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New to the hobby looking for some help.....

  1. A__SPA:
    Lisa and Amanda today.... good treatments...
  2. oceanaspa_brampton:
    Come for massage with out sexy indian girls Ayana, Chloe :heart3 Caucasian Chanel :heart6 Carribean Kiara:thong book now oceanaspa.booksy.com or text 416-230-0199 :heart5 Brampton, ON
  3. golden__lotus:
    Sara and Lisa, waiting for you...
  4. Lex luther:
    I want Amanda to rub me all over @ LuLuVilla
  5. Lulu_Villa_Spa:
    Young girl Amanda (from Caribbean) and sweet girl Apple (from Taiwan) work today ☎4164938898
  6. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    Jessica and Angel are on duty today ☎4168008026
  7. Garo:
    AROMA MASSAGE $30/60 min :car FREE PARKING / 416 781 0088 / 2236 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto/ :skates OPEN 7 DAYS
  8. Silver Star Spa:
    2190 McNicoll Unit: 117 M1V 0B3 (416) 292-3088. New girl Anna. RMT quality massage.
  9. Silver Star Spa:
    silver star
  10. Silver Star Spa:
    new girl Anna is working at Silverstar today. Customers love her RMT quality massage.
  11. Superior_Health:
    Sasa here for therapy treatment today...
  12. lemon_tree:
    Petite attendant, Lisa here today...
  13. OnlyYouMassage:
    🌸🌸 NEW GIRL! CICI🌸🌸Asian Massage🌸🌸Queensway Etobicoke🌸🌸$40 for 30mins🌸🌸ONLY YOU HEALTH CENTRE🌸🌸Full Body Massage Custom Treatments Available ;)🌸🌸9am-9pm Every Day!🌸🌸773A The Queensway, Toronto🌸🌸647-351-5058
  14. nanchyka:
  15. L_H_Health:
    Jenny and Sophie at 1699a Bayview Avenue today
  16. shanekhan:
    Need your advice on best value for money under $200 near finch and kennedy area +- 5 km - which is your fav spot
  17. The59:
    Any suggestion for horny massage in Montreal / Laval ?
  18. Garo:
    AROMA MASSAGE $30/60 :car FREE PARKING/ 416 781 0088 / 2236 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto:skatesOPEN 7 DAYS
  19. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    Sasa and Nicole are on duty today ☎4168008026
  20. Lulu_Villa_Spa:
    New girls Jessica and Jenny, Helen waiting for you ☎4164938898
  21. Kingman:
    location jenny
  22. Baby Bella:
  23. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga 💋💦Good Good Massage 💋💦☎437-881-3200☎💦💦‼👄please Text Before at 9pm :heart2
  24. Jenny2000tina:
    6475813479-new vietnma student hot -Slim-busty
  25. Jenny2000tina:

Moped Mama

New Member
Sep 20, 2009
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Hi All,

First of all, thank you for all the great reviews. They have been instrumental in "perking" my interest in this hobby. In future, I hope to be a regular reviewer on the board.

As a newbie to this hobby, I have a few questions that I am hoping that you guys can help me with:

1) Why is Markham the hot bed for MPs? Does it have anything to do with the more liberal by-laws? Should I feel safer indulging in this hobby in this jurisdiction?

2) Are there any decent MPs in Scarborough?

3) Do you have any recommendations for E. European and Oriental MPAs who have prominent (35-38) but well-toned butts?

Thanks in advance.


Jamie W

New Member
Aug 26, 2009
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MelB at StudioB is well regarded.


New Member
Jan 2, 2010
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1.I think Brampton has the most liberal by-laws as far as
MPs are concerned. As I understand, nudity is expressly permitted in Brampton MPs.

As far as the number of MPs go, I think a lot depends on how many MP licenses a particular jurisdiction is willing to issue.

2. Studio B

Suz C

New Member
Aug 9, 2009
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Studio B. It may not be the best of facilities. The rooms are clean, there is a shower. The "waiting room" is the only real drawback. I like it actually. They do have some very fine and friendly mpa's working there. Janelle, Victoria and Kelly come to mind.


New Member
Oct 14, 2009
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i don't really have too many complaints about the "rolling on the floor" sessions i've had at ctc... but maybe they plan on getting tables... wouldn't that take all the fun out of it!!!

Pompal 09.

Feb 9, 2011
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My only suggestion is don't start. It's addictive and you'll spend lots of money, yes you'll have fun, but hell sometimes when I look back at all the money I spent, I wonder why. Nothing wrong with spending the money when the service is excellent, but can be a drag when you get the robots. You'll find a gem, then she'll disappear, you'll look for another and waste a lot of money in your search. You'll find another gem and repeat the process. Now, this board does help you, but there is a lot of gems no one is sharing. Have fun, if you still want to start, let me know and maybe I have a gem I could share.

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