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what are thai massage customs?

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Aug 8, 2009
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I travel the US working, and I indulge a massage once a week every week. I usually go to a licensed massage pallor or to a Chinese masseuse. While I was in salt lake city, I went to a Thai massage pallor. I've always heard that a Thai massage will leave you sore the day you get it but wake up feeling great, so I went for it. Now there were a couple of things that I've never experienced. First was that I had to get completely naked. First I was in my underwear but she asked me to take them off. Second she was checking me out the whole time. I even caught her sneaking a peak under the drape a couple of times. This wasn't an erotic parlor just regular massage. she actually went over my time by 15 minutes. But the oddest thing is after the massage she gave me a bowl of curry and the two other ladies came out and we all talked for some time while I ate. I've had hundreds of massages but never have I been fed after a session. I wondering is that a normal thing in Thailand or did she just really like me. Again there was nothing sexual about other than her looking under the drape a couple times. I just wonder if its a custom to feed their clients in Thailand.


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Mar 26, 2013
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I think that Thai massage is what I most often experience here in China. It is WONDERFUL. I highly recommend.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Did the video show up on YouTube yet?

Looking under the drape - looking for a response maybe?


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May 20, 2013
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No, feeding a client after massage is not correct. Perhaps she just wanted to prolong your departure.


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May 20, 2013
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Thai women almost always give you a handjob at the end of massage if you ask. Very few will swallow. The boom in Thai massage parlours in the west has nothing to do with massage and everything to do with women. Otherwise, the massage parlour would be full of Thai men. The truth will set you free. Oh do a survey of the age of the masseuses at Thai massage parlours and you will find the truth there as well. They are 99% female and 99% under 40. You should call them sex workers. Thai massage is similar to the escort service business in that both are all about sex.

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Sep 10, 2009
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Like Spanky said, Thai people are very open to sharing food when they are eating. It's not a Thai massage custom, it's just a Thai custom. If you tipped well maybe they want to return a favor.


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Jul 26, 2011
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well i've had a heap of massages in thailand. i only ever get oil massage or thai massage.
the "customs" surrounding these are much the same but vary slightly in some places.
in phuket when i would get thai massages i usually just got told to strip down to my boxers. where i am now everywhere i've been gives you these stupid looking pants to put on before thai massage.
oil massages it is strip down to boxers.
now i've been in some seedy (happy ending) massage places as you can't always pick them from the proper ones. i have to say that even in these places i only ever had to strip down to boxers. i think a couple of them did ask me to remove them but i just say no. you dont have to if you dont want.
i dont find anything relaxing about the idea of some poor girl staring right up my hairy bum crack for half an hour.
as for the curry it might just be generosity. what else could it be? thai people are very generous with food and will usually offer it anytime and anywhere. actually today i was sitting out the front of a thai massage shop waiting for my favorite masseuse to finish when the old thai lady that i've never met offered me some of the food she was eating.
every place i have been will offer either cool water or tea after the massage. some have a selection of different herbal teas for different things. the one i went to today gave me hot tea, sugar and biscuits on a little tray at the end of the massage.
another thing they do is sometimes put tiger balm on you.
from the sounds of it though she was checking you out if shes sneaking peeks at you.


Dec 28, 2013
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Chiang Mai, Thailand
I live in Thailand and have received hundreds of Thai Massage sessions. I have never once been asked to strip down naked. I have often been offered a change of clothes to something more loose and comfortable. Real Thai Massage, not the sexy version, is always done fully dressed, and there is no advantage in taking your clothes off unless there is an ulterior motive. I have also never been offered food after a Thai Massage which is an odd thing. Water or tea is what is normally offered.
Thai Massage is not always done by "sex workers" although there are definitely plenty of those around. However there are plenty of real Thai Massage therapists who will not do anything sexy, and that's the kind of establishment where I go when I want a massage. Personally I prefer older women since first of all they are often more experienced and second they are less likely to be part of the happy end crowd.
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