sexy Ivy and Selena great massage with her RMT style massage. Every girl can do soft, medium to strong massge to enjoy. Tell what massge pressure...
  18. Bigstiff57

    Review - Sunny @ Burlington Retreat

    For the record, Retreat is in plaza located south-west corner of Walkers Line/Upper Middle. First time visit and as I don't venture out v often I hoped I wasn't going to be disappointed and I wasn't. Sunny greeted me; very bubbly and happy and when I told her it was my first visit she bubbled...
  19. JerryWangWw

    Review Suko Girls Review Update

    Suko spa every day have 5 lovely girls working. Great line up: popular fit Amy, cute Emily best in teasing, cheerful slim Apple, youngest sexy Vicky and Rose with her RMT style massage. Every girl can do soft, medium to strong massge to enjoy. Tell what massge pressure you want and they...
  20. N

    Review: Cassie @ Mei’s (Burlington)

    Mei’s Spa (1505 Guelph Line, same plaza as Food Basics). 647 897 4933 This may not last, but here’s a link to the ad on Kijiji: So, I sent a text around 8:45 AM Friday morning politely requesting a 90 minute...