Confession: #83

  • As a massage therapist I end up having sex with some of my clients.
    Should I charge extra?
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    #83, Anonymous, Jan 1, 2019
    1. Why not, you’re a already a sex worker as soon as you fuck a client you dirty slut.
      Anonymous, Jan 1, 2019
    2. I thought Daniel told that RMT to charge extra for those guys he sends her.
      Anonymous, Jan 1, 2019
    3. If you're enjoying the sex they should charge you!
      Anonymous, Jan 2, 2019
    4. Yes charge more , even if they’re regular clients, make the extra cash , and help spread std’s to those cheating husband who’ll have to explain why to the wife how they got STD , lol
      69dany69, Jan 3, 2019
    5. Your clients should really be tipping you based on your "extras".
      Do any of your clients think you only have sex with them and have an exclusive relationship?
      Anonymous, Jan 3, 2019
    6. where do you work! Please PM me
      vpofbg, Jan 5, 2019
    7. Actually, you should PM me. I will try your services and respond afterward. No obligations...
      Benoir, Jan 8, 2019
    8. I would like to try out your massage, as that is the most important to me, and nothing more is expected.
      Zad, Jan 9, 2019
    9. Is anyone asking the fundamental question here...r u make or
      Anonymous, Jan 15, 2019
    10. Just ask Herpes Thai pimp, he owns several real RMT bitches. They fuck whoever he tells them too.
      Anonymous, Jan 16, 2019
    11. I finds that most RMT girls are just lonely and desperate. The few I sex with are very plain girls, bad teeth, no curves, and the sex not great. But the massage is usually good.
      Anonymous, Jan 17, 2019
    12. Are you looking for new clients. I prefer a quality massage over extras.
      PussyJunkie, Feb 2, 2019