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Jun Jun Clinic Albert st.

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  1. LauraEdmonton:
    happy friday everyone!!!!!:heart3:heart3:heart3:heart3
  2. Guest:
    who can make me desperate to cum?
  3. Guest:
    whats the best teasing massage in Toronto?
  4. Guest:
    Any Indi near vikhroli
  5. shanekhan:
    heard spas are opening next week
  6. Guest:
    I want to visit now
  7. Guest:
    In North York
  8. Guest:
    Provide name of spa opens now
  9. Guest:
    Damn you white gurls charge way more than other girls, yet wit all that extra mulah, you white hoes don't even clean ya pussy stank!
  10. Guest:
    300-350 is the min. rate for escorts these days in Toronto? Who are their clients? Drug dealers and wannabe rappers who end up dead before age 25?
  11. Guest:
    Am I a homo for getting turned on by that MTF escort, rather than seeing some fat, blue-haired and man-hating cry wolf screaming feminazi cunt?
  12. Guest:
  13. Garo:
    When this night mare will be over ?
  14. Guest:
    Fuck you governments! I want to see an SP, but I can't go outside, except to mow the fucking city lawn! Fuck you! Fuck AirBnb and fuck the realtors!
  15. Guest:
    There is a biowarfare pandemic going on, stay indoors, but go outside and mow the lawn so that the city gets the property values maintained!
  16. Guest:
    I'm no conspiracy theorist, but why are AirBnBs being allowed to operate again, and why do home owners have to mow the lawn outside, and why are we forced to stay indoors after that? If there was a COVID pandemic, why would the bureaucraps force me to go outside and cut my lawn?
  17. Guest:
    How the fuck am I being forced by my municipality to mow to fucking lawn, but I can't go to a massage parlor or get a haircut?
  18. Guest:
    Bbw available in Toronto?
  19. Eskimobob:
    Anyone working in Newmarket?
  20. Guest:
    Bella- provide more details
  21. Baby Bella:
    Mississauga 437-881-3200❤Massage ❤30min $40. 45min $60. 60min $80
  22. Guest:
    what’s the best spa where it’s oral in toronto
  23. Guest:
    i goggle search seen like boss spa on queenswat will pen ip june 8
  24. sickokyle:
    I would love for an etobicoke spa to be open :)
  25. Guest:
    where are you locati9n 437-881-3200


Anyone got any action from Candy named girl at Jun Jun Clinic? I did not but she looks pretty.


Help us celebrate World Pride Week in Toronto. Huge Pride parade this weekend.

Add some m4m love to Toronto thread .........