1. B

    Spa AD Great massage and nice girl @wonder spa

    Hey Guys, We have young and beautiful Jessica and Joey partner up today. They are both lovely and easy approaching. They are committed to provide exception services to make your day. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!!!! Wonder Spa 9421 Jane St. Unit 127, Vaughan, ON. (North of Rutherford/S of...
  2. B

    any nice fit good looking independent ebony girls around ?

    does anyone now of a nice fit good looking independent ebony girl mpa ? thanks it would also be nice if she was slim
  3. SecretsMassageSpa

    Spa AD Good Morning! Ready to start your day with a sensual erotic massage :)

    Welcome to Secrets Massage Spa & Gentleman's club! Today we have a variety of sexy ladies waiting to please you and make your fantasies come to life. April, Lucy, Soraya and Angely are here to make your wildest dreams come true. We are a very open minded team of ladies that always put our...
  4. T

    Hot rock sauna spa. looks good

    Hot Rock sauna spa has good ladies look at this hottie Does she give extras after repeated visits ?? feet fetish ?
  5. C

    Good spa with 18 or 19 yrs olds

    Any spas that have a selection of young MPAs 18 or 19 yrs old ? Non Asian, I.e. Chinese, Vietnamese etc
  6. LazyBoy

    Chat College and Yonge - Anything good?

    Anything good around College and Yonge? I'm not sure what I'm looking for in terms of mileage anymore. Maybe at the most a good BJ. But, would like to have good friendly service overall.
  7. A

    Looking for good service near Kothrud, Bavdhan area

    Hi guys, this is my first post here, I am looking for some good contact near Kothrud, Bavdhan area for regular service ? Any leads would be highly appreciated.. Have few couples and mature ladies number as well..
  8. snoopdoggie

    Chat Good morning. It's tiny titty Tuesday!

  9. T

    Question An actually good massage with a HE in GTA?

    Hello, this is actually my first post so I hope it's in the right section. I have had a few really good massages in the past that ended with a HJ but it seems like all the ones I've been to in the past are gone. I am actually have bad upper back pain and around my neck and was just...
  10. T

    European Spa, who’s good ?

    Who is good at this place ?
  11. M

    Anyone get a good NURU massage in GTA recently ?

    Used to get a fantastic nuru massage and fun with great blonde a few years ago, but disappeared with COVID and nobody else seems to provide a good nuru (with extras of course)!!!
  12. P

    URGENT! Okay let's see how many good recommendations I can get before tomorrow

    Hey Everyone, I'll be in both Etobicoke and Mississauga tomorrow and I'm looking for a good massage with teasing and happy ending. Any good recommendations that aren't costing blue lagoon and hands from heaven prices? Any good asian SPA will do! Thanks!
  13. D

    Which MPA/indep gives a good footjob?

    Do any of you know of anyone who specializes in footjobs (preferably asians)?
  14. TheKWguy

    Review Angela @ GRW prostate massage and good skills

    Angela is an older MP, very much like Jenny @ J&L from a few years ago. She's got a great PM skills and long tease as part of her hour session. Got the massage skills going on as well with the strength to work out knots out of real muscles.. Mileage is lower but not many PM experts out there...
  15. D

    Tracy at La Monny. Another good one...

    As promised, I returned to La Monny to see the enticing Tracy. She didn’t remember me from our brief intro, but smiled sweetly nonetheless and so began our adventure. After my shower, in she came wearing the briefest and skimpiest outfit, highlighting her sexy ass and uplifting breasts. Tracy is...
  16. D

    U need a good bbbj today from LINDA to start the week

    Linda gives the best blow job A million times better than all escorts
  17. S

    Seduction spa: Who gives good service at the base rate?

    Sounds like prices for extras are out of control. If they ask for too much, I’m inclined to decline. Which girls (if any) are with seeing w/o paying for extras?
  18. J

    Looking for a good independent

    Hi there. I am looking for a nice cute independent who gives a great soft/medium enjoyable massage as well. I enjoy Ellen's massages for those who have been to her. I would prefer Richmond hill/Vaughan type area but willing to travel a bit . Thanks!
  19. T

    Opinion How good is receiving DATO and prostate massage?

    Never done before. Wanted to get it from an mpa who is good at it. But before that please let me know if it's a waste of money?
  20. D

    Italian massage lady !!!Review? And the other ladies , who is good ????

    Are the ladies good their ? Is the Italian lady there good ?