1. N

    BBFS Hoes

    Well I've been left jaded by some of these hoes. So here goes. Fuck em. Even the ones who didn't play games with me. Helena @ Premier / Lush She is full on PSE after you see her a few times and she likes you. Don't be fooled by her demeanour if she starts off all "oh I don't like sex" or...
  2. B

    Bbfs at asian agencies

    Does anyone know what "special service" consists of at these agencies? I'm interested in some bbfs with an asian and need some leads. Pm if you can help a brother out
  3. M

    Bbfs .

    I just got offered bbfs on ll. Yes i declined. The derrick motel was a dead give away . The reverse image was another. The offer came as an additional text with the price. Yuk 😝
  4. T

    Chat Bbfs trade 🤙

    Hey fam I’m new on here. Looking for someone to trade bbfs providers with. I’ve got 4 sps in total will share my story. As an offering of good faith here’s one sp I fucked raw over the weekend. Definitely a ymmv situation. Dm me to trade I’ll share my story of how I made it happen + any tips...
  5. ElonHuskInventsStuff

    If you were an MPA…

    What would your alias be? What would you offer and charge? Would you bbfs? Would you g4p? Which spa would you want to work at? What would your routine be? Do you think you would be good at it?
  6. N

    Girlfriend416 - BBFS?

    Hi, Does girlfriend416 offer bbfs? Im interested in seeing milky and Emily (big tit lover lol) Thanks in advance!
  7. M

    Girls Generation BBFS

    Does any one know if anyone from Girls generation agency providing BBFS?
  8. B

    More bbfs bitches

    A few more bitches for y’all [email protected] bbfscip [email protected] bbfs [email protected] bbfs and also offers bb greek but I don’t go in the back door [email protected] bbfscip [email protected] bbfscip ❄required [email protected] bbfscip ❄️required
  9. B

    New bbfs bitches for my niggas

    Seems like noone posts any good finds here anymore. Too many greedy niggas keeping quiet about the open minded bitches. Been back for a few weeks and already found some.Enjoy [email protected] bbfscip [email protected] bbfscip ❄️required [email protected] bbfs [email protected] bbfscip. Turns out shes the cumdumpter who...
  10. B

    Easy BBFS

    Seeing how some guys struggle with trying to get it, I’m not sure why more of you don’t go the route of sugar baby’s. It’s where majority of the younger girls step into for P4P work. It’s almost guaranteed in my view even though it takes a little connection with chatting them up beforehand. But...
  11. L

    If a girl offers Pussyslide, does that mean shes more likely to do BBFS too?

    Saw an SP a little while ago who did a killer pussyslide, just curious if that means shes offering bbfs too? there was long foreplay and she didnt grab a condom until i asked her to initial FS, so does that mean she was down for bbfs and was waiting to see if i was down?
  12. W

    Bbfs providers dm me please

    Please dm me or post below where I can find a girl for bbfs (or just dm me their contact info if possible). Agencies never get back to my texts unfortunately. preferable an Asian girl btw. Thanks, greatly appreciated fellow hobbyist!
  13. I

    I gave two desks to a massage place for BBFS BARTERING.

    Ha, since I work for HomeDepot, the Boss gave me 10 desks to give to others. Because they were shipped accidently and inventory went and management was adamant to level the inventory level. So I gave two desks to this massage joint in Richmond Hill for FSBB. I love how good things happen to...
  14. Joerogan1980

    BBfs fans and info sharing

    As the title suggests, pm me if u wanna trade. I found these myself and they are new. I got all the names that big S gave out past few yrs....I don't need these... Pm me with new names and I'll know if you're bullshitt with the names agency only no mpa whores especially seduction, full of...
  15. A

    Erica @ Allegra offering BBFS?

    Is Erica doing her old HPL tricks at Allegra? Who else at Allegra currently offers BBFS? Am thinking Audrey is one.
  16. A

    HPL, Do most allow BBFS

    I see that almost ALL the girls at HPL are Diamond's, does that mean that they all offer BBFS? Guess Zara is so popular they no longer have her profile up? Is she now Double Diamond? She still down to fuck bare? Who are the best BBFS girls at HPL? I know all about Taryn and a few others...
  17. A

    TDL BBFS List?

    I assume the following at TDL allow BBFS? Ellie Izabella Lexus Mercedes...
  18. B

    New year new bbfs list

    Small list of ez bitches for bbfs I found before leaving for the winter. Good pussy was pretty hard to find in 2020. Most of these are confirmed by yours truly. Too many waste bitches getting into the industry, especially at Seduction. The gook twins need to get back to hiring whores who are...
  19. exile

    forget bbfs; who still does bbbj?

    Title says it all.
  20. S

    So many independents offer BBFS, just ask!

    The title says it all. Upsell is between $40 and $60, usually. You just have to ask if they allow it and if cip is included. Not that I would partake in it………,, Sorry, you have to do your own research on this one, as the title would suggest. I don’t have the time or energy to reply to every...