holiday spa

  1. F

    Review Amy @ Holiday Spa (Near Pacific Mall)

    Was in the area and decided to drop in and try this spa. Location is on Kennedy just south of Steeles in a small strip mall. Parking is very limited and was lucky to get the last spot. Spa is located on the 2nd floor. I rang the doorbell and Amy let me in. She was wearing a see through top...
  2. krayjee

    Holiday Spa, 3517 Kennedy Rd, Unit 4, Scarborough, Tel..(416) 293-8858

    Holiday spa....3517 Kennedy road just south of Steele is a very well known spa for having very popular girls for years. The rooms are very spacious with some in room showers. They have two girls on duty every day. They will have tall and sexy Jenny and slim and sexy Cindy with sexy long legs and...
  3. H

    Spa AD Holiday Spa - Schedule 2022

    HOLIDAY SPA is a wonderful Asian spa with hot massage attendants Visit us for an amazing massage Cindy runs a great operation New girls Ashley, Victoria and Cici are very young and cute. You will have a great time! (416) 293-8858 SCHEDULE Mon Jenny and Cindy Tues Kiki and Cindy Wed Ashley...
  4. D

    Holiday Spa

    There isn't much talk about Holiday Spa here. I was amazed that they girls where a mask during their massages. Its rather surreal. Besides Cindy, which girls are good?
  5. C

    Holiday Spa or Anna Relax Recommendations

    Was planning on getting back into hobbying was wondering if there are any young attractive ladies at Holiday Spa or Anna Relax worth recommending?
  6. W

    Review Amanda at Holiday spa. Kennedy/Steeles

    Was planning to get some curry at Anna Relax, but there was an LE cruiser parked in their spot so decided to drive on. hadn't been to holiday spa in years. Amanda opened the door. looked pretty and spoke decent English. she is about 5' 2". has a lovely pair of natural C's and a reasonable arse...
  7. M

    ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ HOLIDAY SPA๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ 416~293~8858๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ Relax Shiatsu๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ

    Toronto Best-Reviewed Massage Spa Holiday SPA 416~293~8858 Holiday Spa.... Relax Shiatsu Massage ....Romantic Music....Gentle Touch....Make you enjoy a Leisurely holiday... Come and enjoy with our SPECIALS Meet with one of our NEW HOT Sexy ladies for details! Relax at our Beautiful studio with...
  8. luvasians

    Holiday spa special

    Went to Holiday Spa, construction out in front street, i walked in and 2 girls answered the door quickly, no customers at all so far because of construction, I asked for both girls at the same time but I wanted them both just to lick my dick until i cum, no condom, no bbbj no bbbjcim, just like...
  9. Hiker

    Cookie @ Holiday Spa

    Saw Cookie last week at Holiday. Originally went in to see Cindy, but decided in Cookie strictly from first impression. Cookie is a spinner, in her 30's with A's or small B's. Hairy pussy and slim. Long black hair. Massage is so-so and her English is okay. On to the main event and she...
  10. T

    Cindy @ holiday spa

    has anyone tried her? How does she look and what services does she provide?
  11. Hangdai

    Holiday Spa on the Holiday

    I've almost forgotten how exciting it can be to pay a visit to a new spa. The unknown, the excitement, the different sites and sounds you notice upon entering. Anyways, instead of my tried, true and tested rotation and regulars, the itch finally hit me again and before I knew it, Iโ€™m driving...
  12. G

    Holiday Spa

    Have been calling holiday spa looking for some of the regular girls who have been working there but looks like a complete roster change. Did the business change hands or are they all gone on vacation? The new girls are terrible and some work at E spa at Midland and Ellesmere.
  13. Hiker

    Cici @ Holiday Spa

    Was at Pacific mall last week and decided to pop in to Holiday Spa for some fun. There were two girls there, Cindy and Cici. Cici was the one who answered the door and led me to the room. Cici is a Chinese-Korean mix. Good looking girl with a really nice set of large B's or small C's (I am...
  14. Hiker

    May at Holiday Spa

    Stopped by Holiday Spa a couple of weeks ago hoping to see Lucy, but she was not there. Decided to stay and spend 30 minutes with May. She has been reviewed before so this is an update from someone seeing her for the first time. May has a big set of natural tits. I have no idea of the size...
  15. T

    Holiday Spa and Footprint Wellness (Kennedy Road)

    Does anybody have any updated reviews on these two spas? (Both are on Kennedy Road, 2-5 min south of Pmall)
  16. D

    Any new girs at Holiday Spa

    Hey guys, it has been a couple of months since i visited Holiday spa and I'm planning to go back again, wondering if any of you know if they have a new girl and some details maybe. Thanks
  17. B

    Joy @ holiday spa

    I'm really starting to like this place. They say they have new girls and they do. I saw joy today and I can tell you. Happy Christmas song joy to the world lol Nice Yonge girl around 30. A little taller than your typical Asian girl and a nice lean body. Nice b cups , with very responsive...
  18. B

    Baby @ holiday spa

    After reading about Apple at holiday I thought I'd take the plung and see if she's there today. She's not there but met a very pretty late 20s? Early 30 petite Asian. Very pretty face and a rocking body I had to try.. Says she's brand new but it did not show because I did everything I wanted to...
  19. D

    Apple @ Holiday Spa

    Went there hoping to see Perly today but when i arrived they told me she left, this "new" girl there suggested to go with her, her name was Apple. She's good looking , same body as Perly but smaller boobies, she told she was new there and works only on Tuesday. I asked her is she offer what...
  20. D

    Amy @ holiday spa

    Hi guys, anyone has a feedback on Amy from Holiday spa? any details will be good, planning go go there soon,