1. ignorethisact

    Independent Massage/Tantra/Nuru Providers Review Dump

    So i been hobbying for a while (4-5 months), mainly visiting independant Providers that do Tantra or Nuru Massages. I gotten good advice from this fourm so thought i might give back, espically since these types of providers dont really have reviews. Dakini (2647) - Tantra...
  2. W

    Review Noob’s brutally honest review of my first ever 5 sessions

    First of all, I just want to say I’m “brand new” to the scene, I have never ever been to any Semi-legit, Holistic & FS shops, only massage I have had was legit RMT at reputable companies I started “this hobby” about 1.5 month ago and have done 5 session so far (4 Semi-legit & 1 FS) and all...
  3. OG_funguy

    Review My review of Kim Kardashian, oops I mean Doris, at Ellagance

    Ok, no joke. If you guys are looking for a young, Asian girl that is very curvy, then you have to check out Doris at Ellagance. I was told today is her first day there and the Ellagance mama-san was already telling me a few days ago that I have to try her since she knows how much I like curvy...
  4. B

    Review E spa review.
  5. L

    Review lakeside spa review

    Went to lake side spa on Kingston road today. First time doing a review sorry if I screw it up. Place is kind of hole in the wall on the outside but decent on the inside, rooms all had showers. 2 girls working, one dark skinned Asian named Farrah , Thai I think, thicker than most Asians like...
  6. L

    Review LV @ QQ review - Worst experience of my hobbying career

    Called QQ to ask who was available for a 30minute session. I was told that LV was available. I was intrigued since there have some been positive reviews on here, and additionally there was a recent tread asking who provided DFK at various spas and Krayjee recommended her. I show up and is...
  7. M

    Jade @ Tophealthcentre

    Saw Jade at Tophealthcentre in Port Credit last week. Good strong massage and very standard extras. Nothing exceptional. Only opted for 30 mins. Damage 40 (door fee) + 60 (nude HJ) Overall 6/10.
  8. P

    Review: Coco @Shangri La

    Based on the fantastic reviews Ive read about Coco, I booked her for 1 hr. with high expectations. To summarize my overall experience , it was underwhelming and very disappointing. Had difficulty maintaining erection. Coco is young and skinny. Facially average. I wasnt blown away by her...
  9. F

    Review Avah Pure Review

    Alright boys this was a few weeks ago, forgot about this site so my bad for the delayed review, but not like this bitch needs another one so whatever. Booking her was annoying as ya'll keep booking her up. Seen her on the Premier site before, I remember her old pics were hot af but had weird...
  10. M

    Lairlux EM03 Deep Tissue Massage Gun review -

    The Lairlux EM03 Deep Tissue Massage Gun is a therapeutic and targeted recovery tool for anyone who likes to go heavy on the weights without suffering just as heavily from those devilish next-day DOMs (opens in new tab). This compact handheld massage gun packs a punch using a clever...
  11. M

    Glowing Review: Integrative Fascia Massage -

    Welcome back to Glowing Review, a column written by a very regular, non-influencer person embarking on a discovery of local self-care and wellness trends. Now that we’re into those dog-days of Summer, where the weather every day is something resembling soup, I’d like to remind everyone that...
  12. M

    MuscleGun Carbon review: A super mid-range massage gun - Expert Reviews

    If you want to get top results in the gym or while training for a big race, your actual performance on the day is only part of the puzzle. Recovery and prep are also important and, according to sports scientists, a massage gun can help you (figuratively or literally) go that extra mile. While...
  13. J

    Katia (and Christina) @ HFH review

    Katia entered the room with Christina whose only MO was to sell me coke and upsell to full service. Tried to say that all you get with the door fee is a massage and EVERYTHING else is extra, but sorry hun, not my first rodeo and a happy ending isn’t extra. Kicked her out as she wasn’t very...
  14. Fakes125

    Review Lexi Pure Spa Review

    Lexi came in, was quite tall compared to me which was expected based on her stats though she also took off her heels to get started. She had a red outfit with exposed tits already so I knew she was gonna be wild. We start off with the massage, and the table appears to be bigger than they...
  15. A

    Review @ Club dynasty- Isabel and Yara' review

    Had an amazing time with Isabel and Yara over the last 2 days. Isabel is the GOAT! I loved her and she was so intuitive and friendly, she deserves to be at the top here! Her eyes... omg! I kept staring at them. Yara too is lovely. She gives a proper rmt massage and is super stunning.. deserves...
  16. L

    Just Relax - Richmond Hill Review

    Reviewing Just Relax - Richmond Hill (couple weeks ago visit) as I logged in to post about my recent premier visit. The cashier was young and not bad .. she led me to room with shower. I showered and waited, I was assigned a older chinese lady (Lily in 40s) who spoke very little English. Her...
  17. M

    Lairlux percussion massage gun review - Lets you overdo your workouts without overdoing your wallet - The Gadgeteer

    We use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more. REVIEW – Sports and exercise are known for fads. One big fad right now has to do with recovery from exercise, and specifically, when you overdo it. If you...
  18. J

    Review Late review of Nana's

    So I ended up on the west side of the city a couple weeks back. I don't post reviews much but this one I wanted to. Over the past 2 years my main stay is usually at GEM. Awesome place! I've ventured to Rosewater, and Strathcona as well with a few indys. I like where I like and stay with them...
  19. M

    Turonic GM5 massage gun review - Mashable

    Achy, breaky everything? I SO feel you on that. And if you’re sick of poppin turmeric pills but not quite bougie enough for a weekly deep tissue massage, a percussion therapy massager might be the next best thing. These devices — also called massage guns — are a portable way to deliver a deep...
  20. davepetersen

    Review of May at Up Everyday Spa

    Well let me start by saying this is going to be an odd review. I found myself on Bond Street In Oshawa and decided to pull in. I was greeted to the door by Eva I think. She ushers me quickly into the room. I tell her i want May and she starts to yell in some foreign tongue and I start to...