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  1. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
  2. Guest:
    Tokyo rose
  3. Guest:
    Tonia @ Pickering spa 🍫🍑 6476912414
  4. Guest:
    Looking for 50+ provider North Toronto, any suggestions?
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  6. LauraEdmonton:
    Therapeutic Massage and Merriment at Edmonton Downtown Central 587-982-6052 (only text) (only text):heart3:heart3:heart3
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    Available until 4am💛💜❤ Tina at SEDUCTION SPA @ KEELE 416-736-9951📞
  8. squirrels:
    in shawnessy amazing massage and more, text 587 888 1266
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    Does anyone know at Flirt Spa on Finch
  10. Guest:
    does anyone know at Flort spa on finch. Do the girl offer FS
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    hi everyone, does anyone know where KIKI from Vivid spa went?
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  13. Guest:
    where kiki from vivid spa
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    For obese large belly guys go see Angel at Flirt she loves the big boys https://www.facebook.com/sarah.dor.50
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  16. Guest:
    Which place is most accommodating for obese/ men with very large belly
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    Delhi massage
  18. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
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    where can I find a good massage by a ladyboy
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  21. Guest:
    best table shower toronto?
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    Golden Lotus has a hot schedule today.
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    Gold Rose 1536 Warden, Fifi and Nikki today...
  24. Guest:
    Mae at 2163 Lawrence Avenue east
  25. Guest:
    New Lemon Tree Spa at 4155 Sheppard Avenue east, west of Midland, south side...


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Mar 15, 2017
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Kuala lampur
Before I tell you about my service let me give you a general idea about tantra.
Tantra as it is seen in the West is very different from the original ways it was practiced. It is essentially a tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment (vs. disembodiment in meditation, etc.) and union is sought through relationship and intimacy. In the West it has been mostly pursued for its emphasis on using sexual union as one of the vehicles to awakening (enlightenment). In reality, only a small portion of tantra has anything to do with sex, and only as a way to merge with the divine. There is a much larger tantric discipline that deals with allowing all feelings to be met with equal acceptance, and for each person to become deeply sensitive to what they are feeling. Subsequently, they are then able to feel others and their needs.
Some people have traumatic, habitual, societal or other closures in their body that prevent them from experiencing pleasure. Some people just have not experienced pleasure yet. Some people want to enhance the intimacy, connection, and pleasure they have.
I have been in this line for so many years and I have recieved the title of “The Goddess”. I’m originally from Greece and studied Sexology and practiced Tantra since I was a teenager. The reason my clients find my touch unique is because Tantra grew in me gradually and that would be the reason the feeling I convey is so profound. As I mentioned earlier, I strongly believe in providing original tantric massage which is very addictive like the air one breathes. This therapy is done nude for both parties. There is music to set the mood and it is done in a dimly lit room to make it just right for the relaxiation required for the reciever.
This therapy consists of Tantric massage, body to body and Lingum massage for men and tantric, b2b and Yoni massage for ladies. If couples are interested in the therapy at the same time, my European male colleague would accompany me for a couple therapy as well. Just in case you want only me to give the therapy to both of you, I will be more than happy to give you both the best therapy you have ever experienced.
I have 2 kinds of services. One is my normal therapy that I charge 550 RM for which there is no body to body involved and the other is my sensual therapy that I charge 850 RM for. My sensual therapy is what almost all my clients go for. It is the ultimate tantric massage one requires.
I am available from 12pm to 12am. If you want morning sessions, you can book me one day in advance. You can Whatsapp me on 0196946096