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    Erica in scarborough
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    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
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    Tokyo rose
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    Tonia @ Pickering spa 🍫🍑 6476912414
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    Looking for 50+ provider North Toronto, any suggestions?
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  9. LauraEdmonton:
    Therapeutic Massage and Merriment at Edmonton Downtown Central 587-982-6052 (only text) (only text):heart3:heart3:heart3
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    Available until 4am💛💜❤ Tina at SEDUCTION SPA @ KEELE 416-736-9951📞
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    in shawnessy amazing massage and more, text 587 888 1266
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    Does anyone know at Flirt Spa on Finch
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    does anyone know at Flort spa on finch. Do the girl offer FS
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    hi everyone, does anyone know where KIKI from Vivid spa went?
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    where kiki from vivid spa
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    For obese large belly guys go see Angel at Flirt she loves the big boys https://www.facebook.com/sarah.dor.50
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    Which place is most accommodating for obese/ men with very large belly
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    Delhi massage
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    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
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    where can I find a good massage by a ladyboy
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    best table shower toronto?
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    Golden Lotus has a hot schedule today.


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Nov 5, 2017
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kuala Lumpur
In today’s busy world, we are often overwhelmed with physical, emotional and mental stress. The human body has an incredible ability to heal and regenerate itself under the right conditions. Human touch offers comfort, compassion and proven results in all our stages of growth and development. Physical touch is a basic need in addition to food, water and shelter, and plays a big part in our emotional and social well-being too. A physical area which is tender to touch is generally an area where your body is holding tension and stress, and even gentle manipulation can achieve results.

When couples effectively share and communicate their needs, they will become closer and stronger. Kind and gentle touch can facilitate healing and well being; when shared with a partner, I think you will agree this will help any relationship!

My partner and I have been giving Couple Therapy for 5 years now. My European female therapist has been in this line for 12 years. Our couple clients can enjoy the Tantric massage at the same time. We make couples feel so comfortable during the therapy and we open their root chukras and make them experience the ultimate level of sensuality and sexuality with the original tantric massage. Ladies will receive the Yoni massage and men will receive the Lingum massage at the end and they both can engage in love making after the therapy is over and we'll assist them with Kama Sutra positions. If you want to know how much I charge? I charge 450 RM for 1 hour therapy, 650 RM for 90 mins and 850 RM for 2 hours. For couples, we can give a special offer of 1100 RM for a 2 hour session. This prices are fixed and non-negotiable. I am available from 12pm to 8pm. If you want morning sessions, you can book me one day in advance. You can Whatsapp me on 0149889866