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Holistic Practitioner: Readings/Energy Healings/Coaching & More

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**Services are for women only. I do not work with men.**

I will be in Calgary taking appointments Jan 25 - Feb 17. - contact me to book a session. Services are mobile (no extra cost for travel) or online.

I offer:

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Mediumship, Face Readings - $60/hour I can combine the different types of readings for a unique experience for you! Maybe you want to connect to your angles or higher self? Find out what your face says about you to the world. Maybe you would like an outline on what the next year may bring for you? I am able to connect to spirit and help you with the questions you are seeking.

Energy Healing Sessions - $60/hour Similar to reiki energy healing, I work intuitively with your guides, angels and higher self to balance chakras, clear blockages, and address any areas of concern. Energy healing is meant to assist you and be a complementary modality and never should replace the advice from a medical doctor.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions - $60/hour Accessing your higher self, guides and angels to help provide direction. Maybe you are considering a career change, or need someone to help motivate you, or perhaps you just need some general direction? Whatever the reason, I am here to support you so you can achieve what you set out to do!

Psychosomatic Therapy, Trigger Point Massage - $150/2 hour This style of massage uses trigger points and is most similar to acupressure style massage. We hold old traumas and memories in our tissues and by utilizing our breath while putting pressure on a trigger point, the old emotion/memory can be released from our body. Psychosomatic Therapy helps us to understand why we are the shape we are in and where we are holding onto things in our body. Sessions include face/body scan and posture correction. Session can also include coaching to understand how to work with body/mind connection within yourself.

Tantric Healing Energy Massage - $200/2.5 hours This is a full body massage using marma points and Tantric principles to utilize the potent energy from our svadhisthana (sacral) chakra, our prana or life force energy to promote healing in the body. You will have the opportunity to add essential oils to the oil used for the massage creating a unique blend just for you. You also get to keep the bottle of massage oil and will be provided with instruction for self massage after the session. Please contact me for a discovery call for this session so we can discuss if this is the right healing modality for you.

Rising Within: Living the Yogic Lifestyle with Tanya - visit my facebook page for more info about me and my services!

**Services are for women only. I do not work with men.**

Contact me if you have any questions!
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