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    55 yr old female Independent in HAMILTON, ONTARIO offering therapeutic/sensual full body MASSAGE (Amazing bum massage included) ---- $40/hh 60/45min 80/hr ☎ CALL 905 379 1130 for appt Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 7pm Sunday 9am - 6pm NO text messages NO blocked #s
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    55 yr old female Independent in HAMILTON, ONTARIO offering therapeutic/sensual full body MASSAGE (Amazing bum massage included) ---- $40/hh 60/45min 80/hr ☎ CALL 905 379 1130 for appt ☎ Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 7pm Sunday 9am - 6pm NO text messages NO blocked #s
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Jun 10, 2021
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Fr on New Chick Neha

New chick referred by a friend.

Lookswise decent Service is good full GFE experience. Nice handful boobs. Checked in the room and both took a shower then proceeded to the deed. Nice figure nice boobs and sexy ass. First session strated with undressing each other licked her all over the body then she proceeded to do the same bbj is on the menu sucked like crazy to the fullest then proceeded to take her in missionary did for about 10 mins in different positions then released first round done.

Took a break small chitchat then went for second round this time repeated the first round activities. Enjoyed to the fullest. She is new to business and enjoys what she does.

Damages: 5k for 2

Boobs: 7/10

Ass: 8/10

Bbj: 9/10

Wir: Definitely

Can share number as she is in needs of clients. Request to please keep the rates in check.

View attachment 155084

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Please personal message me the number..thank you


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Dec 4, 2017
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Bro, Almost similar thing happened with me also long time back. It was a house-wife case, was very close to us, family friend. Initially she started like a love affair with me. Two three days we involved physically also but those days she did not allow me to touch her pussy. After some time (days!) she told me that she wants at least one time sexual intercourse with me. Accordingly I want to her home during the mid-day and we involved in full sex. Then after few days her husband called me and asked for a favor of 50K for purchasing a property. But tactfully I handled the situation; saying that all of my money is under long term investment and at that point of time I am having a very small amount in my savings bank. After that he didn't ask me for money. Her love acting was also disappeared. My belief it was their planned strategy to earn money from me.
Ye bhaari tha.. ..

sexy sam

Dec 22, 2016
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Fr on natash saxsena from mr

Whatsapp her and fixed the time and meet predecided place at ghat kopar at her place.
She look much older tahn profile photo but after seeing her face not interested to fuck her. But go ahead start with kissing licking body. She give best bj first round ended with cim.
Second round again start with sloppy bj then took her wot and doggy inbetween she remmed my Ass .
Request to her bj to again cim finally unload in her mouth.
Cost 5k for 2
She coat 8k but settled her on 5k
WIR never as she looks so old wrinkles on her face.
Room 1k


New Member
Jun 2, 2021
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Mira Road
First of all i want to that has anyone tried this chick in blue dress pic attached belwo which ia shared by vin disel in this forum...when i saw her pic shared by vin disel i asked him for her which he did with name sana i called her and asked if she is ready to meet to which i came to know that the no shared by vin disel was an sps no to which he confirmed with me later on now that sp muskan send me some pics of gals and asked me to choose one to which i shared pic of gal in blue attached below and said I want her to which she said ohk and quoted 3k and hotel charges alag se. I baragin and bought her down to 2.5k and 500 for hotel to which she said ohk now today i left to meet her at mumbra via train at my own risk as fucking doesn't comes under essential services i some how manged to reach mumbra amd called that sp that i have reached mumbra and what next now to which she asked to me to come at lodge sharang at silphata i immidatley got in auto and called her that i will be reaching lodge in 10 mins and asked her to send that gal to which she shared me her no i immediately called her and asked her where is she to which she replied she will be there in 15 mins i said ohk. After reaching hotel i confirmed with that sp muskan and said i have reached hotel and confirmed her by sending her pic she said ohk. Now her drama started that room book karo now here i was having mixed feelings that the gal who's gonna ckme is not the same gal which i wanted so i dint booked the hotel room to which she said k manger se baat karao i went inside and put my phone on speaker and gave him to confirm she asked him room book kiya kya i immediately made him say yes by making some eye contact . After waiting more than 45 min heroine arrived now frst i confirmed that the gal is same or not but she was the same gal whom i wanted to fuck. Now at reception manager asked me ac or non ac i said ac yo which he said 700 staring towards that gal whose name was kainat i understood that jhol hai but i remain quite i wasnted to have sex i paid 700 and moved towards room, room was just ok 700 jesa kuch tha nai usme bathroom me miror b nai tha bc. As i entered the room ladki ka drama start tum bhot handsome ho arey tum muslim ho kya? Are muje muslim k sath comfortable nai lagta i straight away said as i was frustrated k chut k dhande me konsa lund ander jaa raha hai uski parwah nai karna cahiye" after hearing this she got surprised that how can i used such words after that I went to bathroom got freshedup and came out then she went inside mooh haath dhoyi and came out now here she switched off the light amd aksed me to tur8my back towards her i said why? She said she want to change i was lit9 confused cz before these whatever gals i had they used to remove their clothes bindas or yaha ye nakhra chod rahi thi, i said k nanga yo hona hi hai dono ko to kapde utarte samey dekhunga to kya she replied muje sharam aati hai there and there i got to know what i am gonna get further and my expectations came to reality after changing her clothes she wrapped her in towel and sat next to me i started moving my hand behind her back and tried to kiss her yaha nakhra shuru arey me kisss nai karti i said ohk i started kissing on her neck again she said arey ye sab mat karo i got pissed of and said to kya karu Teri shakal dekhu to which she said k condom pheno or dalo me bola acha and i said i ll pay 300 rs chalega to which she said q in very surprising tone to which i replied k condom phen k chodna hota to kamatipura me 300 ki randi chodta tuje yaha 3000 q deta and after this i forcefully caught her hairs and started kissing her lips to which she started crying my mood got ckmplety off and asked her what's the matter she replied that she is in need of money and she was not having mood of sex today sp called her in morning a amd asked her to meet you immediately further to which i dint wanted to listen all randi Rona i straight away said her that take this 1000 and leave to which that bitch said pesa pura dena padega me bola kaam pura kar phir she said condom pheno or dalo i again said 300 dunga now she came yo know that i am not that easy to handle and she called that sp and explained her full story in her way after that immediately that sp called me and started fight with me over the call and i said that me 1000 se jayada nai dunga jo karna hai kar le that gal was begging k please pese dedo warna wo mujepe bhadak jayegi i was least interested in her tantrums and said 1000 de raha hu wo b tuje zaroorat hai isliye warna nai deta after 2 3 min got a knocked on door it was hotel manager he came inside and said kya hua app pesa nai de rahe hai i straight away said kya karu ye barabar se chodne nai de rahi hai even he got surprised to what i said and that gal now started feel shy and embarrassed after hearing this he started looking towards that gal to which she said me boli packet pheno or karo i immediately tooked my zip down tooked that packet of condom gave in her hand and said le phena me karta hu 300rs deta hu or nikalta hu managaer was seeing all this and he got surprised that gal again started crying and i explained the situation to manager that 3k i m paying and she is saying condom pheno dalo or kuch mat karo even came to know that i was on ryt side he also explained the situation to that sp muskan when she came to know that manager se baat nai banegi she sent rickshaw wala some where after 5 mins rikshaw wala came when i was about to leave and he asked manager kon hai he pointed towards me and asked me to wait till that time that gal also cme down after taking all her stuffs and now the drama started k pesa q nai de raha hai manager made him explain the inside situation but rikshaw wala to dalla tha dimag uska tha chut k bhosde me or galat jage pe haath daal diya tha after this said that i have paid her 1000 rs for her 15 mins time he said baki ka b de warna Jane nai dunga now here i came to know the situation and made my mind k jo hoga dekha jayega but pesa nai dunga i said hai dum to nikal k leke jaa but he was like dekh tamasha ho jayega yaha pe me bola tamasha to ho chuka hai ab bas tuje teri asli jaga dikhana hai situation went so worst between me and rikshaw wala that lodge ka staff sara aake jama ho gaya finally he said by giving bad words k ruk police ko bulata hu me man me bola darata to kisi or se darata i removed my phone and chappad me i dial 100 and said him karne bolu kya mumbara chawki me call transfer uske gote halak me aagaye or usse jyada lodge wale k aagaye seeing this he immediately jumped in this situation and asked me to leave and he started calming down that rikshaw wala i still stood there cz i wanted to see till what extent these goons can go or ye bas darane kaa kaam karte hai or ajj pata chala k bas darane ka kaam hi hota hai after sometime i left from there making them realise what they are doing is wrong and every coustomer is not chutiya i went opposite side of road to take rikshaw even that gal followed me and she said me thumre sath aari hu i dint said anything after getting in rikshaw she started saying sorry k ajj mood nai tha me next time tumko mumbai central aake free me service dungi i was just listening without even giving any reaction to which she started seducing me i rickshaw by moving her hands on my thigs n all i just looked towards her and in loud voice i said room me teei choot sukh gayi thi or ab yaha geeli ho rahi hai she just got lost after hearing this and got at a corner of rikshaw then she got down somewhere at amrut Nagar i made her to pay her auto rickshaw ka fair and i moved towards station.
Guys the reason for writing such long fr is to being awareness. Without ur own personal experience please don't share pics or nos to anyone. I was strong enough to handle the situation and face those bastards but some people get fall in this trap and pay the full amount to such people. Here i m not blaming any one that y this contact was shared with me or anything else but it's a humble request we monegers not only pay these bitches money but also enjoyment and after this wht we get is this.
Pics are attached below gal in blue is the one who came to me
Gal in scaff is the sp

View attachment 155082 View attachment 155083

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I've had similar experiences first and second time (minus me standing up for waht is right😢). There was never a third time after that. It's good to know that someone is pointing out towards the ugly realities behind these glamorous advertisements.


Sep 14, 2019
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Fr on Arshi (baby elephant) wadala

Had been in contact with her for almost 1week got time and fixed the meet booked brevistay.. she is very cooperative in chat about the meet.reached on time

First session
Started with a dfk didn't expected it would be so good... She is very good kisser. Then started undressing. Told her to come come wot. Enjoyed the veiw of bouncing boobs. Changed position to miss kept humping for almost 30min while changing position and in between dfks. Was not able to unload. Last she she given me a handjob.

After 1st session had some good chat and experience sharing.

Washed ourselves little then prepared for 2nd session

This time started with a long BJ like getting everything out. She got some serious skill in that. Little ball suck made it feel like heaven. It really turned me on started fucking her in miss. She was very cooperative and moaning that is literally a turn on... To extend the fuck session..... Changed to doggy. Keeping closed leg and feeling every friction pleasure... Done with the session

Had a little bath together ... Cleaning ourselves

Dfk -9/10
Bbj- 10/10
Ass -8/10

Damage 5k/3hr +lodge


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Apr 7, 2017
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Fr on Shobha/ pushpa from ambernath Age : 51 friendly milf.. cooperative good nature well behaved....unfortunately age is not by her side i was assuming her past in my mind only thing I love the most is her skin clean and soft smooth skin... service is good she happily does everything ... loves doggy Looks: 7/10 Boobs: 6/10..nipples were hard when aroused Dfk:yes BJ:6/10.. Charges:3k/2..1k travelling charges Pictures already there Wir : no I'm looking for milf desperate and wild
For 51age ,u paid 3kfor 2 .... Really


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May 15, 2018
Reaction score
She is super cop.
Never ever pay advance to her .
And also after meeting her,many group members said that after meeting her she frequently ask money on Google pay.
Once money gone to her will not come back.
That's what I told my friend but he didn't listen


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Feb 13, 2021
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Fr on Kajal

So she lives nearby my house and was stalking her as i knew she is in business and finally fixed a meet.
She is 5'9" which is perfect match for me and is bit grainy and has a huge bust, not saggy but enourmus tits which were lactating.
Met her at Lodge she was a bit late but it's Ok.She was in Saree because i requested her .Then went inside had refreshments. Then went in shower to clean myself, she also entered and Man!!! It was the best shower i ever had.
I started licking her tits in shower and then she cleaned my tool and started bbj in shower itself. Then after 10-15 mins of bbj got on bed and she started to dance on song with her enormous boobs and were shaking them I couldn't resist and grabbed her started DFK and after few minutes started licking her boobs again and realised that she was lactating when i licked hard and it continues for more 10-15 minutes. Then started with 69 which is mine favorite position she is 30+ but yet her pussy was tight. Then i face fucked her for few minutes and asked for CIM but she refused for that. Then started with WOT and then reverse cowgirl, Damnn she was really good at that and had a large Ass. Then switched to missy and finished the first round.
I was completely drained in first round itself.
Then ordered some drinks and had shower again and rested for few minutes and was chitchating with her had few drinks and then started 2nd round. She climbed on top of me and started DFK and was dry humping and rubbing her tits on my face I got completely turned and switched positions and then started pounding her in missionary. Then switched to doggystyle and again asked for bbj . Then after 10 mins of bbj she started HJ and I cummed. She asked me to wait while she was dressing and left.
It was the best sex.
Age 30-33
Looks: 8/10
Boobs: 10/10(Enormous lactating not saggy)
Ass: 9/10
Pussy: 9/10 (Very Tight as this age)
Overall: 10/10
VFM :Yes
WIR: Obviously
Damages: 5k for 2 + 800 lodge(3 hrs)

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Pls msg details
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