$20 off!! Deep tissue, Relaxation, Orthopedic Massage

$20 off!! Deep tissue, Relaxation, Orthopedic Massage


>>>>> PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING for my QUALIFICATIONS , LOCATION and PRICING <<<<< °Divine Alignment Healing° Here are my qualifications: -13 years of clinical massage therapy practice. -10 years of which was in a chiropractic and physiotherapy office. - **Notable clients** 3 of the NHLs Edmonton Oilers. RMT during game seasons before every home game for 3 seasons. -Clinical orthopedic massage therapy to treat most musculoskeletal conditions includes an in-depth assessment (if necessary) to ensure the most productive and effective treatment, as well as myofascial techniques, joint mobilization techniques and much more. -Therapeutic Massage -Sports Massage -MVA Massage -Deep tissue Massage -Relaxation Massage -Trigger Point Release ((((*°Please Note°* I work deep into upper thighs, groin and glutes with necessary draping.)))) -Psychosomatic massage therapy — self healing process directed by your skilled observation and study of your body's shape and condition.It helps to release problems such as: stress, depression, sadness, anxiety and anger. It also helps with the following conditions: cervical neck pain, lower back pain, and sciatica... Ect. -Lymphatic Drainage -Reflexology -Reiki -Hot stone Massage -Chakra cleansing/ Chakra Alignment -Strengthening/stretching/home care -Breathing Techniques *****I also offer intuitive tarot card readings.*** °3 card reading- $15 °In-depth intuitive spread reading- $35 (discounted $5 when added on to an existing treatment.) ** I AM KNOWLEDGEABLE IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT MODALITIES OF NATURAL HEALING, physical, and non-physical aspects. (Emotional & mental) AS WELL AS HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY AND HOW TO KNOW YOURSELF FOR BETTER INTEGRATION AND HEALING WITH ALL TYPES OF TRAUMA AND SUFFERING. I believe there’s a cure for everything and it starts with your mind! ——- If you so choose to or if it is something you are interested in learning, I can help you by finding the ROOT CAUSE of your stress or problem with the knowledge of your history (injuries, PTSD, physical/mental illnesses with you or with parents ect. ) This is because if that is never healed, it will then keep arising for the rest of your life and my obligation as a healer is to do what I can to ensure your wellbeing to the best of my knowledge and ability! Helping people is my passion and I spend a lot of time learning about many different aspects of what we are on all levels and how we can bring ourselves into much greater harmony with ourselves and our environment to ease stress and have a better quality of life. _____________________________________ 1hr/95$>>>>>(reg.$115) 90min $135 2hr $155 Very flexible hours! Whyte Ave, Edmonton any questions, comments or concerns---- Or to book please call. Or text 7802579144 ---------------------- Thrive and feel Alive... ----------------------

~ Ally *DIVINE ALIGNMENT* Believing In The Connection Of Mind, Body & Spirit
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