Need a Cuddle?

Need a Cuddle?


Need more connection and touch in your life?

This unique therapy is helping women and men everywhere to meet their needs for authentic connection and platonic touch in a non-judgmental and accepting environment . Cuddle sessions can include giving and receiving hugs, spooning, snuggling, holding hands, hair play, kindness and conversation.

We practice communication and healthy boundaries. Learn how to communicate clearly and ask for what you want. Practice saying yes and saying no without apology. Discover how you can operate from your authentic self, carry a new sense of freedom into your relationships and be yourself fully in the world.

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This service is strictly nonsexual.

Cuddling and Covid 19 -We're working with Alberta Health Services to make cuddling as safe as possible for our clients. To protect your health and safety, we pre-screen for Covid 19, provide hand sanitizer which is compulsory upon entering the space and require masks to be worn for the duration of your session.
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