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Warning!!! Don't ever let Pemela fools you again. They robbed me $300

  1. nanchyka:
  2. Guest:
    Any massage in montreal?
  3. Guest:
  4. Guest:
    North York
  5. Guest:
    In call Hamilton
  6. Guest:
    Happy ending Toronto
  7. Guest:
    Ladybiy $50
  8. Guest:
    Need Etobicoke
  9. Guest:
    Richmond Hill?
  10. Therotten1:
    Need massage in oshawa durham area
  11. Guest:
    Ayesha delhi
  12. Guest:
    Open places?
  13. Guest:
    lockdown massage mumbai
  14. Guest:
    Anyone has a good asian massage spot in Montreal to recommend?
  15. Guest:
    Any asian massge places open??
  16. Guest:
    Paul kersey
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  18. Guest:
    Where are the girls posting?
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  20. Guest:
    Isaw girls postings
  21. Guest:
    Semi legit open
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  23. Guest:
    I need to pound a small Asian so bad
  24. Guest:
    No sex just tease and good massage
  25. Guest:
    Semi legit means?


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Jan 13, 2018
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Hi guys,

Yesterday it's my first time to call escort in Montreal, where the city is famous for. However, Pemela and her agent are nowhere near the bottom of this industry. Please learn from my mistake and don't pay it again.

Here are the details of my mistakes. I contacted her through Backpage and the girl shows up in my place 2 hr late than the scheduled one. She wants to get $s$ first and I tell her where it is. She says that she needs to tell the driver downstairs to wait for 2 hours. Once we get down, she jumps into the car and flees before I can react. The entire thing feels like a set-up.

Couple Reminders:
1. Don't trust a girl who is late.
2. Always make sure the girl is within your arms reach to avoid any escape
3. If you are too lazy to keep her within your arms reach, have her phone as a collateral

Please don't make my mistake again. But If you insist to see this girl, don't pay her for the first two hours. Because I have already paid for you. Enjoy!!! Please let me know your thoughts or ideas to prevent this bad experience.

Here are the links she used and some pics in case she deletes the link.