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Perla spa Olivia review- Wow

  1. Golden [email protected] Kennedy Rd. C6 - 9052580777:
    Lily and Mimi in for another hour and 30 minutes
  2. Tellem:
  3. Aqua Health Centre:
    Friday we have Judy and Wendy. 1729 Bloor Street West. Judy has great face and body. Customers love her customer service skills!
  4. LauraEdmonton:
    Massage with Laura. Low traficc facility. 587-982-6052 :heart6:heart6:heart6
  5. Aqua Health Centre:
    Wendy and Kerry here today at 1729 Bloor Street West (near Keele subway station)
  6. Massageboy90:
    T&Q health centre
  7. gold__rose__spa:
    Lili at #211 - 2095 Weston road
  8. gold__rose__spa:
    Cathy at 1536 warden Avenue today
  9. L_H_Health:
    Sophie, 1699a bayview avenue...
  10. thecomputer999:
    Looking for the biggest tits in the city. Bigger than ddd. Can be saggy too dont care. Any recommendations?
  11. Red_Pearl_Spa:
    Two good to be true, Tammy and sexy blonde Korean , Crystal today....
  12. lemon_tree:
    Must see Cici today. Cutest little imp...
  13. oceanaspa_brampton:
    OCEANA SPA BRAMPTON :heart4 Open until 10pm tonight. 4 Indian girls, 2 Caucasian, 1 Caribbean :heart3 text to come in or walk in for address 416.230.0199 :heart6
  14. Superior_Health:
    Cleanest Spa in Scarborough, safety protocol in place, talented attendants...
  15. A__SPA:
    Shirley and Linda, cool, soft soothing...
  16. Daisy Spa:
    900 Middlefield Rd Unit 3 Scarborough (647) 342-8272. Visit before 9pm. Come in our rear entrance (if so desired)
  17. Daisy Spa:
    We have busty friendly Yoyo available today for your carnal pleasures. Eva also available
  18. Garo:
    AROMA MASSAGE $30/60 min :car FREE PARKING/416 781 0088 / 2236 Eglinton Ave West,Toronto /:skates OPEN 7 DAYS
  19. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga 💦💦👄Good Massage ❤💦☎437-881-3200 💋💦Park Text Before at 9pm 💦👺:heart2:heart3:heart2
  20. jaysuave:
    new to this lol, any good recommendations ? escorts or mps?
  21. Lulu_Villa_Spa:
    Sophia (from Singapore) new girl and Suki are waiting for you! ☎4164938898🌹🌹
  22. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    hi: Taiwanese girl Kelly and sexy service queen Liya are waiting for you ☎4168008026👩‍🦰
  23. golden__lotus:
    Shapely Mimi and petite Lily here today...
  24. Munna Pundit:
    Need contacts in Siliguri and Cooch Behar. I am looking for girls with huge boobs. Please pm.
  25. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    Liya and Vivi still waiting for you. Call 416-800-8026


Nov 10, 2017
Reaction score
Posting this because I haven't seen a detailed review of Olivia on here. And let me just say wow. And also this was done Pre-Covid I'm just really bored and horny right now.

Okay so I booked it and lady brought me to the room. Took a shower, blah blah, and waited on the table in just my towel. The Olivia walks in. Holy shit. Nice tight asian. Sexy eyes, with just the right amount of slutiness to them. She's wearing this sexy one piece black lingerie. Small tits, but nicely shaped and still great to look at (and lick). She comes in, puts the towels down and immediately comes over to embrace me. We start making out quick. I put my arms all around her tiny frame and she's holding me tight while we let our tongues explore each others mouths. My hands reach down to her beautiful but, and my fingers go inside the lingerie to explore her perfect little ass hole. Needless to say the beginning of the session was off to a great start. She tells me to lay down for the actual massage, but not before I strip her down. I tell her I would to explore that perfect body with my tongue later, and she suggest I massage her (which I will happily do).

So I'm lying down on my stomach and she starts massaging me. Naked body slide and everything. I was mostly looking in the mirror exploring her perfect body. Then we flip. Our heads are in line, so we again start making out. While we're doing this her hand goes down to stroke junior who's raging at this point. We're just doing some deep passionate DFK. I probably could have gone for so much longer, but I want to explore her body. So I tell her to lie down. She lies on her stomach and I start caressing her ass. She see's were things are going, so she sticks her but high in the air. I start eating her out and then move to rimming (I love rimming tight asians). She puts out the sexiest little moans while this is happening. I tell her to flip so I can look at her tits. We make out a bit more and then I start licking her glorious little boobs, and give her nipples some nice attention. I say lets flip again so I'm on the bottom, and she kinda straddles me so it's easy to lick her tits. Lots of making out again. Then she decides to go for the finish so she lips over and sticks her pussy in my face and we 69. I blow my load, which was quite a bit and she helps clean up.

Best part is after she cleans up we go into the shower and she grinds me to get off round 2. It was glorious.

$50 for the BJ and it was totally worth it.


New Member
Jun 3, 2020
Reaction score
Sounds hot. Better sessions than I had there. I went with some bitched that was so cracked out.
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