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Foundation, Face Massage & Fashion Week Go Hand-in-Hand, According to Makeup Artist Tom...

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Apr 23, 2013
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Makeup artist Tom Pecheux is taking wellness backstage with him this season at New York Fashion Week.

Pecheux, backstage at Brandon Maxwell, where he keyed makeup for Mac Cosmetics, talked the benefits of face massage, while prepping a model for makeup.

“I’m doing a face massage right now because at the end, you can wear the best foundation in the world, but if your skin is not well-prepared to receive it, the foundation will sit on it,” Pecheux said. “You need to prep, you need to really work on the skin, and when the skin is more relaxed, moisturized, with blood that moves around, then you can apply foundation — in that case, you don’t have to put that much foundation, and the foundation doesn’t sit on your face, it becomes your face.”

Plus, it’s a way to make sure models still glow even when he’s creating a matte makeup look, he noted. And, it gives the makeup artists and models they work on so often a few minutes to simply catch up.

“The good thing about being a model, being a makeup artist, and working together very often — we take care of our friends,” Pecheux said. “Do I massage my own face? Rarely. But do I massage the girls still, every day? Yes.”

Plus, one model quipped, “it also make the girls happy.”

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