1. SilentSin

    Avah/Anita @ Elevate/Seduction

    I been thinking of seeing Avah and/or Anita. Was wondering if anyone has seen them. All I really need is CFS/CBJ. I'm simple and like to stay safe. I know a lot of people don't like these spas but I've gotten exactly what I needed the three times I've visited personally. Thanks y'all.
  2. CarmeloAnthony

    Review Pure Spa Reviews 2023-2024

    Long time lurker first time poster. These are my reviews for everyone I’ve ever seen in the past year and a half at Pure Spa since starting in 2023, I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t hobby as much as I’d like or as often as some of you out there, enjoy! Zaina (formerly Zara) 5/10: Started...
  3. Happyman

    Review Anita/ SL

    GND look, nice fit body B+natural, 30s. Good English. She told me that she learned English in Canada by going to read story books in Libraries. While giving me a warm hug, she started her attack underneath with another hand. She then instructed me to lay down and gave me a top quality massage...
  4. M

    Review Anita @ Pure Spa Review

    Saw this bitch a week or 2 ago. First thing I notice is the accurate comparison to Nicole Aniston facially. Rest of her body was fine and tight. Told her I wanted extras from the get go and she laughed at me and told me to lie face down. At this point I was kinda cheesed I thought she was just...
  5. S

    Review Anita at Pure Spa

    I had a good time with Anita. Really nice vibes with her. She is friendly and a dirty talker. The massage was fine but she shines with her extras. I only went for the standard bbbj and cfs. Liked her bbbj technique and cfs in mpos was good. Only minus for me is I prefer MPAs with bigger breasts.
  6. M

    Avah vs Anita @premier

    Looking for some guidance /recommendations between Anita and Avah. Does does the service compare between the two ladies? Energy level, extras, creativity, load was etc?
  7. firepro29.2016

    Anita @ Pure

    I finally saw Anita. Had a great time. If you’ve seen Avah, it would be similar. Anita is a little more liberal but just as fun. DFK, PS, BBBJ and CFS all were available as I was looking forward to. I assumed she was going to charge $100, but she threw out $120. I was okay with it. She likes to...
  8. B

    Anita @ Songblossom

    Stopped by SB last week and got Anita. The massage quality was average at best. It's clear she has training and can likely provide a pretty good deep tissue, though she overdoes it with the elbows. 0 tease throughout the massage, in fact less than 0. On the flip a handshake was offered. She...
  9. M

    Anita HFH

    Decided to check out this new location at Wolfedale and picked Anita she looked pretty hot and heard some good things about her. She's so tiny like I wasn't even sure this girl was over 18. Looks wise she's got super small boobs and a cute little ass and pretty face. I asked if she did extras...
  10. D

    Anita at Cee Cee Spa

    Anita was reviewed previously The thread turned into a food fight I like Anita's youth and big gravity-defying breasts I wonder how she compares Vicky at Cee Cee Spa and some of the curvy girls at Lulu Villa?
  11. bathorst

    Anita and Tiffany at Aqua Pure Friday and Saturday

    ❤ Anita from Aqua Pure called me ❤ Tiffani 38D-26-36 is working Friday and Saturday ❤ Both these girls are friendly, good-looking and have amazing breasts ❤ The stars will not align like this again Aqua Pure Spa Inc 4578 Yonge Unit 102 North York M2N 5L7 (416) 733-9093
  12. N

    There's Something About Anita

    I visited Alice Spa last Tuesday on Steeles Avenue east of Midland. There I was greeted by a young lady Anita. She's Chinese but looks Caucasian and speaks good English. Anita's pretty, has large natural breasts and a sweet pussy. I asked for a light senuous massage then turned over quickly for...
  13. M

    Anita is Ontario's most popular massage girl

    Mia has a great lineup of Oriental attendants Anita works three days a week including Thursday Gentleman love everything about her! You will have an amazing time! Baby and Coco will be here at our massage spa soon also We have completed a small renovation for your enjoyment Open 8am-10pm...
  14. D

    Anita at Cee Cee Spa

    I went for a session with Anita at Cee Cee Spa 3268 Finch yesterday. It was totally amazing! I extended to 45 minutes. This girl is sweet with very big full breasts that defy gravity. She loves to show them off. Her twat is amazing also. She loves that body part too. Her pussyslide and pootie...
  15. Jelloguy

    Anita - human trafficking charges

    I was surprised to see an old pic of Anita's old BP and Kijiji ads the EPS released on the announcement of charge against her and her husband.
  16. C

    Review Anita @ Perla Premier Review

    Just had a fantastic time with Anita. She looks better than her photos especially her ass. It’s much rounder and more fun to grab and spank. She’s definitely in her 30s but she works out and is all natural. Because this was my first time seeing her, I made it clear that “my limitations were...
  17. D

    Review Review - Michener Spa (Guelph) Anita

    FINALLY! Went west and went to michener TODAY!!!!!!. Two room spa in an industrial area. Masks are mandatory for all inside - if you dont bring one, they have them Anyways - setup is a bit weird for us eastern side hobbyists as the shower is in the laundry room. 2 separate stall shower so...
  18. P

    Review Anita @ pure

    As another poster mentioned Anita is a mature well seasoned mpa. She is in great shape and knows how to please. I have been seeing her off and on at various premiere locations over the years. My mileage with her has been great. Gives good massage, bbbj sometimes with cim. (YMMV) cfs is...
  19. L

    Anita at Pure

    Anyone know what happened to her or where she went? Her profile is down. Thanks
  20. J

    Anita @ Pure

    I've had the opportunity to see Anita a couple times now, and I'm simply confused by the feedback from people on here. Some people complain about her face, but she's a very attractive woman. I guess it's subjective, but I wouldn't in any way be putting down that face. I don't see nearly enough...