1. B

    Kimberly at premier spa

    Any reviews on Kimberly ar sensa spa?
  2. D

    Anyone seen Carmen at Premier?

    Just curious if anyone has and info or have seen the new Carmen at Premier? Stats and pics look intriguing.
  3. S

    Review Milena @ Premier

    First time ever I booked a chick off the premier website without seeing her first. 🫣. Don’t rly go for the EU chicks cuz I haven’t had much luck with them and she wasn’t no different. 😢 BUT!!! She was a Romanian Goddess!!!! 🇷🇴 FML prolly the hottest EU SP I have ever seen. Her body and face are...
  4. P

    Anyone knows where did Kendall from Premier Spa go?

    Hi, I miss Kendall from Premier. Where is she working right now ?
  5. R

    Premier New Pricing - Do They Allow You to Pay for Full Service to the Girl

    I haven’t been to Premier since the new pricing options. I’m a bit reluctant for now. 1. Do you pay the new pricing up front to the receptionist? 2. Does anyone know if they allow you to pay the $210 price and then tip the girl the extra $60 if you decide to go for Full Service? The reason...
  6. M

    Elise @premier any intel?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen her and can provide some Intel.
  7. Average_Olivia@Premier

    Brown guys at Premier

    Too many brown guys at Premier. It's ruining the brand. Seeing them in the hallway and waiting room makes me feel sorry for these girls being forced to service these guys. A $20 rate increase at Premier is nothing considering 1. how some of you get ripped off at Seduction, Elevate, SRM...
  8. D

    BBFS Providers @ Premier

    Anyone care to share? Tia.
  9. S

    Chat Premier price and website update!

    Check out the new website at Premier. The prices have been updated too. Prices range from $210-$270. I’m guessing that the range they can charge for extras. Kinda smart idea if u ask me. We can at least know what to expect. 🤔
  10. D

    Premier Spa Suggestion

    Any suggestion on MP at Perla, Pure, Sensa? I'm in the city Thursday until Saturday morning. Prefer any MP with a natural booty, slim thicc, phat ass not too tall, facially attractive, enhanced or natural. Please no Vanessa post, as much as she can give a good bbbj, facially NMCT and ass is...
  11. J

    Adrianna Back at Premier

    Adrianna is back at Premier starting tommorrow.
  12. Urbangigalo

    Announcement Sensa spa Premier official announcement!

    How many are excited for Premier spas new location?! Anyone attending April 25th?
  13. CarmeloAnthony

    Review Scarlett @ Pure Premier

    Oh boy where do I start? Worst session ever at premier I’ve ever had. That about sums up my experience tonight with Scarlett. For starters the stats on her page are such a blatant lie it’s actually horrible. 34D tits, GTFOH, these were c cups at best and sagged like a grandmother despite her...
  14. CarmeloAnthony

    Question Anyone seen either Scarlett or Naomi @ Pure Premier

    Both have intriguing pictures haven’t been able to find any reviews on either lady. Any info on either helps, if not I may pass by pure tonight and post a review if either of them is available.
  15. J

    First time experience

    I went to for the first time around feb and went for the 40 min massage. It was alot of fun as the girl was actually kind of cool and was easy to conversate it with and it wasnt so awkward. She didnt even start with a massage just went right at me when she walked in. I later went for fs when she...
  16. papayadulce2017

    Review Premier - Amelia Boyz another late review. I am not sure why no one is talking about this sexy Latina. She is originally from SA ( I think she said Colombia but I can not remember now). She walks in the room and just sits on the massage table and just playing with my...
  17. S

    Chat Premier Opening in Etobicoke!

    Premiers opening a location in Etobicoke soon. I forgot the name. It’s something different. Finally won’t have to Scarborough anymore.
  18. Average_Olivia@Premier

    Helena back at Premier

    Welcome back. Now I'm willing to book you.
  19. C

    Review Cleo @ Perla Premier

    Don’t waste your time or money Ok massage. BBBJ requires $100 tip and it’s toothy, lacklustre and not very long If you don’t want FS, the panties stay on. So no DATY. Told me to spank her and then complained I did it too hard. No kissing and don’t suck her nipples too hard. Think I was...
  20. P

    Premier spa Review Thread

    Hello guys this is my review on few of the girls I tried from premier ( PURE AND PERLA): Anaya: She was amazing last year she gave me bbbj and even took cim amazing girl she will fuck and suck for hours no complain but I visited recently and she said she stopped doing cim and bbbj so she...