1. J

    Question Has anyone seen healing by dakota Toronto based sensual healing?

  2. J

    Opinion Has anyone seen healing by dakota Toronto based sensual healer

    Has anyone seen healing by dakota who is based in Toronto? I found her on Tryst and checked her site too, seems okay for me with the service she offers, but I would like to know if anyone else has seen her and know about their experience.
  3. C

    Review Dakota @ Perla Premier Review

    Just had an awesome time with Dakota. She looks just like her pictures and has an awesome ass. started with a massage with plenty of oil and body sliding. I made it clear that my limitations were her limitations. This led to bbbj with lots of spit and eye contact and 69. She loves to ride...
  4. BBlurker2018

    Dakota @ Premier

    Does anyone know if Dakota / Jordan from Premier is working anywhere else. She had the tightest fucking pussy and I loved pounding her.
  5. fsmassage

    Dakota @ Seduction Anybody?

    http://seductionspa.ca/Profile/dakota/ Tryin to choose between Anastasia and Dakota Tonight but I like Dakota's pics better. Looks like from airport golden. Anyone know who she was?
  6. playfulfun

    Dakota and Jane Gone?

    I just noticed that Dakota and Jane are no longer on the Premier website. Did they quit the business?
  7. D

    Dakota @ Perla...WOW

    Recently saw Dakota at Perla, wow, she might be my new favourite! As soon as she came in we clicked! Dfk as soon as I hopped out the shower, undressed it and she went to work. Extras were there for the taking at standard and she was very enthused. Bbbj and FS were out of this world. Great...
  8. Arx

    Dakota @ Perla

    After Melanie at Flirt...was left pretty unsatisfied. I returned to that plaza later that day to have at Dakota @ Perla since I got nothing but swimming reviews from this board. Greeted Dakota at the door as I just finished drying off from the shower; reminded me a bit like Ariel, but younger...
  9. Ursus

    Native Tattooed Exotic Big Titted Dakota

    Saw this girl twice when she worked in Vaughan a couple of years ago. If you like the biker girl vibe, but a lady who is sexy as hell all-things-considered, I would book her. I came across her ad tonight as I guess she is back in the business for a short while. You can book her for $260 for the...
  10. playfulfun

    Dakota @ Perla

    Normally Dakota works at platinum but the day I saw her she was at Perla. She is sexy blonde and I found her quite attractive. She entered the room and introduced herself as she placed the towels on the chair. She came over and gave me a big hug and then started kissing me. That was all I needed...
  11. admin

    South Dakota Bill Would Repeal the Regulation of Massage Therapists

    House bill 1126 was introduced and referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee where it was passed (11-2) on January 25, 2013. The bill will now be voted on by all members of the state House of Representatives (House) and if passed, will advance to the Senate for the same process. HB...
  12. D

    Dakota - Garden Of Eden in Kelowna

    Stopped by the Garden of Eden as it was open 24 hours. Came in and noticed a blonde lying on the couch half asleep watching tv. She looked decent while covered with a blanket. She got up and asked if I wanted a session. Of course I replied. At that time the front door opened and 2 more...
  13. M

    Dakota might be back working at MMC

    I'm glad to hear that Erotic Harmony has taken over ownership of MMC. I notice she has been hiring some great new Talent to work at their studio. I called the other day and spoke with the reception and she mentioned Dakota has retuned. She could not confirm to that is was the same Dakota...
  14. F

    North Dakota Scene More Than Expected

    As we have very limited options here in Regina I have been checking the Minot and Bismark escort postings the past week. More options in either city both of which are much smaller than Regina. What surprised me is the visitors they get from the Twin Cities and Seattle. Too bad some of them do...
  15. Y

    Travel Calgary-Nebraska. Which is the best way? to Montana-South Dakota? or to

    Regina- North Dakota? If you have some tips to this travel because I am newcomer and I don t know the way. thanks
  16. J

    Justine and Dakota?

    Anybody know what became of them? The cell number has been out of service for a while. Used to like going to see Justine she was a sweetheart.
  17. D

    Dakota & Justine

    Ad in FFWD Mag starts "Tired of sad endings? Dakota and Justine, we make the most of your massage. Young and firm, attractive and friendly. One girl or two girl massage. 801-5583 or check out www.calgarypleasure.com" Anyone know who this is, and what's up with them? Website is under...
  18. A

    Dakota @ Legends

    Just wanted to say that I had a very pleasurable time with this lovely young woman. She showed up in dark angel wings lingeree - very original and sexy. She used her entire body for the massage which was unique and sexy. Some very sexy teasing of the soldier before doing some cbj. The...
  19. K

    Legends - Dakota - Review

    I had occasion to travel north of Calgary recently. I have heard from boards like this a lot of commotion about how the quality and value is much better in Edmonton so I thought I needed to see for myself. Went to a fairly new place called Legends. It is getting good reviews lately...
  20. D

    Dakota @ Legends

    My buddy who isn't a member of massageplanet yet, wrote this review of Dakota. " I had the pleasure of meeting Dakota, this last weekend. It was also my first visit to Legends. It must be said she is a good kisser, very enthusiastic and a good teacher when it came to my wish for a guided tour...