red rose spa

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    Lyly at Red Rose Spa

    Lyly is at Red Rose Spa today Please visit today and write a great review She is 20 and from Vietnam
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    Asha at Red Rose Spa

    Gentlemen please try ASHA our south Indian princess! Asha is not innocent - she knows what you want and will provide with vigour She is a short busty girl with dark skin - a genuine Desi beauty Asha is just like the busty Indian ladies you see in the mall and in porn movies 2588 Birchmount...
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    New Turkish girl Sophia at Red Rose Spa

    We are glad to share this picture of our latest hire. Sophia is from Turkey Red Rose Spa 2588 Birchmount 647-702-8800
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    Red Rose Spa Scarborough Review

    I visited Red Rose spa in birchmount rd. The room in spa are very tiny (approx 5’ x 6’) with no shower in the room. Mostly girls are indian (25-30 yrs). All girls were asking $140/hh for FS Or simple massage or just staying. Actual worth of paying is max $100/hh because it has very tiny room...
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    Red Rose Spa - 2588 Birchmount - Mon Oct 25

    Gentlemen. We have something unique happening today at Red Rose Spa 2588 Birchmount. We have more EXOTIC BROWN GIRLS in one place than ever before. We even have two Guyanese sisters in our lineup. The quality is very good as well. They will all be here between 2 and 3pm. Amanda (curvy glamorous...
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    Nina at red Rose Spa, super sexy

    Nina looks good U tried her Nina:
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    Red Rose Spa?

    Looking to try this spa out, who would you guys recommend from here. I'm into attractive girls over service.
  8. snoopdoggie

    Question Question about Red Rose Spa ad

    Why is the girl on the right yawning???
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    Red Rose Spa, any good with ladies like these pictures?

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    Review Red Rose Spa - Invergordon

    Sunday afternoon I happened to find myself in the Birchmount and Sheppard area. Since I had some time on my hands, and thought I could use some help relaxing, decided to stop into Red Rose spa Birchmount location. The woman that answered the door was Sonia, and said she was available now or a...
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    Red Rose spa , which of these ladies u ENJOYED ? And why ???

    Which of these ladies , did u like ? Any Full service. OR EXCELLENT SHIATSU or both ???? Oooooooooooooo Birchmount Pearl (young light India girl) Sasa (busty Oriental girl) McCowan Nana (busty dark India girl) Yumeng (young busty India girl) Birchmount Asha (busty dark India girl) Nana...
  12. B

    Very little here on Red Rose Spa

    Any reviews for Sofiya or Tiffani?
  13. K

    Red Rose spa??

    Anyone try out red rose spa? Heard there’s some Indian women there, any info on that?
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    Tara at Red Rose Spa 2021

    Tara is a very busty and friendly girl at our Red Rose Spas. Please don't get in flame war !!! Please visit her on Dec 21st when she will be at 2588 Birchmount in Scarborough 647-702-8800
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    🖤Real Photos🖤RED ROSE🖤2 LOCATIONS🖤INTERNATIONAL LADIES🖤647-702-8800🖤416-292-1268🖤SCARBOROUGH

    WELCOME TO RED ROSE SPAS TWO LUXURY SCARBOROUGH LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM: Red Rose Spa McCowan 2 Invergordon #3 Near Scarborough Town Centre and Highway 401 Scarborough 416-292-1268 Red Rose Spa Birchmount 2588 Birchmount Road Near Fairview Mall Scarborough 647-702-8800 Visit Red Rose...
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    Serena Taiwanese lady (very openminded) at RED ROSE SPA

    Have you seen Serena ( TAWAINESE, very openminded) ?????? at Red Rose spa???? Taiwanese women are very hot. Know to have big butt and medium to small breasts. But what are the reviews on Serena??????
  17. D

    Preeti at Red Rose Spa

    I had a session with Pretti at Red Rose Spa 2588 Birchmount. She is 5ft4 and about 21 years old with good looks and big boobs with nice nipples. She is from India so her skin and mid-drift aren't so appealing. I gave her $60 so I ended up with a session that wasn't as probative as I would like...
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    Tara at Red Rose Spa

    Q: What is new? A: Busty Spanish girl Tara Q: What she look like? A: Very attractive younger girl with nice face, thin waist and huge perfectly shaped breasts Q: What does she enjoy? A: Loves giving BJ Q: Can I CIM? A: No she isn't into risky stuff Q: How to contact? A: 647-702-8800
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    Yumeng at Red Rose Spa

    We have a new girl YUMENG. She is very a pretty young skinny Malaysian girl Clients are giving me great feedback on her sessions Please visit us today for a GREAT MASSAGE+++ Red Rose Health Spa 2 Invergordon Unit 3 Scarborough M1S 2Y8 (416) 292-1268
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    Spa AD Red Rose Spa Schedule

    RED ROSE SPA SCHEDULE 2588 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, M1T 2M5 (647) 702-8800 2 Invergordon Ave, Scarborough, M1S 2Y8 (416) 292-1268 MONDAY Birchmount Nina (India) Lala (India) McCowan Salina (Taiwan) Queenie (Japan)