1. DaNatural

    Indian workers @ semi legit?

    Are there any Indian semi legit women in the market? I’ve never been attracted to them but lately I have lol - probably because there is an abundance of them walking around the Markham/Scarborough area these days. I mean a proper place that gives similar service at most Asian semi legit...
  2. D

    Recommendations for Semi legit Calgary

    I just moved to Calgary and is having difficulty looking for semi legit spas similar to Ocean Motion at Vaughan/Toronto. Drop your go to massage parlors below.
  3. S

    Who loves the challenge of a legit spa???

    Anyone experienced or loves the challenge of getting an MPA at a legit spa to allow you some extras??? Right now, that's where I'm at for the time being but don't get me wrong, semi-legit will always be my first love LOL It has happened a few times but most of the time, it's a downer and I...
  4. C

    Thick Filipina semi legit SPA

    looking out for Thick Filipina in semi legit SPA. any help appreciated
  5. T

    Scalp massage + Hair wash, downtown??

    Wondering if there are any places, particularly downtown, that will give a thorough scalp massage and hair wash. I know there are the Asian places in Chinatown but I'm looking for something maybe a step up. Unlikely there is a place for extras, but if any place offer legit massages too with...
  6. Mitzyturbo

    Question Legit massage experience

    Hey folks, Went for a massage at a well known legit place recently. Was expecting a pretty vanilla experience as I’ve read there’s no teasing etc. and they don’t even go near that area. Laid down naked on the table and covered my butt with the sheet that they had. In came a very attractive...
  7. B

    Question Jerking off at a legit massage

    Ok I might have asked this question before. There is lot of legit asian places that take insurance. Is there any places where MPA would be OK if I was to jerk off either after or during massage (after getting consent off course)? A place where they don't call cops or considered harassment...
  8. S

    Jenna - hot legit Rmt?

    Heading to calgary and found this: https://www.instagram.com/healingthroughtouchyyc?igsh=MXRqc2ptM252aXN6eA== Really sugestive pics...apparently legit. Any exp?
  9. Y

    Looking for good legit massage suggestions in Calgary

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for good legit massage suggstions in Calgary. I have started a new job and now with some massage benefits to use. I am looking for a good licensed RMT provider that I can claim benefits who actually gives a firm...
  10. L

    Legit Spa/Massage with petite girls

    Hello fellow massage advocates do you know any legit massage or spa’s with petite masseuse or college graduate look ladies here in Mississauga? Thanks in advance
  11. A

    Late night semi legit

    Any options for late night semi legit quality massage? Needs to be hard. Open to outcall
  12. B

    Review Ara (aka Mira) at Sugaring and Massage SNM Spalon Hurontario

    I will split this review into two posts: A quick summary for those who just want to know the sex related details (the same people who will probably tell me I am an idiot for enjoying the experience so much) and The kind of longer review I would like to read on here - with more detail and...
  13. K

    Leolist real pics - semi legit (hot girl with restrictions)

    whats good! so i took a long break from semi legit hobbying , so after i msged this one on LL fully expected a bait and switch but was a private condo, girl looks to be living there. very attractive chinese girl tits are small Cs nice and round, played with them for a while, she didnt want my...
  14. NatTurner

    Review Semi legit Lulu working at Sparkling Spa today.

    If you follow me at all you know Lulu is my ex spa GF. Went to sparkling spa to do Chanel but was greeted by Lulu. Maaaaaaan! She's 5'3" with a LEGIT ass curvy but not chubby. English is busted up LOL. Long time no see you. Big kiss and a hug. Paid 60 for the 45min. She works semi in...
  15. R

    Red Deer Legit Massage

    Edmonton has a few threads about legit places and I know a few have messaged me with my travels in Central AB. Semi legits dont really exist here. (I wish they did) but I do enjoy sharing solid practitioners around here. Two of my faves Paige at Recovery Lab Olivia at Unique Massage
  16. A

    New Member Seeking Input - Windemere Semi Legit

    Hi Everyone! Long time lurker, new member. I am moving from Calgary to Edmonton and was wondering if there are any semi-legits in the Windemere area? I tried the search function but it doesn't seem like there is anything (sorry in advance if there actually is). If anyone has any questions...
  17. Happyman

    Chat Legit massage with sensuality/tease

    Any recommendation for young girls who offer good massage + sensuality/tease in a legit spa?
  18. C

    Semi legit with shower table, jacuzzis or sauna massage?

    Are there are semi legit places with a shower table, or maybe a jucuzzi or sauna where the massage takes place? If not what is the closest? Specifically table shower!! Thanks
  19. T

    Recommendations for NR at Semi Legit GTA (Allure?)

    Hi Folks, Looking for recommendations for Nude Reverse at Semi Legit GTA (Allure?) SPA / Ladies recommendations please.
  20. C

    Legit massage with sensuality/tease and potential HE

    Hi ! I am going to Calgary for a business trip and staying in Calgary south. Any legit massage place with HE option or tease? If you know a good mqssage therapist that do out call I can be interested ! Thanks Peeps !!