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dance bars in navi mumbai

  1. Guest:
    Open 10 am to 9 pm,come here take a look ❤❤Oakville Speers Road 👄💄💦647-262-9889💋💦:heart5:heart3:heart3
  2. Guest:
    What does osteopathic mean?
  3. Guest:
    ❤Oakville ❤647-262-9889❤Good Osteopathic Massage ❤71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:heart2:heart2
  4. Guest:
    Mae at 2163 Lawrence Avenue east today...
  5. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 spinner DT Edmonton 587-337-4328
  6. Guest:
    Full Service 100 for 30mins DT Edmonton 587-337-4328:banana
  7. LauraEdmonton:
    Postive Energy Massage at Edmonton Downtown Central 587-982-6052 (only text) (only text:heart3:heart3:heart3
  8. Guest:
    Available until 2am💛💜❤ Tina at SEDUCTION SPA @ KEELE 416-736-9951📞
  9. Guest:
    Tim you SOB
  10. Guest:
    baby beauty spa, what are you rates, and what are your endings like ?
  11. Guest:
    I went in a few times and it’s just 1 woman. Is it still just the one provider ?
  12. Guest:
    71 speers, what do you offer?
  13. Guest:
    💋Oakville 👄Amazing Good Osteopathic Massage 👄💋647-262-9889👄💦71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart3:heart4:heart3
  14. Guest:
    Oakville ❤647-262-9889❤Good Osteopathic Massage ❤71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:p:heart2
  15. Guest:
    Yes she has her own indie page
  16. Guest:
    Is Barbie independent?
  17. Guest:
    Blondebarbie @Blondeebarbiee4 works in Burlington sometimes.
  18. Guest:
    Cause Sunny is the best I’ve found so far
  19. Guest:
    Any guys on here been to a good one in Oakville ?
  20. Guest:
    Tina you have to work harder on twerking your bum. The fat is more concentrated on your stomach that you might become a MILF rather than a cutie
  21. Guest:
    Cause crown spa is Toronto.
  22. Guest:
    Lynn, where are you at ?
  23. Guest:
    Cause if not, I’m totally in agreement with the other guest. You have heard of Free online porn
  24. Guest:
    Asia Lynn is in Oakville. crownspa.ca/ladies
  25. Guest:
    Are you in Oakville Tina ?


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Oct 21, 2019
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Lol you talking about ignoring me and giving me full attention. Good luck and keep going. Time for dinner and nap. Carry forward the forum, don’t make a mess bhuddha.
I wanted others to ignore. I like to fuck you here and your wife in bed. Doctor is not giving chance. Who is this Buddha you are assuming? Some hints atleast please. Lol


Sep 10, 2016
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Seniors please advise, how much is ideal amount to pay a girl of db like Rajmahal etc. For keeping her on 'Pagaar' (fixed amount). She will be go to dance bar but outside she will be exclusive for me and not go for entry with other one.

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1. Who do u want to keep a girl on salary?
2. Why do u want to keep a girl on salary from Raj mahal?

Note - girls from raj mahal are addicted for entry, unko khujali hogi and they will go out your cannot track even if u put gps inside her clits or lock her vigina, she would break it n go out n fix it before coming to u.

Amount - 30 k should be enough, now, ur paying 30, she will try to get more n say 30 to me kama hi leti hu, aap k kya fayda. N she would say it in such a way that ull end up paying more.

U can pay her 30 n ask to be at home not to go to bars. Pay in part 10-10-10.

3. Why not choosing a girl from any other bar who do not have entry system?

4. Why not choosing a Normal girl keep her on salary u can waste 15k on her (as salary only) n then fuck her. She won't go out will be in ur office or available to u on ur call. Even if u fuck her twice its vfm.


mumbai monger

Jan 23, 2018
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Palano, Texas, USA
Dekh bhai I neither have problem with you nor with him.

I know nothing will change but I have put my effort if it can bit change someones mind

MP bro
There are some people who would never listen to others and remain adamant. I have advised them to go over pm or meet in person and solve the matter. But they dont know how much harm this has caused to forum. Its not like people have stopped going bars but have stopped posting on forum.

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Jan 8, 2020
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Waste of money hai bhai. And unnecessary headache hai. Plus if you are the possessive type, then din raat ka tension rahega.
But if you are cool and can handle it without getting emotional then monthly salary will be around one lakh in Rajmahal. Some girls can come for as low as 60k too! But then, there will be additional demands for clothes, jewellery, tickets for her khandan, money for some sick relatives, etc. Total upwards of 15 lakhs a year. (OB girls in good bars milk there regulars with astronomical figures. One girl from Cabana OB recently got a gift of Merecedes Umatic.....utne paise mein koi heroine ko baja sakte hain :D )

Overall my recommendation is to totally AVOID
BC saale paagal hai kya to gift a Mercedes? [email protected]@nd jalti hai aisi baatien sunke.

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Dec 12, 2017
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Seniors please advise, how much is ideal amount to pay a girl of db like Rajmahal etc. For keeping her on 'Pagaar' (fixed amount). She will be go to dance bar but outside she will be exclusive for me and not go for entry with other one.

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I can think of only 3 reasons why you want to keep her on pagaar.

1) You are in so much love with her. You want to keep her only for you. But it doesn't look like the case, you are ready to let her go to DB (with restriction on entry).

2) She is giving you extreme pleasure in bed. You may be experiencing it for the first time. This could be a possible reason. But as a monger, you know this may not last for ever. After sometime, it will become normal and you would want more.

3) She is blackmailing you. This is the most probable case. She may be threatening you (may be with a video or some other details), threatening that she would make things public or inform your wife/family. If this is the case, only one sane thing to do - RUN, buddy run. Run away from her - ignore her, don't go to her bar, change your phone number, block all access. Nobody in the word has ever survived a blackmailing by giving in.