• Last month i visited MP in Thane near Kapurbawdi named [email protected] first i called on the number which i got from internet one girl answered my call mentioning spa name... i asked my queries about extras and rates as she told me d rates and told me to visit personally to know mor about services as its only 5 mins from my house i reached at the landmark which they informed me in text massage(yes they sent landmark address to my number very quickly after hanging up d call) as i called her back after reaching landmark.. she gev call to one guy who was guiding me to enter in the building.. d moment i came close to building i saw one guy looking at me wid smiling face n nodded his confirmation as he is d one who is talking wid me on call... for a while i thought of something is wrong lol but i gathered it n went inside... once i entered in spa which is located on 1st floor of the building i saw one lady\ girl welcoming me... she was average looking girl wid some real big milky tanks... she also noticed as i am staring at her private assets in return she smiled at me n said "sir what package u would like to go for i choose 2000 for full body massage but didn't discuss anything about extras... after finishing my payment formalities i went into cabin...atmosphere was ok ok as d cabin ws too small... i changed into disposable shorts... n layed on my back.. widin 10mins of wait one lady entered yes she was lady in her mid 30s i guess.. i was staring at her melons as from dress ther were looking damn big ....she smiled at me.. and started massaging me.. lady was asking me from where i am what i do and other bull shit as i was least interested in answering her i jus gev all wrong answers lol I wasn't enjoying her massage she was cold low wid energy and was doing too much crying about her family and travelling problems.. i was thinking about asking extras then she started real massage she took my hand and started touching on her melons while massaging me it was hint for me... then she came across stand near my face and gev me chest massage while doing this she was actually rubbing her melons on my nose and forehead... by this time i was sure enough about extras...she gev some thight massage to check wether i am hard o not n den she blast a bomb... sir would u like to go for extras on this i questioned her back what u hv to offer... she replied wid very serious expressions sir we give only top up and handjob... for me top up is like new word lol i said whats that?? She said Top -Up hahaha I literally laughed on this .. she asked me again sir you want to go for it? I nodded my head in yes .. she went outside had word wid big milk tanker receptionist and came back again... she lowered my short an grab my joker... and did the Top Up lol.. i was actually disappointed wid her boobs as ther were saggy wid some stretch marks.. wid black nipples... but they were damn big almost hanging near her stomach.. I squeezed them hard.. on that she made some ahh uuhhh noises and i sucked them nicely i enjoyed those few mins n then I realised she is jus hurrying me to cum.. i told her to go slow.. on that she also said sir you also please suck lil softly its paining.. i slowed down but she was in real hurry to make me cum i told her to slow down.. she said sir its ok if u cum on my hand i will wipe it wid paper napkins.. n in next 10 mins of this foreplay joker spited on her hand... i felt relaxed but I noticed that moment i cum she quickly turned her top down n wipe me off and said sir bathroom is there.. i took shower and went to tanker lady to finish my extra payment as htey charge 1000 for extras which is quite cheap as per me lol... but it was not enjoyable as lady tired to rush me up for cuming and very rude way to end it... next time only if i visit back i will ask receptionist if she can give me massage or else i will walk out to some other places... thanx for reading n i hope it will help u if u visit [email protected] lol cheeeers
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  • Re: Hard to find good massage in Scarborough.

    Try Anna at Asia Studios at Warden and Sheppard. Fantastic massage, no extras.
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  • Avoid Felicia fake therapist in Edmonton
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  • Felicia fake therapist
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  • Sharing is Caring!!!

    I recently stopped by Boss Spa on The Queensway and felt the NEED to share this GEM with the massage community! The spa itself isn’t the most beautiful, BUT I stayed with the most Beautiful attendant, Cassie. We had a wonderful time together and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

    I believe there prices are comparable to other places, if not cheaper.

    The spa seems to be very busy so I would also highly recommend booking an appointment before going in. I believe there were about 5 or 6 girls working but only 3 rooms.

    982 The Queensway
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  • Massage in Cali is good, just beware of the XS
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  • Hard to find Real massage in Scarborough, ever MP wants extras and massage sucks.
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  • Please wash your ass when visiting MPA :eek:
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  • Edmonton Bodyrub Watch sounds like an unhappy masseuse who can't seem to get her/his business off the ground. Putting up stupid posts won't help. Put some effort into business planning and then implement the plans to grow your own massage or RMT business, or bugger off. Typical whiners, the ones who can't succeed and then look for reasons in what other people are doing. :p
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  • I am no Columbo, but I do believe everyone has a choice to visit any service provider they want. Edmonton Bodyrub Watchdog, you are a prude and just because you don't partake or agree with the activities other men enjoy, does not mean you can stick your nose in our business.:mad:
    $ makes the world go round, especially in this economy. Either we use the $ to contribute to economy, or $ can be used for other negative, destructive purposes. One day............we hope it will not be the latter. Then you will regret your actions.................:p
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