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Hi Ladies!!!

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    Golden Lotus has a hot schedule today.
  2. Guest:
    Gold Rose 1536 Warden, Fifi and Nikki today...
  3. Guest:
    Mae at 2163 Lawrence Avenue east
  4. Guest:
    New Lemon Tree Spa at 4155 Sheppard Avenue east, west of Midland, south side...
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    Suki and Sasa at Superior health friday...
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    👄💦Oakville 💦👄Amazing Good Osteopathic Massage 💦👄647-262-9889👄👄71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spaa:heart5:heart3:heart6
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    👄Oakville 👄647-262-9889👄Good Good Osteopathic Massage 👄71 Speers Road Unit 11, Baby Beauty Spa:heart2:heart2:heart2
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    Tracy forever spa
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    Does dynasty do hand jobs and blow jobs?
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    Basant Lok
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    Sex in Johannesburg
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    100 for FS 5’1 DT Toronto Hotel 587-337-4328
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    u never had great granny fantasy?
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    Why is there an exodus of girls from Muse to Flirt?
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    Dose anyone know oasis hub wellness Center is it a rub n tug?
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    Does anyone think that Crown Spa might find Johns who want to be with the ghost of Asia Lynn at the back room of the spa? As a mediumphile (one who studies the paranormal), Asia Lynn's ghost is lurking in the spa because she died a violent death. She has yet to reach the other side.
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    Jane Goodall is a washed up hag wtf you drunk?
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    Jane Goodall is still fucakble @ 85
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    Look: Crown Spa states that Asia Lynn is working today. Are they baiting and switching?https://www.crownspa.ca/profile/AsiaLynn/469
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  24. Guest:
    Why does Crown Spa still have Asia Lynn working on the schedule? Did the owner force her ghost to give paranormal happy endings?
  25. Guest:
    Does anyone believe in ghosts? Do you believe that the ghost of Asia Lynn lurks around the Crown Spa building?


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May 25, 2019
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Calgary, Alberta
Hi Ladies and couples, Very Experienced (2200 hr trained) Male Therapist here to help melt all your daily stresses away with a stimulating and invigorating, head to toe hot oil full body massage. Let my warm hands work their magic and feel every muscle in your body ease of their aches and stress with my amazing hot coconut oil.

Deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation, stress relief or gentle touch available.

I also specialize in neck, shoulders, back, glutes, hips, sports injuries, postural or work related pain, pain referring into arms or legs, TMJ, headaches / migraines, psiatica.

Simple, professional, safe and guaranteed satisfying.

Shower available upon request.

We all have needs, but sorry men, no M/M "servicing".

Massage prices: $80 / hr, $120 / 90 mins, $150 / 2 hours

Music provided or bring your own

7 days a week.

Located on Southland Dr in S.W.

Serious inquiries only please

Yes, I am for real!

Text or email for more info