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  1. Guest:
    29 king spa
  2. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga ❤💋437-881-3200 good spa 💦💦
  3. Guest:
    any good massage recommendation followed by CFS?
  4. Guest:
    do you guys think massage spas or Leo list escorts is safer
  5. Guest:
    any massage spas open in York region
  6. Guest:
  7. Guest:
    Does Jessica Webb offer extras?
  8. Guest:
    18 naked cowboys in the showers at RAM RANCH big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked
  9. Guest:
  10. Guest:
    where is the best place in toronto to get a cleveland steamer, a blumpkin, a rimjob, and a golden shower?
  11. Guest:
    i wnat to get sucky sucky
  12. Guest:
    Any girl near parc ex for massage
  13. Guest:
    What's new!
  14. Socialworker:
    Any girl there for chat
  15. Guest:
    Fuck off
  16. Guest:
    Any guys wanna jerk off and cum alot?
  17. Guest:
    Any Indian available
  18. nanchyka:
  19. Guest:
    Massage open in markham?
  20. Guest:
    Massage in markham
  21. Guest:
    Any spa ladies working in Mississauga?
  22. Guest:
    any massage place open downtown toronto? spadina?
  23. Guest:
    adult massage
  24. Guest:
    Lavender spa Burlington
  25. Guest:
    Any erotic massage places open in the GTA?


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Aug 8, 2009
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browsing through the topics and it hit me... we are like Yahoo Answers for Massage, if not better.

Very proud and humbled

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