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I help you relax. Male CMT, Ogden SE, $65'hr


I help you relax. Male CMT, Ogden SE, $65'hr

The European Spa Massage offers deep relaxation and remedial techniques to reset your stress. By bringing your body into a deep state of relaxation the production of Cortisol decreases. Your body heals, finds balance, and your immunity improves.

Included with the European Spa massage I offer targeted cupping with minimal bruising, for troublesome knots and loosening the fascia. And the option of hand-held hot stones to alleviate tension. Choose from multiple pressures, including deep tissue, medium pressure or light touch. With 90 and 120 minute sessions you may choose from a foot, scalp or facial massage.

15% off Special $65/60 min, $90/90 min, $120/120 min

Text 403.467.4877 to book • I accept last minute bookings when available • Free parking, 15 min from downtown, 10 minutes from Chinook • Extra-wide massage table, shower available, low lighting, quiet
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