1. M

    Fat bottomed Asians

    I did a,walk in at 99 street massage. My reg was not working and since mr happy helper had kicked in Mini me thought, well allrighty then. JoJo came to the door. I believe I have heard her name mentioned. She gives a .eh type massage with elbows and forearms. She got in the shower with me which...
  2. S

    Asians with Big Breasts

    Hey Guys, looking for large breasted Asians. I think I saw one of you lads post about Mandy but can't find the thread. Preferably, ladies working east of Yonge St. Thanks for any recommendations, gentlemen.
  3. S

    Meet some amazing Asians

    We have the best Thai Escorts and Asian Escorts in London. Amazing value great girls and lots of happy five star reviews. Come and call and see them now!!! call 07772 33 33 10
  4. D

    Review Threesome with two hot asians

    So I wanted to try my usual PSE friend over at girls generation. They upsold me on a FMF duo with Candy and this new chick Lily. Holy shit was I happy I said yes. It started with the usual kissing that Candy always brings to the table and she was very friendly. Lily was a little shy because we...
  5. TikTik

    Is it me or are Caucasians 3 times worth Asians?

    Why are caucasians charging 3-4 times the Asians? Are they really worth 3-4 more?
  6. T

    LOOKING FOR F/S ASIAN SPAS in Scarborough or Markham - pricing of door fee and $100 tip for 45 minutes - prefer mature Asians

    I know that there are many one or two lady under the radar spas that offer this type of pricing . Requirements are F/S , DATY and hopefully some kissing. Tip for 45 minute up to $100 . Prefer mature Asians , even if over 50. Prefer Scarborough or Markham locations . If you are a provider...
  7. S

    Review New Asians @ Seduction/Elevate June 2023

    Anyone see Kimmy, Nancy, or Alexia? I saw Kimmy, a cute skinny Korean college girl, and she was charging 70/150 all covered. Wondering how other's sessions went... Kimmy Alexia Nancy
  8. D

    If u travel to Hong Kong Taiwan Japan China 0r Vietnam u will get amazing milf massage women and become addicted to Asians , why u don’t ?

    Why u did not do this ? If u travel to Hong Kong Taiwan Japan China 0r Vietnam u will get amazing gorgeous milf massage women and become addicted to Asians , why u don’t ?
  9. BigDickMaster

    New Asians Alice & Jocelyn @ Elevate

    These girls look like they are from another spa. Anyone have info on them?
  10. D

    Big Butt Asians , where ?

    Where are the medium or big butt Asians in Ontario or Canada or GTA ?
  11. M

    Any spas with Filipinas?

    Any spas with Filipinas? Semi spas preferably. In the Toronto area. Thanks
  12. Y

    Review Asians who can take it big + Deepthroat Maggie

    Most Asian massage ladies say my dick is too big or they tell me to stop when I fuck them too hard. Only Deepthroat Maggie can take all 9 inches of my cock and I can cum deep down her throat. She also has no problem getting fucked hard. Sometimes there's a lineup at her place and I want to go...
  13. T

    Voluptuous Asians

    Hey there, Are there any spas in Markham that are preferential to hiring Voluptuous attendants? Preferably asian/ older Milf looks with "Enhanced" (fake) tits. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Deleted member 107986

    Looking for Asians that do Greek in the gta

    trying to find a Asian provider in Scarborough or Toronto that does Greek, I’ve heard about Asian sora and kitty at candy but both of their locations are inconvenient for me since I use public transit, so I’m hoping someone can give some info on other ones? Thanks in advance
  15. R

    Opinion Looking for suggestions on cute and young asians. Not looking for any extras.

    Just looking for a cute asian with pink nipples to suck on and who provides a sensual HJ.
  16. H

    Younger Asians

    The mamasans may have experience but I'm looking for a younger scene. Any recommendations for younger Asians? Even canadian born? Thanks
  17. A

    Big Booty Asians

    Anyone know of some big booty asian MPAs?
  18. S

    Asians @ premier.

    Anyone know good Asian girls at premier? Have my eyes on Christina.
  19. 3

    Updated Asians after 4 years

    304 list Christina Perla Linda Perla Anna perla Amie pure Tracy pure All were studio 9 304s 304 is hoe in today's younger vocabulary LMAO My friends including me have all left this hobby 4 years ago because we decided not to spend on 304s and settled for relationships some even having...
  20. J

    Young Asians

    Any spas near Vaughan with younger girls? I’m specifically looking for young Asian girls who offer CIM. I know QQ spa in Markham advertises that they do. It’s true to an extent but I’m looking for an alternative to QQ. I went to the closest spa near me recently, which once did have a very young...