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  • My friend is trying to register but it keeps saying "field unrecognized" for name and email. Please assist. Thanks!
    I'm asking on behalf of new member lovelycinder.
    We would like to know how she can become a paying advertiser on Massage Planet.
    What are the rates, conditions, etc.?
    hi members and all
    i am trying to reach the administrator regarding a personal matter ,can anyone steer me in the right direction. much appreciated.
    Dear Admin

    I am a very old member of this forum. Now a days it is very painful to see lots of people making nonsense in the forum (especially India Forum). lots of member bashing and other abusive activities are happening. Kindly moderate the forum, please. If you want I can volunteer or you can choose anyone as moderator but India forum really needs moderator. Kindly look into the issues.
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    I second that.

    I do agree that as an admin you never get involved into such topics but there is a need to avail moderation feature activated for the forum. I do advocate your policies about content moderation but few members are suspectfully creating new IDs and have started abusing others.

    Or May be you can help us with any other feature where the a thread can be moderated by the Author/OP.
    Cold you please either Authorize my User account or resend the Account Verification email so I can Edit my Posts and View attachments?
    When reading posts, I can click on report but I am unable to quote anyone. The link to quote just is not there anymore??? Thanks.
    hey admin
    need ur help with deleting my profile from this site for some personal reasons.. also deleting all my posts made in few threads..

    request your help for the same.

    Please request your help on this asap.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vidur Malhotra
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