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Be refreshed and relieved with Lomi Lomi Massage

If you seek results and relief from pain and stress. I am your best choice.

Reviews: .......One of my recent clients said " I was able to relieve my pain in the shoulder by 50% after a 90 min session while for 3 months with rmt he improved only 20 %. ......One other client said ".I was a total mess before i met joanna since i drove 60 hours a week and now i am getting better and better and have been even normal for 6 months long! I don't go to the chin ese massage places in usa anymore."

If you value results/restoration/long-lasting effects, you are welcome to call and discuss your requirements at 416 6544325 and peruse www.intelligent body preferably on desktop

Plse don't waste my time with flippant general and vague massage requests such as 'full body massage.' I simply need to know if you seek professional massage to relieve pain and stress.

We provide solutions to men and women based on your requirements and goals NOT JUST A FEEL GOOD MASSAGE for an hour.

You can get restored and rejuvenated with enhanced circulation and a better connection to your body.

I AM LICENSED AND COMPASSIONATE MASSAGE PRACTITIONER focused on your health with the massage solutions such as lomi lomi and or acupressure.

We also help men reduce urinary symptoms due to the prostate gland with a very effective therapeutic protocol that is non-intrusive. We support men's health with sxl functions with also therapeutic non -intrusive modalities. Please clarify your situation first.

Operating in York 10 am to 8 pm. Please peruse Video testimonial:
Near Weston Train Station PARKING IS FREE

Protocols: -Very effective restorative and delightful Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian origins); -Acupressure for effective pain/stress relief + -Reflexology of head, feet, and hands -Energy massage and scan to help determine your causes and obstructions -Thai massage helps you stretch/mobilize

-We teach you practical lessons on how to engage in massage based on self-healing, LOMI LOMI massage. but first call me for 15 minutes to discuss your situation and needs.
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