1. MEOWCAT2021

    Question Any good recommendation for Asian SPA at downtown core?

    Hello everyone! I knew there are plenty of Asian SPA there in downtown core (something like between Bloor and King street), but most of them just offer quite old ladies with bad service. The only thing I experienced and would recommend so far is Sunrise and Spring Green. However, I believe...
  2. T


    I've only been to massage spa once, so I'm not very experienced. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 90 minute session, but I'd like to try and cum 3 times, with a relaxing massage between each round. Do I have to pay for each time they make me cum? How much should I expect to...
  3. D

    Markham Area Recommendation

    Going to Markham this week. Too many spas out there. Any recommendation where can I get younger sexy white pretty looking ladies and prefer a CFS too if possible? Please only around Unionville/Markville Area. It would be great to have some details like what service included and how much is the...
  4. M

    Hairy Asian MPA recommendation

    Hey all, Looking for busty hairy and natural Asian mpa recommendation in the GTA area. Please share contacts/recommendations and reviews if you have any. Thanks !
  5. B

    What text/voice app do you use? Looking for recommendation

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could recommend a text/voice app for me? I've used Line2 for years and no one seems to have a problem with me using an app except Mirage escorts, they won't book with me using Line2. Another massive problem with Line2 is that suddenly it brings back...
  6. D

    My Highest Recommendation of all time

    So..... 4 years ago I was travelling in Europe.... and I will always ALWAYS remember this girl..... she was like 20 or 21 when I saw her..... and I regularly checked my links looking for her.... as she vanished from everywhere.... needless to say.... I have now found a link with her with her...
  7. pickyreviewerr

    Spa AD The Pickyreviewer Recommendation of the day + Tease of the day [To Haters: Stop being jealous. Jealousy won't get you anywhere.]

    I&U (Markham) Phone: (905)-470-6699 yumi - petite for 5'1 tall, spinner body, fun, and great massage angela - petite spinner body, 5'2, great massage Lucy - knows how to get a man going once you enter the door Golden 101 (Markham) Phone: (437)-255-0885 Emma - great massage, slim, great...
  8. M

    Looking for recommendation on Spa in Kuala Lumpur which provides FS or Happy Ending nude.

    Appreciate, Thanks in Advance. Looking for recommendation on Spa in Kuala Lumpur which provides FS or Happy Ending nude. What is the best way to get Sugar Baby
  9. M

    Seeking Recommendation - Indian Spinner MPA with Strong Massage Skills

    Looking for recommendations of the South Asian equivalent version of Jessica (I&U) to Chrystal (Greenway) Wants: strong massage skills with some fun (semi-legit to semi-holistic fun) - don't mind if holistic services are offered, but not needed Bonus points: for being a younger (non...
  10. W

    Montreal DT recommendation

    Hi everyone, I am planning to visit Montreal next weekend, so looking for some options who does good firm massage with HE, I don't mind the age as long as they're pleasant to look and chat. Anyone who does a bit of teasing during massage and not a jackhammer finish is all I am expecting...
  11. D

    Recommendation for Jan 1st

    Since I recently joined lobbying. I've only been to ShangriLa three times and have seen Coco, Suki and Sarah and the sessions were amazing. I'm craving for another but unforunately they are closed today and tmrw. Any recommendation for similar experience? and Maybe a individual I Shld try, I'm...
  12. D

    Recommendation on GFE/kissing

    I've recently started this hobby, seen a few ladies and haven't been to a spa. Any good recommendation for good GFE? Kissing and her not being mechanical In most of my experience, when I get there they say no kissing even the ad and the text we exchanged confirms Dfk.
  13. P


    Hey everyone, I’m back in Mississauga around 8-9pm tonight. Looking for a HE, and hopefully nude body slide that doesn’t charge WAY too much. Looking around the square one area, or anywhere within Mississauga that’s close to square one and open late. Any suggestions would be great!
  14. J

    Chat Seduction Recommendation

    I don’t make my way to Toronto as much as I used to so I’m not as familiar with the lineups. I see scattered reviews on here but was wondering if ya’ll had any head-to-head recommendations from this group: Keele - Brook, Leanna, or Zara Airport - Anastasia, Kenzie, Veronica, or Zoey Looking...
  15. C

    Recommendation for a very clean spa

    I am new to the community and hobby. Had two sessions. First one with Lucy@ Comfort Foot Spa Oakville and the second with Coco @ WJT. Was extremely satisfied with Lucy and the spa though it was in semi legit limits (opted for BS) but had a very bad experience at WJT. The MP was stinky, the...
  16. D

    Looking for Brantford Recommendation

    Looking for a spa that will do foot only massage for up to 90 min. I am in Brantford and go to Toronto a few times a year to a spa there in Chinatown and the lady there does a wonderful job, I'd like someone locally that can do the same as she does, likely monthly. I've called around to some...
  17. tomrub

    MP with Big boobs Like Amber! Any recommendation? Damm i wish i could find an mp that look like her for my next visit in Toronto. Any recommendation guys ?
  18. N

    Ocean Motion Spa Recommendation

    To those who visit this spa, do any of the younger mpas (like Adina/Umi) allow DIGITS? and let me specify by younger I'm talking 19-25 at most. Not really interested in FS so that wont be necessary but wondering about DIGITS and DATY All I have to go off of is the descriptions I have seen in...
  19. BS4ME

    Question Hot MILF Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a hot milf 50+. Nationalilty doesn't matter but hot looking and fit. Service type FS or BS is good.
  20. S

    Any recommendation for massage from Indian girls in GTA?

    Hi guys Do you have any recommendations for Indian girls? I want to try an indian girl this time for some massage 😉