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MoonLight Spa
  • Felicia fake therapist
    #19, Guest, Apr 15, 2017
  • Sharing is Caring!!!

    I recently stopped by Boss Spa on The Queensway and felt the NEED to share this GEM with the massage community! The spa itself isn’t the most beautiful, BUT I stayed with the most Beautiful attendant, Cassie. We had a wonderful time together and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

    I believe there prices are comparable to other places, if not cheaper.

    The spa seems to be very busy so I would also highly recommend booking an appointment before going in. I believe there were about 5 or 6 girls working but only 3 rooms.

    982 The Queensway
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    #18, Anonymous, Apr 4, 2017
  • Massage in Cali is good, just beware of the XS
    #17, Anonymous, Feb 20, 2017
  • Hard to find Real massage in Scarborough, ever MP wants extras and massage sucks.
    #16, Anonymous, Feb 20, 2017
  • Please wash your ass when visiting MPA :eek:
    #15, Anonymous, Feb 20, 2017
  • Edmonton Bodyrub Watch sounds like an unhappy masseuse who can't seem to get her/his business off the ground. Putting up stupid posts won't help. Put some effort into business planning and then implement the plans to grow your own massage or RMT business, or bugger off. Typical whiners, the ones who can't succeed and then look for reasons in what other people are doing. :p
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    #14, Anonymous, Jan 14, 2017
  • I am no Columbo, but I do believe everyone has a choice to visit any service provider they want. Edmonton Bodyrub Watchdog, you are a prude and just because you don't partake or agree with the activities other men enjoy, does not mean you can stick your nose in our business.:mad:
    $ makes the world go round, especially in this economy. Either we use the $ to contribute to economy, or $ can be used for other negative, destructive purposes. One day............we hope it will not be the latter. Then you will regret your actions.................:p
    #13, Guest, Jan 11, 2017
  • Edmonton Bodyrub Watch is interested in expanding our efforts through increased community engagement (please see our ‘about‘page)–to increase community awareness and the health, safety and betterment of our communities.

    Insurance providers have been contacted including Alberta Blue Cross, Green Shield, Great West Life, Sunlife, Standard Life, Manulife

    Known Johns with detailed contacts are Albertman, sjlovesmassage, luckydog, Cabinman, Bob the Knob, JR16, welldunn66, jistaguy19, Randombum

    RMTs doing body rub are

    Real Sunny Massage
    Amy Spa
    Comfort Oasis
    La bella

    RMTS provide insurance and body rub. Known John statements are:

    La Bella is the bomb...and Mia is the detonator :) Thanks for running a good show ladies!

    JR16, Dec 26, 2016

    Jistaguy19 said: ↑
    “Yes, the routine is pretty set, and I like you have backed off a bit because of that. However in all fairness when your day is filled with rubbing backs and tugging cocks it is probably pretty easy to fall into the same old same old.
    I visited Sunny recently again and all I can say is "what the fuck was I thinking" suggesting her routine is stale.
    Wow, the woman is incredible and treats you like a king.
    I will start frequenting her more in the new year again.
    As long as she is comfortable with you then she provides it. Perhaps go a few times then ask what more can she do. Same with sunny, third time i asked if she can do more and thats when it happened. We didnt discuss a set price so i just gave something reasonable. Of course is ymmv but try asking and you will be surprised.

    5. Massage - $75 ask. She tried, the effort is there, technique not there. I personally find the baby oil/baby wipe combo strange (don't like the smell) but acceptable. Feels like she learned from Sunny, some teasing but no where close to Sunny's abilities. The phone was ringing constantly, sounds like she is very busy. She was good at ignoring the phone completely until the session is over. For the true massage fans, I give her 6/10.

    sunny has posted an ad on Kijiji.

    First one in probably a year.

    This is your chance for anyone new to get an appointment.

    Hurry and move fast.

    You are welcome
    evening 7:30 - $160, but more than just a HE. That's all I will say on here for now.

    Bob the Knob, May 17, 2016

    Bob the Knob said: ↑
    “So $200 top off HJ? All in?
    Yes. $200 including 1 hr massage fee, cash.
    I was able to taste the rack, and got her to climb on top (as in cow girl).
    She wanted $40 more to take the bottom off and I thought nah.... no FS. what's the point.
    Not likely to repeat - don't want to let them think that this rate is acceptable.

    Bob the Knob said: ↑
    “How many is that now?

    I am loosing track.

    As long as Mia stays I guess it's all good
    After a long stressful business trip , I went to see Mia right away .. I explained to her that I really need a good massage because my back muscle are tight and could not sleep well for more than 5 days . She got me in , even though I knew she had tight schedule . When she first started , she right away knew where to relax my knots .. I could tell I fell a sleep in 15 mins.. When I woke up , I found myself lying on the the table with a blanket covered under a dim light ... I went to find Mia right away and felt sorry for my overtime sleeping !! She told me right away that she knew that I need a rest . Lucky she was able to have a room for me to rest a bit ...I totally understand that people work for money but this is a care more than anything .. I really appreciated with Mia care and Would like to share with everyone here that ... Someone do care clients than anything... Thanks again La Bella and more important is my favorite Mia ...
    #12, Guest, Jan 6, 2017
  • The place at 2236 Eglinton ave W. Toronto has very affordable massage $30/60 min ,such price no one gives you in the city. ha ha ;)
    #9, Guest, Oct 23, 2016
  • A,d never listen when they try a,,d tell us guys we have to choice who comes to the door first yeah right you can ask to see everyone not the fat spansh chick she's the main one I noticed who pulls that shit
    #8, Guest, Oct 18, 2016