Are You A Traveling Executive Visiting Toronto, Canada?

Are You A Traveling Executive Visiting Toronto, Canada?

Hello Gentlemen,

I am a sensual massage consultant located in Toronto, Canada. My body to body treatments have been designed to relax, stimulate and arouse my clients senses while enjoying some much needed down time after a busy day at work, or you may simply crave a sensual, titillating body-slide to re-energize your languid energies and overall aura for other personal reasons.

My massage sessions should be utilized as an opportunity for the both of us to become comfortably acquainted with one another in a relaxed, tranquil and non-judgmental environment where we can chat, mutually explore each others personality likes and dislikes while discovering our inner desires and chemistry with one another.

Massage Sessions:

Exploring Sensual Massage: 180.00
Reciprocal Sensual Massage: 240.00
Executive Massage Treatment + Post Body Scrub: 360.00

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Jas, xo
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