1. I

    Italian massage lady !!!Review? And the other ladies , who is good ????

    Are the ladies good their ? Is the Italian lady there good ?
  2. B

    Bad and good massages

    Tara in West Island 438-220-1693 Legit place forget getting options like her ad says .. you won’t get any She’s ok looking (face) Body is a tight skinny fit body Tits big D redone obviously Price is ok for market price . She’s not super friendly tho .. dosent smile dosent look happy ...
  3. I

    Good Spas on bloor street ?

    Can someone make a list of the current spas opened only on Bloor street . I went to some , they are closed WTF
  4. S

    Question Any good semi legit spa around Bathurst and Steeles.

    Please mention the name of the spa and the name of the therapist that works there. I prefer therapist that has big boobs asian or non-asian.
  5. K

    Kijiji Ad : Richmond Hill Massage

    Saw this one a couple of weeks ago, very good. She operates out of the basement of her home in Richmond Hill, address is in the ad. The setup is exactly as in the pics....very impressive. Lots of room, very clean. Bathroom seems brand new, great shower, fluffy towels, overall very impressive...
  6. I

    D & W spa , why good ?

    Her body was excellent . Fit..

    Is Kianna good at Alure pls reply quick

    Is kianna any good at allure?
  8. Healthy Seven

    Good afternoon come 2095 Weston rd #211

    Healthy_7_Spa: in room shower at 211-2095 Weston road, Friday, Judy, about 5'6", long hair, pretty, trim body, but stacked... very good service... Mena, long dark hair, very pretty, slim, curvy and very sexy... 𝟒𝟏𝟔-𝟐𝟒𝟑-𝟗𝟑𝟔𝟐.💦
  9. Y

    Question Any good gals from Kijiji?

    Hey All. Not really a big fan lately of Semi Legit spas. Interested in looking into some of the Kijiji ads for Massage and HE. Any recommendations for GTA?
  10. V

    What's are some good massage spot near Oracle Park in San Fran?

    What's are some good massage spot near Oracle Park in San Fran?
  11. C

    Question Good place around Yonge & Finch

    Hello, I wanted to get recommendations for Yonge and Finch area, I used to go downtown. But since the pandemic I stopped, and now that things seem to be improving I want to try a new place. I have some appointments around that area and I'm looking for recommendations Not looking for FS, maybe...
  12. M

    Is a Massage Gun a Good Gift Idea? - Digital Journal

    We hope that now you can easily make up your mind of giving a massage gun to a loved one because we bet that it’s truly a worthy gift. So without thinking much, check carefully your desirable massage gun and wrap it up to surprise your dad or brother complaining of aching muscles! Is it a...
  13. petitecherie

    What makes a good regular

    Good morning boys! 🥰 I’m new to the MP scene and borderline addicted to this forum haha 😅 It’s imbedded into my routine that I check for updates every morning and on my lunch like it’s the Daily Mail. I always find myself either being tickled or slightly aroused by your reviews and chitchats...
  14. B

    Question Saturday night massage, Semi legit. Is it a good time to go?

    I have a free evening and considering going to a spa. Is Saturday night good time to go get a massage at semi legit, meaning ladies available? Will be in the Markham /Richmond hill areas.
  15. D

    Good service for <$100

    Any escorts, or MPA's providing service under $100 dollars?
  16. I

    Is ASS FUCKING good therapy ? Advance massage ? For men and women in kind

    I heard women need or request a good ass fuck Once a month to feel muscle and system balance Is this true ?
  17. M

    Blind Massage Service provides affordable massages by blind masseurs - Confirm Good

    There’s nothing like a nice, soothing massage to help you relax after a stressful day, but massages in Singapore can be pricey. If you’re looking for an affordable massage place providing top notch massages – check out Blind Massage Service. Photos: @BlindMassageService/facebook This cosy...
  18. L

    Any good places to get some fun in the downtown core?

    Not looking for China town old ladies. Not looking to go up to Yonge. Anything else around? Or anything on Yonge closer to dundas?
  19. I

    Good looking dudes going to MASSAGE PARLOURS , why?? Can’t they find girlfriend ?

    My massage ladies Shocked to see handsome dudes going To massage parlours ????? Why ???? Can’t they get free sex from their girlfriend ? Why Goodlooking dudes pay for HJ or bj or fs ???
  20. D

    Masseuses good at joint cracking?

    Which masseuses (semi-legit) are capable of cracking joints and providing a hard massage?