1. S

    Opinion Why is Sunday never that great

    I have a few regulars that I see, both mpa and Sp. It feels like the best ones never work weekends and especially not Sundays. Anyone have recos for Sunday that do Fs too, mpa or sp is fine.
  2. F

    looking for etobicoke recommendations for today

    etobicoke or east mississauga. ideally someone young but who also knows what they're doing. let me know what you think. thanks!
  3. J

    Any massage recommendations at 14th and woodbine?

    Any recommendations in Markham around 14th and woodbine (near the tim hortons and wendys)
  4. D

    Recommendations for Semi legit Calgary

    I just moved to Calgary and is having difficulty looking for semi legit spas similar to Ocean Motion at Vaughan/Toronto. Drop your go to massage parlors below.
  5. M

    Pure/Perla Duo Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a duo at Pure or Perla? I’ve seen threads with some names but most of them are no longer there. Ideally interactive and high mileage and maybe some pse options (maybe asking too much?)
  6. 6ixhobby6ix

    Markham recommendations please

    So many threads for spas around Markham, it's overwhelming to pick one. In the area today evening, looking for recommendations please - for a good massage and preferably CFS or at least GFE. Thanks!
  7. S

    Blue Nile Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any recent recommendations at BN preferably someone under 35 years old. Looking to get there soon. Review to follow. Thanks.
  8. T

    Question Holistic spa recommendations please

    Hi I am looking for a spa that does great massages and have good extras ymmv. i dont want to keep trying places where massage is lacking and the ladies want to just make tips. i am looking for places that are amazing with massages, at least 45min of strong massage and 10~15min of tease+play...
  9. Shrugged

    Recommendations close to Pearson?

    I've got a couple hours to kill waiting on people at Pearson this weekend. Are there any good recommendations to kill some time in the area? I know it's surrounded by strip clubs, anything worth visiting? Or decent MPs? Gonna be there 10pm-midnight. Not my normal neck or the woods so I'm not...
  10. R

    Looking for indie recommendations, DM only please!

    Hoping to find one or two new people to visit since my favorite "hidden gems" seem to be retiring from the business or word has gotten out so their prices have spiked while the quality has tanked. I can share a few of my recommendations as well, both legit and otherwise. I prefer private...
  11. J

    Vaughan / North York Recommendations

    Hey guys Any recs for Vaughan or Yonge/Steeles area for a cheap release? $20/$30 tip Half hour and a topless hj. Thanks
  12. J

    Road trip southern Ontario MP recommendations.

    Planning to travel from Detroit to Niagara Falls, any good MPs on the way? From what I hear Windsor is terrible, London is limited. I think pass by Hamilton, wish I can go to Toronto but my time is so limited. Any recommendation is appreciated. HJ, body rubs, table shower, deep tissue and if it...
  13. M

    Las Vegas recommendations

    Next weekend, I'm going down to Las Vegas. I've tried doing a little research online, but have been coming up a little short of information. I've never trying going for massages outside of Ontario before and was wondering if anyone has any advice while I'm down there. Does LE turn a blind eye...
  14. F

    In-call "tantric" (lingam, etc.) recommendations in the downtown core?

    hi all. i'm curious about in-call massage services that might seem a bit more personal/intimate. does anyone have any recommendations in this regard? i am interested in the ones listed as "tantric" or "lingam" because i feel like they would be intimate and unrushed but i also know that those...
  15. S

    Review Recommendations for MPs near Bloor and Lansdowne

    Hi, I'm looking for a MP that offers FS. I live near Lansdowne and Bloor St W. I am pretty new to this, mostly I have just delved into escorts before whenever I wanted a FS. I'm curious about if MPs have similar offerings. Also, how do these places typically work? After reading a few posts on...
  16. D

    North York Recommendations

    I am looking for a non-Asian spa near Yorkdale Mall. I want to try Canadian/EE/Latina girls. Is Flirt good? is there anything similar to flirt but I would not need to call and contact/book them online? Also a way to have detail on girls similar to flirt with pictures. any service is fine(Semi...
  17. D

    Bathurst and Wilson Spa recommendations

    Any good spa near bathurst and wilson? Or like within wilson area? Also which girls would you recommend got the best service? I went to Blue Nile already and its only semi. Im not sure if Lin and WH is good
  18. A

    Young girls downtown

    Anyone has any leads on good service young girls in the downtown area? Prefer Asian but doesn’t have to be. Can be spa or incall. the key is young, early to mid twenties, late twenties is ok as well if real (too many girls state 28 but actually 48). No grandmas. Anyone knows anything??
  19. M

    No massage necessary recommendations please

    Hi all, would appreciate any recommendations. I'm looking for a someone that is just as happy to skip the massage and get to the fun stuff. Don't mind a light masssage for a few minutes, but not looking for a prolonged backrub, that's not why I go to these places. I've tried asking/suggesting...
  20. I

    Any Recommendations

    Hey folks, any recommendation on AMP, or massage with HE? I have visited most of the good reviewed masseuses, and have seen some of them for years. Just kinda confused and bored due to repetition. And I really don’t trust CAF reviews, worst platform ever! I have visited some of the well...