1. Qster

    Need help with a new legit RMT

    Hi, fellow massage addicts, looking for recommendations again. Asking because I have experienced way too many disappointments lately. My long long term sports massage RMT in the University area retired two years ago (repeated mat leaves). Thanks to one of your DMs, I did find another good one...
  2. V

    Question Best RMT Massage only, extras not necessary but not unwelcomed

    Hi everyone, I am sure there is a thread on this already but wanted to see a more updated version for 2024. Looking for a really strong deep tissue massage that can help fix tight muscles in the Richmond Hill / Markham proximity area. I ran out of insurance to go to my legit spa so I am...
  3. S

    Review Opal @ E&M

    Was in the E&M neighborhood so decided to drop in. Told the boss that I was a little bit sore and she immediately said that I should see Opal. It's not the first time I've seen her so I was pleased that she was available I opted for an hour went to the room and got ready. She came in and began...
  4. S

    Review Best RMT level massage, but also FS in Mississauga/Etobicoke

    Need to get a massage anyways, I thought what the hell. Prefer indie or sp to spa. Also looking for more Mississauga / Etobicoke. Sakura is the closest I know so far, but massage could definitely stand to be better
  5. DennisM

    Registered Male Massage Therapist (RMT) accepting new clients (M/F)

    Registered Male Massage Therapist (RMT) accepting new clients Therapeutic and /or Relaxation massage Prorated base rate $50 per 1/2 hr session Fully Licensed Direct insurance billing available Book by appointment only. Coliseum area Edmonton - Available 09:00 - 21:00 - Text directly to...
  6. J

    Question Any legit RMT places downtown with attractive women?

    Any know of any good massage spots / independent RMTs in the downtown core? Don't need any extras/sexual services. Just looking for a great massage from an attractive woman. I do like having a small towel covering me and the thrill of the accidental touches/grazes.
  7. E

    Who gives the closest to RMT level massage in Vaughan with Extras

    Hi Everyone, I am on the hunt to find someone that can give a strong RMT level massage with extra in vaughan. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  8. C

    Review Any Semi legit RMT spas?

    I'm looking for a place that gives RMT receipts but is also allowing extras. Thanks!
  9. B

    Legit RMT Massage Soutside

    Maybe looking for a little unicorn RMT here hahah. What I am looking for is a legit RMT on the south side that direct bills to Sunlife that really gets in there deep. Here’s the catch, would like for the cost to be reasonable for a 60 minute ($90-100), and looking for one with a nice 🍑. My...
  10. B

    Female RMT, 100% front back nude massage , no coverings ,

    Can a female RMT give a u a 100% nude oil massage without Coverings or drapes . And no sex . Just oil massage these : Front legs Back legs Chest Arms Armpit Butt checks Neck Belly Inner thighs Outer thighs Ears
  11. S

    Spa on 7

    Young beautiful attendants everyday to fulfill your every desire. Kennedy and 7. 437-604-2141
  12. M

    Question kijiji post rmt username HP

    Is there someone try this lady? she post add from kijiji, username: hp, contact number:7807772262. Thank you!
  13. J

    Best RMT

    Hey yall. I'm sure you all see the ocational legit RMT provider. Do you have any recommendations? Also feel free to PM me if you know of any gems.
  14. M

    Best Relaxation / Deep Tissue RMT Massage 670 Hwy 7

    Amazing Massage, Magic Hands❤️ $35/30mins $40/45mins $50/60mins $80/90mins We provide body massage, foot massage, head massage, back walking. Thai massage, shiatsu massage, Massage can reduce your stress and reduce your muscle pain Hot Oil Full-Body Massage Nice Attendant RMT Massage by...
  15. M

    RMT Quality Massage in Walden SE/SW

    Good day! Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tension, stress reduction, or simply a moment of relaxation, I’m dedicated to guiding you on your wellness journey. **I can provide a receipt or direct billing** Offering Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massages. (Hot Stone & Cupping...
  16. M


    [unable to retrieve full-text content]Best Rmt massage available We aims to be the best at providing excellent relaxation massage,Shiatsu, relaxing aroma massage. Contact for appointments 3643415401
  17. M


    2200 RMT has 10 years experience Provided receipts for all insurance companies. Direct Billing most insurance companies. Strictly professional service only do not ask for additional service NO BLOCK CALLS WILL BE ANSWERED Use a variety of techniques such as trigger point, acupressure, knuckles...
  18. M

    Professional Massage RMT in Montreal!!!

    Looking for a great place for a massage? Look no further Purple Moon Massage Spa is located just off the DĂ©carie Expressway in Montreal. 5 minutes walk from Snowdon Metro. Easy to get to and definitely worth the trip We have that magic touch! We offer a very welcoming atmosphere with different...
  19. M


    [unable to retrieve full-text content]Indian female provideing RMT/Relaxing /deep tissue /waxing /eyebrow mapping /body scrubs with steam ...text me for appointment ....437 229 8545....437 229 8545..
  20. M

    Best Relaxation / Deep Tissue RMT Massage $80/60mins670 Hwy 7

    Excellent Massage, Magic Hands $35/30mins $40/45mins $50/60mins $80/90mins We provide body massage, foot massage, head massage, back walking. Thai massage., Massage can reduce your stress and reduce your muscle pain Friendly MT RMT Massage by appointment $80/60mins $130/90mins $50/30mins...