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  1. Golden [email protected] Kennedy Rd. C6 - 9052580777:
    Lily and Mimi in for another hour and 30 minutes
  2. Tellem:
  3. Aqua Health Centre:
    Friday we have Judy and Wendy. 1729 Bloor Street West. Judy has great face and body. Customers love her customer service skills!
  4. LauraEdmonton:
    Massage with Laura. Low traficc facility. 587-982-6052 :heart6:heart6:heart6
  5. Aqua Health Centre:
    Wendy and Kerry here today at 1729 Bloor Street West (near Keele subway station)
  6. Massageboy90:
    T&Q health centre
  7. gold__rose__spa:
    Lili at #211 - 2095 Weston road
  8. gold__rose__spa:
    Cathy at 1536 warden Avenue today
  9. L_H_Health:
    Sophie, 1699a bayview avenue...
  10. thecomputer999:
    Looking for the biggest tits in the city. Bigger than ddd. Can be saggy too dont care. Any recommendations?
  11. Red_Pearl_Spa:
    Two good to be true, Tammy and sexy blonde Korean , Crystal today....
  12. lemon_tree:
    Must see Cici today. Cutest little imp...
  13. oceanaspa_brampton:
    OCEANA SPA BRAMPTON :heart4 Open until 10pm tonight. 4 Indian girls, 2 Caucasian, 1 Caribbean :heart3 text to come in or walk in for address 416.230.0199 :heart6
  14. Superior_Health:
    Cleanest Spa in Scarborough, safety protocol in place, talented attendants...
  15. A__SPA:
    Shirley and Linda, cool, soft soothing...
  16. Daisy Spa:
    900 Middlefield Rd Unit 3 Scarborough (647) 342-8272. Visit before 9pm. Come in our rear entrance (if so desired)
  17. Daisy Spa:
    We have busty friendly Yoyo available today for your carnal pleasures. Eva also available
  18. Garo:
    AROMA MASSAGE $30/60 min :car FREE PARKING/416 781 0088 / 2236 Eglinton Ave West,Toronto /:skates OPEN 7 DAYS
  19. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga 💦💦👄Good Massage ❤💦☎437-881-3200 💋💦Park Text Before at 9pm 💦👺:heart2:heart3:heart2
  20. jaysuave:
    new to this lol, any good recommendations ? escorts or mps?
  21. Lulu_Villa_Spa:
    Sophia (from Singapore) new girl and Suki are waiting for you! ☎4164938898🌹🌹
  22. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    hi: Taiwanese girl Kelly and sexy service queen Liya are waiting for you ☎4168008026👩‍🦰
  23. golden__lotus:
    Shapely Mimi and petite Lily here today...
  24. Munna Pundit:
    Need contacts in Siliguri and Cooch Behar. I am looking for girls with huge boobs. Please pm.
  25. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    Liya and Vivi still waiting for you. Call 416-800-8026
Sep 20, 2009
Reaction score
So I thought I’d shag Sophia at BEX, but was told that she’s on vacation. I hope this actually means she went on vacation as opposed to working somewhere else under a new name, or worse (for me) – quitting the bus:( . Anyways, over the phone, mamasan said there were 4 -5 new girls present, and since I hadn’t been there in months, I thought to at least check the lineup and report back on eforum.xxx:D .

By the time I got there, two girls were taken by the two guys I watched walk in before me, so 3 left. Coco (another one) tallish 5’6” ish, mid 20s, OK looking but not my type – I like spinners. Next came Laurie / Loraine ? who caught my eye. Again tallish for an asian, but seemed in early 20s, tanned skinned (Filipino?), school girlish looking. English sounded OK. The wood meter was up! However, waited for the next girl: Mandy.

Bingo, spinner type! About 19 or early 20s looking, 5’ ish, perfect English, says she’s mainland Chinese, but only A cups! Really, raisins on a bread board! But she has some curves: nice ass, unshaved bush. I picked Mandy but Laurie definitely will be next!

Massage was actually decent, and we chitchatted for about 20 mins before moving to standard service: nipple sucking, digits OK, CBJ, cowgirl, mish, and finished with HJ.

L = 6 OK but I was attracted to the youngish girl look. Laurie was definitely better looking but something about Mandy caught my eye more.
A = 7 I felt she tried. Massaged the right places, took suggestions, and seemed OK with servicing.
P = 7 says she’s only worked at Bex for 3 weeks and no where else prior. Again, seemed like a newbie but NOT too new. I’m hoping that service will get better with mileage.

Repeat? No, if Sophie returns and the next time is already spoken for (Laurie).

Donna E

New Member
Aug 8, 2009
Reaction score
the other girl (the tanned one) is lauren and yes you should try her. i made the mistake of trying mandy when lauren was on vacation and there's no comparison. mandy is inexperienced and in my opinion somewhat lazy. she expected to only "work" for about 10 minutes where as with lauren i get full value. it's still all covered, no gfe/no bbbj, no greek but her attitude makes up for it.


New Member
Aug 24, 2009
Reaction score
Is Lauren a filipino? Whtas the price at bex like?
thx guyz


New Member
Oct 3, 2009
Reaction score
i have no idea. all i know is that she's got a body to kill for.

donation is $.5 plus room fee
Sep 11, 2009
Reaction score
Nooooooo! :eek: Can I ask how you know this 'hoze'? Sorry, but with only one post to your handle, I'm a little hesitant to take your word for it. And would normally suspect one may have an 'in' against her, or just trying to get a rise.... just my gut feeling. She was/is one of my all time favs.


New Member
Sep 11, 2009
Reaction score
Im just a cruiser on this site as well as others, im low key and when i find hotties i dont tell the world. In this case i happen to know this sweetie. She is going to school and moving on like every smart girl once they have achieved financial freedom. Dont be disinchanted, there is many fine ladies out there waiting to move into poll position. Lauren is 1 fine start, she has great attitude. Its all about the hunt bro which keeps you ticking, good luck

Andrea H

New Member
Sep 15, 2009
Reaction score
just imagine if everybody felt that way. in canada that's called the welfare system - where you reap the benefits without paying into the system.

fyi, i don't always post reviews either. if i think i got exceptional mileage or the girl wouldn't want me to post because she doesn't want to be mauled with offers then i don't. but i will confirm, or post if what i got was her standard, if there's no detriment to the girl or if the service was bad so i can warn others to save their money. and i would appreciate if all the "cruisers" did that too.
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