Confession: #120

  • Is this normal? I went to a spa today. wont say where, but session was good, everything was okay, will repeat. But when the flip came, the girl would no stop sucking on my nipples. It was the weirdest thing. She would suck so hard till it hurt. I don't know whether she was teasing, was being passive aggressive or just really likes nipples. But she did this like several times, throughout the appointment. Even on my way out, she wanted to death grip them again, she loved doing this for some reason. I'm still really sore from it and it hurt alot. Is this normal? Is it normal for MPAs to be this aggressive?
    #120, Guest, Jun 5, 2019
    1. That's because you man-tits are C cups
      She was trying to:)
      Anonymous, Jun 6, 2019
    2. Just because some guys like it, they assume we all do.
      I usually just say nicely "that I don't like that", but you can suck on something else..
      Anonymous, Jun 6, 2019
    3. Did she reciprocate on your manhood?
      Chivas Regal, Jun 6, 2019
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    5. Can you post a picture of your nipples so we can see why?
      BicircleJerk, Jun 13, 2019
    6. Hey was this in borivali by any chance?? had a similar experience.
      Monikshah214, Jun 17, 2019