ancient thai massage  ||  nuad bo rarn

ancient thai massage || nuad bo rarn


Perhaps as ancient as the Buddah, this style of bodywork involves acupressure and assisted stretching. It's a holistic, full body experience which can help you reach areas in your body and mind which you haven't paid attention to or knew existed! what I offer is a fully clothed 90-minute massage, toe to head. it involves acupressure (stimulating movement through precise pressure) and assisted stretching through a combination of pressure and counter-pressure. it's gentle and progressive yet deep, confronting pain in the feet, legs, stomach, back and neck. it is a great way to relax, relieve, reset and balance the body. so it's basically like me giving you yoga: it's super stretchy, super relaxing and super opening. while also assisting in calming the body and the mind, it can also be energizing. $100 cash only. I bring the experience to your place.
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