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  1. G Guest:
    lmao all of u are fucking losers
  2. G Guest:
    belly button
  3. G Guest:
    me like good massage
  4. G Guest:
  5. G Guest:
  6. G Guest:
    hello from edmonton I'm looking for a great massage
  7. G Guest:
  8. G Guest:
    Im in Edmonton...are there any females in the room tonight from Edmonton....
  9. G Guest:
    Hi I would love a massage tonight.....
  10. G Guest:
    Golden airport
  11. G Guest:
    i want my dick jerked
  12. G Guest:
    Ann by nail
  13. G Guest:
  14. G Guest:
    this is my first time here -- what typically happens here?
  15. G Guest:
    what brings you here tonight?
  16. G Guest:
    i am good
  17. G Guest:
    how are you?
  18. G Guest:
    hi from tara
  19. G Guest:
    or toronto
  20. G Guest:
  21. G Guest:
    anyone in the kitchener waterllo area online?\
  22. G Guest:
  23. G Guest:
    Looking for free birthday massages in Kelowna? Mutual as well?
  24. G Guest:
    Los Angeles
  25. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    i have an opening at 8pm, please to 587-402-7275:heart5:heart5:heart5
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