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  1. Guest:
  2. Guest:
    Erica in scarborough
  3. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
  4. Guest:
    Tokyo rose
  5. Guest:
    Tonia @ Pickering spa 🍫🍑 6476912414
  6. Guest:
    Looking for 50+ provider North Toronto, any suggestions?
  7. Guest:
  8. LauraEdmonton:
    Therapeutic Massage and Merriment at Edmonton Downtown Central 587-982-6052 (only text) (only text):heart3:heart3:heart3
  9. Guest:
    Available until 4am💛💜❤ Tina at SEDUCTION SPA @ KEELE 416-736-9951📞
  10. squirrels:
    in shawnessy amazing massage and more, text 587 888 1266
  11. Guest:
    Does anyone know at Flirt Spa on Finch
  12. Guest:
    does anyone know at Flort spa on finch. Do the girl offer FS
  13. Guest:
    hi everyone, does anyone know where KIKI from Vivid spa went?
  14. Guest:
  15. Guest:
    where kiki from vivid spa
  16. Guest:
    For obese large belly guys go see Angel at Flirt she loves the big boys https://www.facebook.com/sarah.dor.50
  17. Guest:
  18. Guest:
    Which place is most accommodating for obese/ men with very large belly
  19. Guest:
    Delhi massage
  20. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
  21. Guest:
    where can I find a good massage by a ladyboy
  22. Guest:
  23. Guest:
    best table shower toronto?
  24. Guest:
    Golden Lotus has a hot schedule today.
  25. Guest:
    Gold Rose 1536 Warden, Fifi and Nikki today...


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Jan 2, 2010
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Your last post was looking for antibiotics. Her teeth look fine in the pic (although looks like a smoker) but, I'll take a pass on the sandpaper HE.
Jan 27, 2010
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I read about this massage therapist on a local forum and 80% of the reviews were very good. *I liked the location and decided to go one day.

Easy access by subte and building is easy to find. She opens the door and is like her photos. *I am there for a massage and a relax so her looks are not so important although it seems like her mouth had been through "mate" hell. *I knew I did not want to be anywhere near the boca.

Place was clean and the table strong. *She used a creme that was gritty that I did not like but her massage was very strong and relaxing. *She asked if I would take a relax and said yes.

I turned over and she moved a stool to the center of the massage table for her to sit. *I thought that odd as I closed my eyes. *Moments later I feel some lips on my nut sack. *I quickly tell her that I only want her to use her hands. *Well then she does and grabs my Johnson in such a way that I feel nothing done there. *No pain, no pleasure but somehow I am releasing in a minute.

She cleans him off with what seems like gritty sand paper and then wipes me completely down with alcohol.

Paid her 120 pesos and as I walked away I slowly regained feeling in my cock. *3 weeks later and he is almost recovered. *Although the massage was good, the relax was a disaster.