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Massage parlors/Spa in Wadala area

  1. Guest:
    Open 10 am to 9 pm,come here take a look ❤❤Oakville Speers Road 👄💄💦647-262-9889💋💦:heart5:heart3:heart3
  2. Guest:
    What does osteopathic mean?
  3. Guest:
    ❤Oakville ❤647-262-9889❤Good Osteopathic Massage ❤71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:heart2:heart2
  4. Guest:
    Mae at 2163 Lawrence Avenue east today...
  5. Guest:
    100 for FS 5’1 spinner DT Edmonton 587-337-4328
  6. Guest:
    Full Service 100 for 30mins DT Edmonton 587-337-4328:banana
  7. LauraEdmonton:
    Postive Energy Massage at Edmonton Downtown Central 587-982-6052 (only text) (only text:heart3:heart3:heart3
  8. Guest:
    Available until 2am💛💜❤ Tina at SEDUCTION SPA @ KEELE 416-736-9951📞
  9. Guest:
    Tim you SOB
  10. Guest:
    baby beauty spa, what are you rates, and what are your endings like ?
  11. Guest:
    I went in a few times and it’s just 1 woman. Is it still just the one provider ?
  12. Guest:
    71 speers, what do you offer?
  13. Guest:
    💋Oakville 👄Amazing Good Osteopathic Massage 👄💋647-262-9889👄💦71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart3:heart4:heart3
  14. Guest:
    Oakville ❤647-262-9889❤Good Osteopathic Massage ❤71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:p:heart2
  15. Guest:
    Yes she has her own indie page
  16. Guest:
    Is Barbie independent?
  17. Guest:
    Blondebarbie @Blondeebarbiee4 works in Burlington sometimes.
  18. Guest:
    Cause Sunny is the best I’ve found so far
  19. Guest:
    Any guys on here been to a good one in Oakville ?
  20. Guest:
    Tina you have to work harder on twerking your bum. The fat is more concentrated on your stomach that you might become a MILF rather than a cutie
  21. Guest:
    Cause crown spa is Toronto.
  22. Guest:
    Lynn, where are you at ?
  23. Guest:
    Cause if not, I’m totally in agreement with the other guest. You have heard of Free online porn
  24. Guest:
    Asia Lynn is in Oakville. crownspa.ca/ladies
  25. Guest:
    Are you in Oakville Tina ?


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Jan 1, 2018
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Have been searching for Massage parlors (offering atleast a HJ) in this area since a few weeks but no luck yet. Can someone please share?

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