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  1. Back in Toronto:
    Lucky guys in Edmonton! Toronto is still locked down like a rabbi's wallet.
  2. desiguy:
  3. senior55:
    Looking for independent in Toronto
  4. bolivia:
    Julia, Cici and Tina are hoping you will visit to 3040 Palstan Road in Mississauga, A MIND-BLOWING GOOD TIME ☎ sorry no phone calls ☎
  5. LauraEdmonton:
    Now that the restrictions are lifted I am available to you guys :heart2:heart3:heart4 587-982-6052 only text
  6. OnlyYouMassage:
    🌸🌸Call Us 647-351-5058 10am-7pm🌸🌸Asian Massage GTA🌸🌸
  7. kelly281:
    Sugar daddies and sugar babies Logandmeet now on : https://logandmeet.com/
  8. LauraEdmonton:
  9. massage8809:
    Dm me
  10. massage8809:
  11. massage8809:
    Looking for an independent massage. Anyone know?
  12. massage8809:
  13. Liam96:
    Asian women know they're only worth is as dirty whores
  14. Liam96:
  15. papabear69:
    Hi Laura :):hello:heart4;)
  16. papabear69:
    Hello Edmonton
  17. Anontoronto:
  18. Anontoronto:
    can someone PM me asian massage thats still working please
  19. Anmoldr74:
  20. Iamlegend:
  21. Bookmonica:
    Romantictemptation.com here until Jan 23rd don’t miss me! CALGARY!
  22. Shaan121091:
    Independent girls in mumbai
  23. Bookmonica:
    CALGARY Check out my schedule at bookmonica.com
  24. bolivia:
    Julia, Cici and Tina are hoping you will visit at 3040 Palstan Road in Mississauga, A MIND-BLOWING GOOD TIME ☎ no phone calls ☎
  25. LauraEdmonton:
    Say hello :heart2:heart5:heart4:heart3:heart2:heart5:heart5:heart3


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Apr 2, 2018
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Im staying near vancouver.. im new to this forum, anyone still post here?

Hello all.
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