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Were you pleased to hear that Mr Global Warming, Al Gore isn't going to be

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Madd Cow

New Member
Jul 31, 2010
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prosecuted for raping the "massage? thrapist" out in Oregon?
Was it just a coincidence that we received this news on the eve of the Clinton wedding?

Lois Griffin

New Member
Aug 1, 2010
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Yes, just a coincidence; lawsuits don't have time-clocks.

That was a frivolous case filed from someone who didn't complain until 2 years after the incident in question.


New Member
Aug 1, 2010
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I find it rather funny that the Clinton white house was filled with sexual predators.
Jun 27, 2010
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It's also known that crazy Al Gore will be attending the Clinton Wedding with "Man Bear Pig" as his date and you don't want to miss that, and yes he's gay so the massage therapist was just making stuff up to get attention, Al is innocent and after all he is a democrat so crazy crap is expected from him after all, But the good news is the Obama's were not invited as Bill said It's a White Wedding and Barack although a rock star wannabee is no Billy Idol and no democrat wants Mr. Poison around for any affair with his kiss of death//

Gorgeous George

New Member
Aug 5, 2010
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Nice to see that the gutless and delusional flakes of the neo-Nazi ultra-right are continuing their moronic pattern of not dealing with or even considering the facts. Apparently, the same anti-science morons who spew their madness about climate change are looking to slander any advocate, and are willing to go to an extreme to do so, including exaggeration and outright lies.

First of all, the "rape" is a bold-faced lie, and even the hooker--who, by the way, never actually substantiated she so much as met Gore!--never even suggested that. Only flakes of the maggot neocon persuasion use that fraudulent word.

And it has NOTHING TO DO with the Clinton wedding.

Where do you morons manufacture this crap? Wizard of Odd Glenn Beck? You can't get any more
fraudulent. One cop noted that Gore, even believing this publicity-driven hag, hadn't been with this woman for more than a few minutes, and she had some kind of recording device, apparently for some sort of blackmail-related purpose, on all her "calls". If there were a case, he asked, why wasn't there a recording? It was a con from the get-go, and the neo-Nazi right wants to use it as
some kind of dagger. What cynical, mincing cowards!

Here, nitwits, is a rather bland summary of what actually transpired:

From: Accumulated AP and Fox sources, etc.

"Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk announced the
case was closed Friday with the release of a memo that cited "contradictory
evidence, conflicting witness statements, credibility issues, lack
of forensic evidence and denials by Mr. Gore."
Senior Deputy District Attorney Don Rees said in his memo that
Hagerty and her attorneys were uncooperative, witnesses could not remember
anything unusual, Hagerty failed a polygraph examination and she would
not say whether she was paid by a tabloid newspaper for her story.

Hagerty had claimed unwanted sexual contact by Gore on Oct. 24, 2006,
at the Hotel Lucia in downtown Portland, including an "open-mouthed kiss,
an inescapable embrace" and the fear she was "on the brink of being forcibly raped."

Some authorities inferred a record of previous attempts at garnering publicity.
Others noted that a lapse of over three years in lodging charges and
many, many publicity-seeking contacts to various news agencies, without
documentary evidence, suggested fraud.

There were questions about Hagerty's claims from the beginning.

The initial 2009 investigation resulted in a dismissive memo.
The memo noted that investigators determined the claims
"did not merit further inquiry" and did not refer it to the district attorney's office.

She had also given her story to the Portland Tribune, which said it
thoroughly investigated her allegations — including interviewing
her — only to determine it wasn't responsible to move forward with a story.
It's still unclear whether Hagerty sought compensation from the National
Enquirer, and whether she received payment from any publication."

It is presumed by many commentarians that propagandists and publicists
for the U.S. ultra-right such as the notorious and uncredentialed Glenn
Beck and the nearly completely ignorant Rush Limbaugh
will further press this matter, especially since there appear to be
no supporting facts. These scum THRIVE on innuendo, inference,
exaggeration, and lies.

Ice Cold

New Member
Aug 6, 2010
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well, to be "charged" with Rape, one actually has to commit some sort of offense first............

and unless you happen to have any police reports or evidence handy.........I don't believe the man was ever charged with Rape, and therefore , no surprise that he beat the non-existent rap.

Why DO cons LIE so much?

Is the TRUTH just too INCONVIENIENT for them?

and for the last time............Global "warming" doesn't mean the whole planet is getting HOTTER............it means there's been SERIOUS shifts in CLIMATE changes, in virtually EVERY part of the world.......causing HOTTER summers, in some places, and more serious WINTERS in others.

HENCE, the RECORD breaking HEAT and SNOW we have seen this year, so far.

There is NO DOUBTING, records are being broken across the globe, since the dawn of record keeping.

Why do cons KEEP denying this? What is their problem with TRUTH?

Proud Progressive

New Member
Aug 11, 2010
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I figured he wouldn't be prosecuted. I found it very strange that this massage therapist waited for so many years to decide to act on this. Of course she had no case, it was just another political hate act.

Yes it was a coincidence regarding Clinton's wedding. Why would you think otherwise?...for what purpose?

I think those republicans/right wingers on here who already said Gore was guilty owe an apology.
But of course they won't. They'll just move on to the next radical right wing talking point about hate.
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