1. P

    Question What to expect in a body slide

    Questions from a person who has never been yet to a spa, so please forgive my ignorance. 1) When you book 30 minutes for a room, is that 30 with the provider or do you have to fit undressing, time with the provider, shower, and dressing all in the 30 minutes, so maybe 15 to 20 with the...
  2. N

    Chat How much do you spend in the spa? Just say how much exactly, where exactly and for what kind of services.

    How much do you spend in the spa? Please just say how much exactly, where exactly and for what kind of services. for example: Where: QQ $200 FS
  3. I

    What have YOU MISSED out in your life ?

    I am looking at my life and Realized I missed these things in my life. I missed out on having - 1. A wedding with a hot wife which I never had. 2. A Dad that was supportive , MIA 3. Sex with my hot old boss , 5. Never got a woman pregnant 6. Never went to my uncle funeral 7. Never attended...
  4. J

    What happened to Victoria Love at Seductions?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Victoria Love at seduction spa? Amazing girl, great attitude, amazing curves. One of my all time favorites! It seems she left seductions. Just wondering if anyone has seen here somewhere else?
  5. snoopdoggie

    Question Anybody have the faintest idea about what happened to Heidi Vixen?

    Heidi use to be very active in the escort business in the GTA. She was a real hot one. I've only seen her twice, because the first time, she was great, but the second time, not exactly. It was a complete turn around that I've never seen before, nor since. I always wondered if she had some kind...
  6. Max User

    Question Warm cabin - what does it mean?

    Wondering if anyone understands the code here, how did I end up with BBFS? I answered an ad in Leolist Female Massage "Warm cabin, I'm waiting for you". Text response promised some of my favorite services so I visited. Asian pics were all phoney as expected, location was a darkend room in a...
  7. J

    Opinion What do you guys think about SWs hiking rates for their services these days?

    What do you guys think about SWs hiking rates for their services these days? They say its inflation. Would you still prefer their service or tone down to more affordable ones?
  8. R

    What Happened to This Industry?

    I wonder if the pandemic had an effect on this industry, or if it was going to happen anyways, but the massage industry has completely changed. I would almost always have a good time, some were really amazing times and better then others, but I rarely had a bad time. Now I’m struggling to even...
  9. I

    what to do when a massage lady wants to date YOU ?

    WHEN a massage lady ask you out for drinks or lunch or movies on a date. What is the best way to handle this situation.
  10. F

    Retiring from hobbying, going to leave what I've learned so far, and a couple reviews.

    Hey guys, I'm not a regular poster, but I lurk here often. I gotta get out of this hobby, personal choice. I feel like I should give back to the community, and hope I help someone. I think I prefer SP's. I find MP's more expensive, and rarely find value in them. $140 for FS from an old chinese...
  11. I

    What are the risks of kissing ???!

    What csn u get from Greek or French or Latin or poom kiss ?
  12. M

    What do Northeast Ohio massage therapists think about the Deshaun Watson case?: Today in Ohio - cleveland.com

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- While many local massage therapists called for their colleagues to ban working for the Cleveland Browns, in light of the Deshaun Watson scandal, others defended the team, cautioning that many facts of the sexual misconduct allegations against Watson were yet unknown. We’re...
  13. I

    What is the RISK of BAREBACK Greek ?

    Some of these Asians escorts are offering Greek bare back for 1000.0 with 24 hour notice and deposit ??? Wtf Greek is tight . I once did Greek with a the landlord multiple times in that Sunday It’s the best Greek bb is sweet tight tight Yummy 🤤
  14. petitecherie

    What makes a good regular

    Good morning boys! 🥰 I’m new to the MP scene and borderline addicted to this forum haha 😅 It’s imbedded into my routine that I check for updates every morning and on my lunch like it’s the Daily Mail. I always find myself either being tickled or slightly aroused by your reviews and chitchats...
  15. M

    How a N.H. massage therapist is reframing what massage can be — and the bodies it’s for - WBUR News

    Every detail in Noah Afshar’s soon-to-open massage studio in Merrimack, Water and Stone, is intentional: the soft twinkly lights, the angle of the bed, the poster of the human muscular system. The figure in that poster doesn’t show a body with huge pecs and bulging quads. Instead, it has a...
  16. M

    Tuina massage: What it is, side effects, and more - Medical News Today

    Tuina massage is an ancient form of massage that focuses on balancing a person’s energy. Practitioners use various techniques, including kneading, pressing, rolling, and stretching. Huang Di Nei Jing, a famous ancient Chinese medical text from between the 1st century B.C.E. and the 1st century...
  17. M

    Therapeutic touch massage: What it is, how it works, and more - Medical News Today

    Therapeutic touch massage (TTM) is a form of energy healing. There is limited research supporting the efficacy of this alternative practice. Several ancient healing philosophies regard the universe as a complex network of energy systems. This is the foundation of many complementary and...
  18. P

    What does sp, ma, mpa mean?

    What does sp, ma, Ave mpa mean?
  19. D

    What is the best BS Story that you ever told an MPA...? and how many sessions did you continue to add to the lie

    So you have this great story that you thought about... how it would be so great to BS to an MPA and she would believe you.... about something you told her you did.. and the next time you went back... you added more details(lies) and just built it up and made up more lies and lies and she was...
  20. R

    Poll What STD/STI did you get in the past/present?

    If you remember the exact act or what you did that gave you something please let us know the symptoms and how it got diagnosed or what happened to your family situation? If you know someone that has been affected by HIV please tell us their story.