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  1. B

    Sex doll rental

    Anyone partake?
  2. M

    Doll house

    Description Vous avez toujours rêvé de faire la rencontre du Real sex dolls grandeur nature ? De magnifiques femmes aux air céleste vous attendent pour plus si affinité ... Venez visiter la toute premier dollhouse situé dans le cartier cote des neiges. Un endroit discret et enivrant ou vous...
  3. D

    Announcement Is Dolly Doll Submissive?

    I like the look of this gal in Brampton. I imagine she is very submissive
  4. derekgbob1980

    Katya Russian Doll on Leolist

    Anyone have experience with this one? She's posting every day now and I can't find any reviews. Her ad pops up for Vaughan or North York.
  5. L

    Amara on LL - Scarborough sexy & thick doll

    Has anyone seen her? Her number is 289 919 5399 and the listing is here Amara. Anyone willing to take one for the team? She text back charges 120 for HH. I Wanna see her but wondering if anyone is willing to check her out?
  6. Mayfield1225

    Question Sex doll Rental

    Does anyone know of any sex doll rental services still being offered? I know its weird and kinda nasty but It's been a fetish of mine for a while now.
  7. C

    Benefits of sex doll torso A sex doll torso gives you (almost) all the benefits of a full sex doll at a fraction of the cost. It's also smaller in size, making it easier to hide and store, as well as clean, while exuding almost the same real-world feel as a full sex doll.
  8. C

    Have you ever wanted to have sex with a realistic love doll? There are tons of lifelike sex dolls on the market, wondering what it's like to have sex with another person but not like a real girl? Well, there are now many sex dolls in the sex doll store that will satisfy your desire to have sex with a woman other than your bed...
  9. T

    Pro Club stacy doll

    Hey guys if you’ve ever been to pro club in Vaughan and know of Stacy doll that works there time to time would you know if she’s escorting? A lady Working there told me she was doing in/outcalls. Thanks!
  10. T

    Pro Club stacy doll

    Hey guys if you’ve ever been to pro club in Vaughan and know of Stacy doll that works there time to time would you know if she’s escorting? A lady Working there told me she was doing in/outcalls. Thanks!
  11. S

    Sadistic Doll BDSM

    So I’ve been exploring Twitter and i came across Sadistic Doll. She claims to be a pro dom. Basically you pay her 300-400$ to get whipped and beaten (no fs). Just wondering. Anyone tried anything like this or close to this nature? Is it even considered hobbying? These women seem to be on a...
  12. C

    Asian Doll - St Albert

    Hey folks, new on here and wondering if anyone has some info on the Asian Doll ad on Leolist. She works from a motel St Albert.
  13. IronHeart

    I decide not to visit sex doll brothel...

    At first I thought it would be interesting, but then I realized I've been consistently avoiding fake tits, so why on earth would I pay for an entirely fake body? $120 for an hour with a doll...I'd rather spend $160 for half hour with a real woman. Also, it's not like they use top quality...
  14. IronHeart

    Sex doll brothel won’t open in planned North York location, after all Prudes.......
  15. IronHeart

    Dina Doll another short and fat cunt

    ....dumb cunt trying to looking slim in her pictures, fat fuck.
  16. M

    Owner Of China Doll Massage Talks About Accusations Of Illegal Sexual Activity, Human...

    Please enable Javascript to watch this video FORT SMITH (KFSM) — The owner of a massage parlor under investigation for illegal sexual activity and human trafficking is sharing her side of the story. Qing Chang got out of jail on Sunday (July 23). Even with a clear language barrier she said she...
  17. M

    China Doll Massage reopens after being raided by police - 4029tv

    ROLAND, Okl — China Doll Massage is back open again days after being raided by police who suspected human trafficking and illegal sex. According to probable cause affidavits on Tuesday a man was getting a massage when he said the masseuse touched him inappropriately and started performing a sex...
  18. M

    Police suspect human trafficking at China Doll Massage in Roland - 4029tv

    ROLAND, Okl — Police tell 40/29 news they arrested the owner of a massage parlor where they suspect human trafficking. Currently, police are not releasing the woman's name. "Right now she's going to be charged with pandering, " said Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane. Advertisement One...
  19. B

    Updated Jan 7 Asian Mix Barbie Doll B2B Nuru Massage from Former CMT - 23

    Meow! I'm Kitty! I'm the educated and bubbly girl-next-door type. Taking appts from gentlemen only. Text: 310-751-7402. Call: 310-601-8504 Brunette/Brown Eyes ✔️ 23 yrs, 125 lbs, 5'5" ✔️ Private, Discreet Location ✔️ Convenient Parking ✔️ Nude, B2B ✔️ Real nuru gel No blocked calls...
  20. B

    A Real Experience With A Real Doll - 25

    Therapeutic, Swedish Deep Tissue,Reiki healing will put clarity to mind,body ,and soul light feathering .Let me give u an exp like no other .Kyladoll 424-218-9484 $139 hour and $169 for 90min Treatment .with warm oil and a warm sugar scrub wash to get oil off before you head back to work...