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  1. Golden [email protected] Kennedy Rd. C6 - 9052580777:
    Lily and Mimi in for another hour and 30 minutes
  2. Tellem:
  3. Aqua Health Centre:
    Friday we have Judy and Wendy. 1729 Bloor Street West. Judy has great face and body. Customers love her customer service skills!
  4. LauraEdmonton:
    Massage with Laura. Low traficc facility. 587-982-6052 :heart6:heart6:heart6
  5. Aqua Health Centre:
    Wendy and Kerry here today at 1729 Bloor Street West (near Keele subway station)
  6. Massageboy90:
    T&Q health centre
  7. gold__rose__spa:
    Lili at #211 - 2095 Weston road
  8. gold__rose__spa:
    Cathy at 1536 warden Avenue today
  9. L_H_Health:
    Sophie, 1699a bayview avenue...
  10. thecomputer999:
    Looking for the biggest tits in the city. Bigger than ddd. Can be saggy too dont care. Any recommendations?
  11. Red_Pearl_Spa:
    Two good to be true, Tammy and sexy blonde Korean , Crystal today....
  12. lemon_tree:
    Must see Cici today. Cutest little imp...
  13. oceanaspa_brampton:
    OCEANA SPA BRAMPTON :heart4 Open until 10pm tonight. 4 Indian girls, 2 Caucasian, 1 Caribbean :heart3 text to come in or walk in for address 416.230.0199 :heart6
  14. Superior_Health:
    Cleanest Spa in Scarborough, safety protocol in place, talented attendants...
  15. A__SPA:
    Shirley and Linda, cool, soft soothing...
  16. Daisy Spa:
    900 Middlefield Rd Unit 3 Scarborough (647) 342-8272. Visit before 9pm. Come in our rear entrance (if so desired)
  17. Daisy Spa:
    We have busty friendly Yoyo available today for your carnal pleasures. Eva also available
  18. Garo:
    AROMA MASSAGE $30/60 min :car FREE PARKING/416 781 0088 / 2236 Eglinton Ave West,Toronto /:skates OPEN 7 DAYS
  19. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga 💦💦👄Good Massage ❤💦☎437-881-3200 💋💦Park Text Before at 9pm 💦👺:heart2:heart3:heart2
  20. jaysuave:
    new to this lol, any good recommendations ? escorts or mps?
  21. Lulu_Villa_Spa:
    Sophia (from Singapore) new girl and Suki are waiting for you! ☎4164938898🌹🌹
  22. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    hi: Taiwanese girl Kelly and sexy service queen Liya are waiting for you ☎4168008026👩‍🦰
  23. golden__lotus:
    Shapely Mimi and petite Lily here today...
  24. Munna Pundit:
    Need contacts in Siliguri and Cooch Behar. I am looking for girls with huge boobs. Please pm.
  25. JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount Rd & 14th:
    Liya and Vivi still waiting for you. Call 416-800-8026

Health Buddy

New Member
Aug 24, 2009
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Hello eforum.xxxites,

This is my first review so take it easy on me..

Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago and I was cruisin with an itch. I hail from the West so I hit up Bex. I can't tell you why but i seem to feel rather comfortable there since it was one of my first AMP's ever.

The mamasan asked me to shower first but I figured if there's no talent here, there's no point in staying. So I ask her to show me the girls. When the first one came, I was thankful that I hadn't showered yet. Prolly in her late 30s and looked like a frumpy maid that was there not of her free will.

Much to my surprise, the next knock on the door brings a breath of fresh air. Sarah walks in with a short white dress on. She's skinny, tall at 5'9, and a very fair skinned korean. Her face is quite pretty and my first guess is that she's a foreign student fallen from the straight and narrow, trying to make some extra cash. Something I'd definitely like to sink my.. er... teeth in to. :D She's probably 115 pounds and an A cup (not that I mind). English was better than I expected and she was pleasant to talk to.

The massage is gentle, just as I asked for.. but that wasn't what was on my mind. I asked, early on, what was on the 'menu' and she laughed. She said that HJ is $.2 and BJ is $.6. Of course my immediate reaction is... how 'bout FS? unfortunately for me, that was off the menu. I couldn't gather from asking whether or not FS was off the menu this week because of the rather gigantic pad that I saw in her panties. Sorry i couldn't be of more help.

I can't say I wasn't disappointed that the mamasan hadn't warned me that FS was not on the menu. but I had gone this far, so there was no turning back; bj it was.

After I'm done with the menu, I'm back to relaxing... the massage is above average although YMMV. On the flip, she takes off her top and we're carressing and fondling away. She has very small breasts but fair smooth skin. Starts witha HJ and some very nice Korean style moaning for sound effects (only japanese sound effects beat korean IMHO). The BJ was enthusiastic and she displayed a willingness to please as she let me hold her hair to control speed and depth to my liking.

Overall an enjoyable experience.

After reading more reviews here on eforum.xxx, I DO wonder whether or not I've been over paying for the first decade of my pooning career. But I'm not one to quibble over a few greens and negotiating for this kinda stuff doesn't match my style. I'm still getting my toes wet and any comments/recomendations are appreciated.

As an aside, I've been researching how to cash in the birthday gift my buddies chipped in for. Right now I'm thinking of an hour with Tianna sounds pretty magic. I just wanna know that all my boyz's hard earned money goes to an incredible experience. Thoughts anyone?
L: 8
A: 9
S: 7



New Member
Feb 23, 2010
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hey 'solid' first rvw. nice job.
yes i thk u overpaid. $.6 is an fs price not bj, esp since i assume u pd the room fee on top of that. not long ago $.2 was the normal fs rate at amps. i still try to get away w $.4. hj imo shd be .6 max...

i wdn't go for an hr w Tianna. i know some guys really lk her but it seems very hit and miss. 'miss' w me. if u lk azn girls i can suggest 3:
debbie at tom's, miko at jessica's (both on CL) and ying (vic2van).

miguel sabah

New Member
Jun 21, 2010
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I would agree with SM. Yes a very good first review and YES you overpaid. $.6 plus room fee is high even for FS. There are a number of AMPS offering all inclusive prices between $.3 and $.6 like Prosper, Q-pointe and Atlantis (or whatever it is called now). Swan Lake is around $.5 including room also.


Massage Lady

New Member
Sep 11, 2009
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Red Capital has a lot of cute girls and good service, and they also have an all inclusive rate. RC is near Q-Pointe and Rainbow. Also, Rainbow has it too. Pretty much all the AMPs have all-inclusive rates now. They are all around $140 to $160 for 45 minutes.


New Member
Sep 11, 2009
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Thanks for the advice. It has definitely dawned on me that i've been naive not to find better pricing. If there's $.4 to $.6 to be had, i can see how this could turn out to be more a bi-weekly thing instead of a monthly thing :cool:

Snowmonger, thanks for the advice re: tianna. I am definitely into asians but I thought for my first experience with a true SP (not at an AMP), i figure I'd try something new. Other than BBC, I've never been to a place with.. well, a BED! And now that I think of it, all these massage tables leave much to be desired.

Question for all of you: at AMP's do you usually use the couch or the massage table or.. a variety, or what? Personally, I've never ventured from the table. :eek:

I have started to think that I would cash in my b-day present with Very Veronica. However, the thought of my first time entering the big leagues being faced with such a formidable counterpart would bring on some serious performance anxiety.

I guess I should have given some parameters of what I'm looking for before I asked for advice. For my first time, I guess I'm expecting something different in terms of a) beauty b) environment and c) (probably most importantly) service. Everything's so subjective, I know, but, she's gotta love what she does and well, have warm enough personality to let a rookie feel at ease.
To give u an idea, my preference is probably more a spinner type. No bbw for me :) From what I've seen, stunners that come to mind are Charisma from Cachet: http://www.cachetladiesvan.com/cl/profile.asp?eID=468
Stephanie from Eros: http://www.eros-vancouver.com/sections/vancouver_escorts.htm

But the reviews on all the ladies at Cachet are negative, and Stephanie appears only to be visiting. There are more that would turn my head i'm sure but I don't have time to find the links right now.

The thing about Asian SP's is that I don't wanna have to speak Chinese during this session. It requires too much brain power, and I want my little head to be doin' most of the thinkin'

So, if you have any suggestions of a hottie that's on the thin side, and has a warm/easygoing personality, let me know and I'll do the rest of the research.

Thanks for the input thusfar. I gotta say, what a great site eforum.xxx is!
cheers and happy pooning!


New Member
Oct 2, 2009
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I've rarely found girls at AMPs as good looking as the pics in the links you posted. By far the most are just average in appearance. In the Burnaby AMPs, they've tended to be older too (35+). I've found more of the pretty ones at the micros, somehow they just seem more fresh (well probably because they've just landed not long ago, unlike at the AMPs where they have to have at least residency status). Some micros tend to specialize in more pretty Asian girls. I believe Tom's would be one, and I can definitely vouch for Michelle's to be consistent that way. However, some micros specialize in risky service, like Mun Mun's - but that usually means unattractive girls.
If you're looking for a fresh girl and want to save a little bit of $, I'd go for the micros. Frankly, I think all the business is going that way as it is and a lot of the pooners are finding gems there.

A Concerned Friend

New Member
Nov 23, 2009
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hey Mr. President,
Yeah, I realize I have a slim chance of finding a gorgeous girl at a AMP. I guess I have two topics that I'm requesting advice for here.
1) as I have quite obviously been overpaying at Bex :( , where should I be going to find clean asian service in the future?. and
2) for a special occasion, and a sponsored session, i.e. money is no object (within reason i.e. max $$$$), whose services would be recommended to intiate myself into the world of higher classed incall services? Charisma and Stephanie were provided as a measuring stick for my tastes.

But I digress, and further ask... how, pray tell, does one connect with the micros that you mentioned? and could you please describe what I should expect when I get there? After cruising eforum.xxx all this time, I get the feeling it's an apartment setting, a couple girls, and a hostess? Who do I give donations to? the hostess? or the SP?

In the mean time, thanks for all the suggestions already Q-pointe was a haunt for me in the past, and that strip of kingsway is close so I will definitely be spending the next couple months enjoying the smorgasboard.

I would appreciate a reply re: contacting the micros.

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