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Three Peaks clinic review-calgary

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    Does anyone think that Crown Spa might find Johns who want to be with the ghost of Asia Lynn at the back room of the spa? As a mediumphile (one who studies the paranormal), Asia Lynn's ghost is lurking in the spa because she died a violent death. She has yet to reach the other side.
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    Jane Goodall is a washed up hag wtf you drunk?
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    Jane Goodall is still fucakble @ 85
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    Look: Crown Spa states that Asia Lynn is working today. Are they baiting and switching?https://www.crownspa.ca/profile/AsiaLynn/469
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  7. Guest:
    Why does Crown Spa still have Asia Lynn working on the schedule? Did the owner force her ghost to give paranormal happy endings?
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    Does anyone believe in ghosts? Do you believe that the ghost of Asia Lynn lurks around the Crown Spa building?
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    Looking for a Indian girl full gfe. Any recommendations?
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    I’m looking for a session in Scarborough
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    100 for FS 5’1 spinner DT Edmonton 587-337-4328
  13. Johndough2018:
    Andrea at Flirt Spa 😍
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    100 for FS 5’1 spinner DT Edmonton 587-337-4328
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    What does osteopathic mean?
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    ❤Oakville ❤647-262-9889❤Good Osteopathic Massage ❤71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:heart2:heart2
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    Mae at 2163 Lawrence Avenue east today...
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    100 for FS 5’1 spinner DT Edmonton 587-337-4328

Urhines Purito

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May 7, 2019
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Hi Guys, this is my first review here, so dont mind if i miss something.

Went to Three Peaks clinic by purchasing a groupon coupon for 60 bucks for a 90 min massage (good Deal)

Three peaks Clinic looks like a legit place to me

Parking - plenty at front door 10/10
Ambiance - Small room not very clean but its fine 6/10
Massage - 4/10
She started 10 min late because of the form filling and all formalities and leave me 5 min early, which i really don't like, because massage was actually not effective, so i feel like ripped off.

All therapist in Three Peaks clinic are on training, and not much experienced, not sure about others but the one who massaged me (Sharayah) she is a total waste of time, and doesn't know any techniques.

Worst part comes in the end.... No shower and no hot towel....and i left with oil in my clothes.

Not a repeat for me again in future.

Hope it helps, Thanks Guys


Feb 1, 2015
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Thanks very much for sharing and saving others from wasting their funds. I appreciate this forum more as a guide to help avoid bad service than to seek out the perfect massage. Sad to hear of more of these places pretending to be the real thing, and they don't even have a clue as to what a good therapeutic massage is about.

If you can add the approximate location, that will be helpful too. Regards.

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Sep 22, 2012
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They have 2 locations.And instead of respecting the groupon deal, for the tickets purchased after May 8 you’re out of luck.

Crescent Heights Hours & Info
110, 1000 Centre St NE. Calgary, Alberta T2E 7W6

Three Peaks Clinic
Platoon Fitness Hours & Info
1351 Aviation Park NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 5T9

Adamo Cocuzzoli

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your review. I really appreciate it. If you are looking for a treatment for injuries, we are the place to go. If you are looking for a spa experience I would suggest going elsewhere. My advice is to go to massage addicts or massage heights.

Groupons are a great way to introduce ourselves to the local market but we rely mainly on referrals. Our referral market is mainly athletes, hard labour work force and first responders. To just come for a relaxation experience would be a waste of financial resources.

All new clients have to go through an examination and health history as we need them to help diagnose your condition. That's why we need 10 to 15 minutes prior to your appointment. All our therapists are highly trained professionals with 2200 hrs of education. Our interns are graduates as well from a 1200hr program and will soon have their 2200hrs. They are not in training. That is neither here or there for your review however.

We thank you for your interest in Three Peaks Clinic and wish you a happier experience getting the service you are looking for.

Adamo Cocuzzoli (owner and operator)